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Shark Tank Keto Diet Pills: How to Spot a Scam

Back in July, we created a YouTube video titled, Biggest Keto SCAM Ever! (SHARK TANK KETO SCANDAL) and we were absolutely astounded by the response.

At the time of recording our second part to this video, we had over 300 comments from individuals who had either almost been scammed by this company, or who had unfortunately not seen our video before purchasing these pills and lost hundreds of dollars.


What Is this Shark Tank Keto Scam?

If you are on social media, chances are you have seen advertisements for the groundbreaking Shark Tank Keto Diet Pills or the amazing weight loss pills Sarah from Stanford created to melt the fat right off your body. If this sounds too good to be true, it’s because it is…So, what diet pills were on Shark Tank? The truth is that these pills were never on Shark Tank (or Dragon’s Den for those of you who live overseas) nor did Melissa McCarthy, Kevin Smith, or Chrissy Teigen lose weight taking them.

These s0-called Shark Tank weight loss pills are a cheap, 800 mg BHB pill that will have no effect on your body. People are falling for the celebrity weight loss photos and claims of quick fat loss, buying the cheap free trial, and having their credit cards charged hundreds of dollars. And the worst part? Most people aren’t even receiving the product. Contacting customer service is impossible and the only way to get them to stop billing your card is to flat out cancel it.


Why are People Falling for This?

With incredible before and after photos of celebrities like Kim K and Meghan Markle, 5-star reviews on Amazon, articles from reputable news sites like Us Weekly and Fox, and even airtime on TV shows like Shark Tank all endorsing this product, it seems like both an effective and legitimate product. That would be the case if any of their “evidence” was true. The websites and reviews are faked, the photos are stolen, and the claims are simply lies.

This company has even gone as far as to either endorse or create a fake supplement review website. We were contacted by in regards to taking a look at their educational keto content. After going through their website, nothing seemed out of the ordinary for a review site. After all, they have around 100 product reviews, breakdowns, and educational articles and they all seemed moderately scientific. It seemed legitimate until we read their page on the PureFit Keto pills, which are the same Shark Tank keto scam pills).

This review was extremely biased and completely untrue. The author said, “When I tried it, I saw an improvement in less than one week. Ketone markers were up 14.4% above my non-supplemental baseline”. There are several things wrong with this statement:

  • 800mg of BHB is not enough to cause an increase in ketone levels
  • A 14.4% increase of a 0.1-0.2 mmol baseline would only increase from 0.1 to 0.11.

They also try to cover up the rumors of this company stealing money from customers by saying, “We also want to address an issue that has been reported online where some customers were automatically rebilled after their first order. From what we can tell, this was not a problem on the company’s side, as those customers had mistakenly chosen the subscription package available.” We have checked the keto diet pill sites and they don’t have any options for monthly or a one-time subscription. They are just billing people automatically and for a lot more than the advertised price.

This review then went as far as to try and delegitimize the claims that this product is a scam by saying, “It seems more than a little likely that in the mostly unregulated keto supplement market, the players from competing products are behind much of the scam talk.”

The author of this review then recommends purchasing the product and includes an affiliate link. Sites like this hide their deficit intends around legitimate, scientific information to try and build credibility around the product.


What Products Should You Look Out For?

When investigating these pills, we realized it was more than just one product being sold. Every time you click on their link, the pop-up page is for a new keto weight-loss pill, with a completely different name and packaging, but the same claims, results, and before and after photos. Here are just some names of the pills we have found so far from this Shark Tank keto scam:

  • PureFit Keto
  • Keto Rapid Max Pure
  • Keto Legend
  • Holistic Bliss Keto
  • Keto Supreme
  • Keto Max Burn
  • Keto RX
  • Envy Naturals Keto
  • Ultra Apex Keto
  • Maxwell Keto


How Do I Avoid Falling for Scams Like This?

