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Keto Diet Transformation: Jordan Swain

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  Published on November 5th, 2019
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  Last modified April 15th, 2021
Keto Diet Transformation Jordan Swain

When did you notice that your health was becoming an issue?

I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2014, but ignored it because I was in denial about it and honestly didn’t know much about it. The diagnosis was made after I went without a period for 6 months and had higher levels of testosterone in my blood. So, my OBGYN diagnosed me with PCOS.

In May 2018, I had a pelvic ultrasound done and I finally saw my ovaries on screen for the first time. They were swollen and covered in cysts. I knew I had the syndrome but I had never seen it inside my body. I had just gotten married a month prior to this ultrasound so everything hit me pretty hard.


What was your light bulb or “that’s enough” moment?

My “lightbulb” moment was seeing my ovaries and then shortly after seeing my weight for the first time. I know people will say: “well didn’t you know before you realized all this that you needed to make a change?” To which I say, of course. But I wasn’t ready yet.

I was always afraid of the scale. But not long after that ultrasound, I stepped on the scale and saw 290 pounds. I’m 5’3”, so I was definitely morbidly obese. I knew after all this that something had to change and I couldn’t keep living in denial anymore.


keto diet weight loss jordan swain


What makes the ketogenic diet different for you?

The ketogenic diet is different for me because it is helping me to not only lose weight, but help my health issues. My PCOS has improved drastically. I don’t suffer from sleep apnea anymore. My A1C is now a 4.5 compared to the 5.3 it was before. My blood pressure is so much better: 112/70 resting. compared to 150/85 resting beforehand. Keto is sustainable. No other way of eating that I’ve tried is like it.


How has your health changed after your keto diet transformation?

My health has improved drastically! I’ve lost 113 pounds total with keto, and most of that weight I lost in 7 months. I’ve been eating this way since June 2018.

Also, I quit smoking cold turkey on the same date too. Quitting smoking and starting keto at the same time have been an absolute life saver for me.


Did you have a moment where you wanted to quit?

I had a moment recently where my husband and I were going through a rough patch (our marriage is great, no worries there, but ya know, sometimes when life rains, it pours) and I remember sitting in my car and thinking wow, I really don’t give a s*** about keto or anything in this moment. But I brought myself back from that super quick and I remembered my why! And my why is that I want to be a mom one day. I can’t lose sight of that!


What did it feel like to accomplish your goal?

It feels amazing to have accomplished so much! I’m not at my goal weight yet, but I feel so incredible knowing that I have lost 113 pounds, reversed many of my PCOS symptoms, and taken my health back just by changing my diet!


How has your life changed since you achieved your keto diet transformation?

My self-confidence now is through the roof. I actually just joined a gym. Not because I need to, but because I want to. And that’s powerful. I used to think it was something that I had to do in order to lose weight and be healthy! Now that I know exactly how powerful my diet is, joining the gym is just (keto-friendly) icing on the (keto-friendly) cake.

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