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Keto Diet Scam in Buckingham Palace

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  Published on August 12th, 2019
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  Last modified December 25th, 2022
keto diet scam

Meghan Markle, the duchess of Sussex, is taking action against a keto diet scam that used her image with fake quotations as a testimonial for a keto supplement.

According to Yahoo UK, marketing efforts from the keto weight loss supplement claimed that Markle used the product to shed baby weight after giving birth to her son, Archie, in May 2019. Buckingham Palace officials are taking actions to remove Markle’s images and name from the supplement with one official stating,

“This is obviously not true and an illegal use of the Duchess’ name for advertising purposes. We will follow our normal course of action.”

This keto supplement scam in the royal family isn’t the first to make headlines. Given how popular the diet is, ketogenic scams are all too common. Check out our video on the biggest keto diet scam:

David James Sautter is a fitness writer with over a decade of experience in the industry. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Secondary Education, he earned certifications as a NASM-certified personal trainer, NASM-certified fitness nutrition specialist, and ACE-certified sports conditioning specialist. Merging his two passions, he has been the driving creative force behind articles, e-books, and training guides that cover a range of health and fitness topics with an emphasis on the ketogenic diet.


  1. Claudine Masson says:

    I was scammed by a co name is =no-reply@buy-acv-gummies.com I have received a message from them confirming my order which I never received and the refund was never received .Try to call and received no answer.I was definitely scammed.the refund was for $199.95

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