Here are some quick tips for avoiding any keto diet pill scams:

  1. BHB is not efficacious under a minimum of 3 grams. You cannot fit this quantity in a pill form, so try to avoid pill forms of BHB.
  2. If a product claims to have dramatic results, make sure these results are cited. If there are no studies to prove its effects, it probably doesn’t really have any.
  3. Do your research on reputable sites. Use PubMed or Google Scholar to find published papers on ingredients. Find out what dose you need for the product to be effective.
  4. Reach out to trusted resources. You can always DM on Instagram or Dr. Ryan Lowery on Instagram and ask for advice.
  5. Spread the word! Just because you will not fall for this scam, it doesn’t mean that someone you know or love will not. Let’s get the word out there that this product is a scam and save as many people as possible from the headache and loss of hundreds of dollars.
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  1. Big scam. Stay away. Take money no customer service number and NO response to email. Took money and ran

    1. Hi, Wayne. Unfortunately, yes, it is a huge scam. We are sorry to hear that you were taken advantage of by this scam.

    2. Reg says:

      I was taken advantage of on this scam. When I did reach someone about the exorbitant charge to my credit card a very nasty woman explained that I did not cancel in 14 days. I wish I could find where to leaver the company a review.

  2. Luria Johnson says:


    1. Hi Luria, we completely agree! That is why we are trying to spread the message to as many people as possible! We hope you will continue to warn people so that together, maybe we can prevent more people from falling for this scam.

      1. Bob says:

        Hi Chelsea, I have to loose 30 lbs. I did that “normal” to 20 lbs and the final 10 are the hard belly fat ones. Anyway after reading this I won’t buy this product. With that said this is the first time I have shopped for stuff like this and seen your name/article. For weight loss and cardiovascular health this is very important:
        DO NOT CONSUME any food made with any level of density of HYDROGENATATED OIL. Each bite taken/chewed and swallowed takes your body 51 days to figure out what is was that you ate. Then it starts working on digesting that bite as it figures out the next bite. I’m not medical but some how your body can’t recall what it ate (hydrogenated oil) so the learning process starts with each swallowed bite, NOT serving size. This stuff shows up as clogging fat in your blood stream and this contributes to fat building up outside your bloodstream. Maybe you know and covered this. I don’t know. I finally got cleaned out a few years back. Now I have “ordinary” fat to get rid of! LOL!! That ‘final 10’ belly fat is tough!

        1. Hi, Bob. We are glad to hear that you found this article before purchasing these pills and it prevented you from falling for this scam. Hydrogenated oils have been linked to cardiovascular disease and we are happy to hear that you are avoiding them.

  3. Connie says:

    I’m so happy I read your report on this Keto product. I was logging on the Keto website to order their pills. I will pass this on to all my friends! Thank you! Looking for a different product that will help me loose weight without the jitters.

    1. Hi, Connie! We are so happy we have been able to help you! We really want to caution you away from weight-loss products. There is no magic weight-loss pill or drink that will help you lose weight long-term. They might initially help you lose weight, but it will be water weight, not actual fat mass. Eating in a caloric deficit and increasing physical activity are the only proven ways to lose fat. I hope this helps and please let us know if you have any questions!

  4. dave says:

    i fell for the scam and at 33 dollars a bottle i was charged 188 for the 2 get 1 free what i got was 1 bottle keto advanced weight loss 1 green coffee cleanse and 1 bottle garcinia the later two werent even mentioned i thought i was getting 3 bottles keto

    1. Hi, Dave! Thank you for sharing your story. What we have found is that this company has run this scam multiple times with different weight loss products. It is likely that they are just getting rid of leftover inventory or mixed up bottles from the other scams they are running.

  5. Stephanie says:

    Thank you for the article. I was able to catch this scam in time. They charged me the shipping only (fortunately), so I lost $10.90 (that should have been $5.95) on Jan 30th. The product came in a fairly plain bottle (Keto Kit). It arrived when they said it would, but the website gave me no choice to also get the colon cleanse. Both came in the same package, but they charged me 2 shipping rates. I just called my bank and canceled my credit card today Feb 7th, before they could charge it again. There was NO option for auto-ship or one time. I just went on the same Shark Tank scam site and went in and out of the site several times. Each time the product endorsed by this “Samantha” from Shark Tank changed. Names you should add to the list are Keto Kit, BioOneGen Keto Shred, Green Vibe Keto, Keto Infinite Accel, Slim X Genie Keto, Forskolin Green Vibe and Flash Keto. These different “product” names came up within a time frame of ONLY 8 MINUTES! I screen shot all of them. The webpage,, stays the same with the fake Shark Tank pictures shown above. When I tried it on my computer it blocked the site, however on my phone it doesn’t. So scary. These scammers MUST be stopped!

    1. Hi, Stephanie. We are happy to hear you were able to cancel it in time! It’s crazy how this scam is operating. We agree that they need to be stopped and we are happy to have people like you spreading the message to as many people as possible.

