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Find Out How Mary Daniels Ditched Her Medications⁠—And 100+ Pounds

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  Published on August 2nd, 2022
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  Last modified August 16th, 2023
Mary Daniels keto weight loss before and after

Name: Mary Daniels

Age: 33

Starting Weight: 297

Current Weight: 172

How long have you been following a ketogenic diet? 4

What is your favorite keto meal? Ribeye

Why did you start keto? 

I had struggled with my weight for over 20 years, but had always believed myself to be “healthy and fat.” After my second child was born, I began to develop health issue after health issue. With each new diagnosis, I was prescribed another medication. Additional weight began to pile on and I felt hopeless. I hid from how bad things were getting. In 2018 I walked into the doctor’s office and was prescribed metformin and recommended for weight loss surgery. I knew I wasn’t doing anything in my day-to-day life that would keep the weight off, even if I utilized surgery as a tool. I called my sister and she spoke to me in love. She told me I was addicted to sugar and carbohydrates and I had to figure out why I was living the way I was living. The next day I gave up sugar and carbs cold turkey and began my keto journey. I didn’t even have a name for it yet…but I learned more each and every day.

What was the hardest part of keto and how did you overcome it?

I think it was difficult for me to realize that when and if I “slipped” back into my old eating habits, it was going to be because of how I was thinking… not because of the food itself. Deciding to take control of food for the first time in my life instead of letting it control me took years of work.

Biggest changes in your day-to-day life?

I had suffered for years from fibromyalgia and additional health issues. I was living out of my bed with flare ups multiple weeks each month when I began keto. I was on 9 medications. I was terriffed of getting pregnant again because I hadn’t gotten the weight off from my first three babies and was afraid of the risks. My life was restricted in every way.

Within 4 months of keto, I was getting off meds. I lost 60 pounds in the first 9 months and was medication free going into my keto twin pregnancy. I had to start my keto journey over after they were born, but at that point I knew I could do it again. I had already done it twice. I now am a happy, healthy, food free mama of 5 who lives a life filled with adventures and activities I couldn’t do in my body as it was. I can’t believe how different my day-to-day life looks!

Best tip for newbies?

The more you do the more you know. You don’t have to know everything day 1 to get started. Start with what you DO know and add in additional information along the way. You don’t have to be an expert to get started.

Mary Daniels before and after face gains

If there is one thing that you could tell yourself when first getting started, what would it be and why?

Your whole world is about to change in the most beautiful ways. All the things that seem out of reach are going to be options for you if you just stick with it and don’t get distracted by short-term vision. Imagine the best possible future and move toward it every day! It’s coming!

Anything you would like to add about your story? Please do!

The keto community has been life-changing for me. I have always homeschooled my kids, but after a couple years of keto, my husband and five kids joined me on keto and low carb. We started roadschooling our kids part-time in a class A RV so we could experience the world with them. Mommy is now up for all the adventures. While we are traveling, we meet up with our keto friends and share their life-changing stories. It’s been an amazing part of my journey to hear how others have also changed their lives with this lifestyle.

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