  6. Jennifer says:

    I really wish I would have seen this before I fell for it. I am trying to desperately cancel my “trial” offer now. I only ordered it a few minutes ago. Already it is billed to my credit card.

    1. Hi, Jennifer. We are so sorry to hear about that. Our goal is to help spread this message to as many people as possible to help prevent more people from falling for this scam. So, please feel free to share with your friends and family to help prevent more people from going through this ordeal!

    2. Angie says:

      This just happened to me right now. I ordered buy 2 and get 1 free but I was charged for 3. I tried to immediately correct it but couldn’t and yes it is already pending on my credit card.

      1. Hi, Angie. We would recommend contacting your credit card company and having this flagged as fraudulent.

    3. Jaye L James says:

      Jennifer did you figure out how to cancel I ordered mine few days ago from……

      1. Hi, Jaye. All of the individuals we have spoken with have tried to cancel and been unable (either because they receive no response or are promised a cancellation that never actually happens). We recommend reporting this charge to your credit card company or bank as fraudulent.

          1. Hi, Jaye. You’re welcome!

  7. Hotdog says:

    Biggest scam, stay away. They sent products nothing like those in the ad, products which you can get anywhere, promised monthly delivery of products and confirmation email, which doesn’t happen, charged double the advertised price, they return emails but never answer simple questions.
    Clearly taking the quick cash and running

    1. Good morning, we’re sorry to hear about your encounter with this scam. Hopefully, more people will see this article and stories like yours and not fall for their trickery.

  8. Laurel says:

    I wa scammed. I lost close to $200 ordering the supplements. When I called the number on my bank statement, it was disconnected – of course. In addition, I was told that I had chosen an up-sell, and my account had been charged $19.93 a month for the past 6 months – another $120.00. The foreign account representative told me that I had ordered this, and I hadn’t. Then she said the email confirming my order was probably in trash. Lesson learned. Even ads that look legitimate cannot be trusted.

    1. Hi Laurel, we’re sorry to hear that you lose so much in this scam. There are no legitimate keto pills, so no matter how legitimate the ad, don’t trust the product!

  9. I was on Facebook and came across the Shark Tank ad touting Keto Fit. So I ordered a sample bottle. When it arrived the label said Ketogenic Valley. Then almost immediately I received another Bottle in the mail with a $91 charge to my credit card. I called them and told them That this was not what I ordered. I asked if they were associated with Keto Fit. She said no. I told them I wanted to return the product for a refund. She said that they don’t give refunds or accept returns. Is there any legal team out there that can handle cases like this?

    1. Hi, Paul. One of the best ways to take action is to report the fraud charges to your bank and then also report the company to the BBB.

  10. Kim Gladu says:

    Omgosh Chelsea,
    Thank-You so much for this very informative article, I was just about to get the ‘free trial’ they were offering & your title happened to catch my eye!! I usually do much research before I purchase items like this but I like what I read from the site- duh me, well of course I liked it, they get you to like it lol. I only have 10lbs to lose & I don’t believe in diets, I believe in changing your eating habits & #1 REDUCING YOUR PORTION.SIZES, once about 20 yrs. ago I put on 30lbs (yeah kinda without realizing it as I was so busy working full time & carrying a full course load at Uni that I didn’t even see the weight jumping on my body (had to say that lol) So between exercise, not overdoing the sweet & fatty items, & reducing portion size in three months that 30lbs was gone & Thank God because even an extra 30lbs is a pain to carry around.
    So Again Chelsea, a big Thank-You for your article.

    1. Hi, Kim. We are so happy to hear that this article helped you! Unfortunately, so many people find our articles and videos after making the purchase so it’s great to hear we were able to prevent another person from falling for this scam and losing a lot of money. Best wishes to you on your health and wellness journey!

  11. SCAM Product Pro Keto RX after the initial payment for pills they will use your bank account details to fraudulently take money from same account. No contact details available to address fraud or complain. The pills do not work! Feb 2020.

    1. Hi, Robert. We are so sorry to hear that you were a victim of this scam. Thank you for sharing your story and we hope it discourages other people from paying for these pills.

  12. hi
    I keep getting this stuff in the mail and didnt order it. Does anyone know what it comes up as on your bank statement? Im trying to block it but cant get through to email or phone. I ahve 3 weird company names on bank statement and dont know which it is.

    1. Hi, Melissa! From what I have read, the charges have been coming up as various different names. If you have a bank charge you do not recognize, you should definitely report it to your bank as fraudulent.

  13. Kelly Kester says:

    Man I wish I had seen this article earlier. I was suckered by Dr. Oz and Al Roker! Seemed legit to me if those two endorsed it. Customer Service is a joke. There are “no supervisors on the floor” and the CS Rep said the only way they can get to a supervisor is via chat. They also cannot make outgoing phone calls (I asked to have a supervisor call me back). The rep did offer me his “employee discount” of 35%! The whole time I’m talking to this guy I’m thinking – what kind of business doesn’t have supervisors available and can’t make outgoing phone calls?! Now I see…it’s not a real business. Beyond frustrated…thanks for letting me vent.

    1. Hi, Kelly! Unfortunately, no celebrities have actually endorsed these products. They endorsed ads are entirely photoshopped (you can see similar ones from the Sharks from Shark Tank, Adele, J.Lo and more). We’re sorry to hear that you were taken advantage of by this scam. Make sure to report the charges as fraudulent with your bank!

  14. Ira Strick says:

    I was scammed for 90 $,almost 180$ if I wasn’t persistent,the reps told me there’s a 17 day trial period,which includes shipping time,I ordered it on the 7th and received it on the 14,the,the rep also verified this.rep told told it takes 14 days to show any kind of results.on the 24th I was billed 180$!!!, I ordered both products.thats only 10 days of taking the product!!!!,told me if I called the day before would of been different.if it takes 14 days for results and only have product for 10 days……I called the rep Patrick first who told me,basically….oh well,and I was persistent enough after I called back…spoke to Mahogany…to get 50 percent back,I’m still out 90$…and I don’t feel any different…ACTUALLY IM NOT EVEN ON MY 14TH DAYOF TAKING IT!!!! The shark tank I’m sure made millions on doing business this way.90$ may be a joke to them but to the average consumer like myself it hurts,this experience I guess taught me a lesson.

    1. Hi, Ira. We are so sorry to hear about your experience. Unfortunately, this is a huge scam and to be clear, Shark Tank did not create or endorse this product. The scammers photoshopped ads and used the Shark Tank name but, these pills were NEVER on Shark Tank. It is sad to see their name getting tarnished by a terrible company. If you report these charges to your bank as fraudulent, you may be able to get a complete refund.

      1. Ira Strick says:

        I actually recorded the conversations,is there anyway to trace it or somehow get my money back or just chalk it up to experience

      2. Ira Strick says:

        Just want to apoligize.,actually I called them back and told them I was going to call the attorney generals office of Massachusetts,which I was if they didn’t refund me 100 percent,they said they were going to.I have emails confirming it,let’s see if they do,and again I apologise.

        1. Hi, Ira. We would recommend closely monitoring your account to make sure this happens. Unfortunately, we have heard from hundreds of people who were promised refunds (email confirmations and all) and never actually received them. Best of luck to you!

  15. Ira Strick says:

    all of this took place after I was billed the 180$ on my card

  16. Kimberly Morningstar says:

    Thank you so much for posting this. I have started my Keto diet recently and was looking for a little extra help. I’m very leery of scams and usually research the heck out of everything before I buy. It is so sad that we look to the internet for advice and so-called “What is the best?” and what we get is shady reviews and people trying to scam everyone. Honesty is a rarity these days. I started looking into the Shark Tank keto pills and was appalled at how many different names I found for the same pill and all these I saw in less than 30 minutes of searching. I’m sure there are some I missed. Amazing how these celebrities only used just these pills, each under a different name, and how it was ultimately their only choice. Who needs to eat when you’re taking tons of pills each day?? Oh, but wait, they only actually took just one….right?? These people should be ashamed of themselves. And funny how they don’t show their ingredient list. At least not from what I can tell. Makes me think the show Shark Tank is a scam itself. I’ve never watched it though, probably never will now. I did start to fill out my information for some of these pills, but did not purchase and now I’m getting flooded with text messages and phone calls. BLOCK*BLOCK*BLOCK!!!

    1. Hi, Kimberly. Thank you for sharing your story. Just so you know, no celebrities have actually endorsed this product. It is all photoshop and many of them have come out to speak again their images being stolen to promote this product. Furthermore, the pills were never actually on Shark Tank. The company that created these pills just added Shark Tank to the name to make it seem more credible, but they were never in fact on the show. Hope this helps clarify some of the misunderstanding!

  17. Annie Simpson says:

    I too have been caught up in this scam. I initially signed up for the free trial bottle for $19.95 and then later discovered they had charged me $296.00 and continued to charge me that again 3 weeks later. Response from the company was they couldn’t stop the next order as it had already been shipped. I immediately cancelled my card and reported them to the Fraud and Securities Dept with my bank. It’s absolutely disgusting! I cannot believe I fell for this. So upsetting!

    1. Hi, Annie. We are so sorry to hear you fell for this scam but we are happy that you quickly canceled your card and reported it!

  18. Rachel says:

    I just saw one called “Electro Keto.” They used the same tactics and even used the same line about Shark Tank.

    1. Hi, Rachel. Thank you for sharing another name of this product!

      1. Steve Davis says:

        Man! I just ordered the electro keto, sure wish I would have seen this site before

        1. Hi, Steve! Thank you for reaching out. We would recommend trying to cancel the card that you paid with to prevent extra, unnecessary charges!

  19. Mizutaki says:

    Add BerryFruit to the list – appearing on FB with same claims

    1. Hi, Mizutaki. Thank you for sharing!

  20. Maureen says:

    I fell for it then saw this 🙁 I ordered a $54 bottle and now I have two charges from Spark fit for $80 and $69.99. Beware!!!

    1. Hi, Maureen. Thank you for sharing your story and we are so sorry to hear that you were scammed by that company.

  21. Chyenne Greer says:

    So what what be something good to take? other than keto.

    1. Hi, Chyenne. You don’t need any supplements; supplements are meant to be supplemental. There is no magic pill that is going to help you lose weight. All you need to do is be in a caloric deficit.

  22. Michele schumacher says:

    Sure wish I read this information before I placed an order. I attempted to cancel order as soon as I realized my card was being charged more than what they claimed I would be charged. Told me could not cancel order after I spent over an hour trying to get in contact with someone. Stay away…..don’t be a fool like I was.

    1. Hi, Michele. We are so sorry to hear that you fell for this scam but are happy that you are helping to share your experience so that others won’t fall for the same thing.

  23. I fell for the scam. They have taken hundreds from me. The email they send are from an automated system and the customer service agents just bullshit around and hang up!!! Did anyone actually get their money back?? Do I need to go ahead and cancel my debit card?? Please help!

    1. Samantha says:

      Hi Brandy,
      I’m sorry you went through this too, and that this post is so long. I was also fooled, and want to help by sharing.
      I made different phone calls to my bank and to the Scammer.
      The bank wouldn’t credit anything, saying it was for a subscription, and that I would have to talk to the company that charged my card.
      The lady at the bank was the one that gave me the scammers phone number.
      I didn’t agree to any subscription, or so I thought. It turns out that by using the site for payment with a credit or debit card, you are agreeing to their terms of service. Those terms of service that most people don’t bother to read, trap you in the fine print.
      Like many other victims, I was told there was no supervisor, that you had to cancel the subscription by a certain number of days, that a second shipment was being sent, and the like.
      I had at least 2 very lengthy, heated, calls with them. I recorded them, I told them I was recording them, and I made various threats of calling BBB and law enforcement.
      I was able to get about 70% of the money back, and watched the bank statements, carefully to be certain.

  24. John says:

    I received an email offering one free bottle of Keto_Trail. I am a fan of Shark Tank, so I figured if I searched Shark Tank with Keto I would find Shark Tank endorsing the product. The advertisement looked fake. The first hyperlink was this hyperlink. I am thankful I found you before ordering it.

    1. Hi, John. We are glad to hear that we were able to help prevent you from falling for this scam! Please help spread the word so more people don’t fall for it as well!

  25. Emma says:

    Hey I was sadly another one that got scammed by theses people and my bank is aware of this but I want to return the parcel anyone know the address please

    1. Hi, Emma. This company has given out many addresses for returning packages, but from what we have gathered, they all seem to be fake. It makes sense that they wouldn’t provide a real address since they are scamming thousands of people. We wish you the best of luck and appreciate you sharing your story!

  26. Emma says:

    I was scammed by theses people and I wanna return th parcel ad my bank told me to anyone know the address

  27. Emma says:

    Has anyone actually got there money back from theses people ?

    1. Hi, Emma. We have heard from countless people who say they were promised a refund but never received it. If you report the charge as fraudulent, there is a good chance your bank will refund the money. Best of luck to you and thank you for sharing your story!

      1. OMG I just ordered keto bhb spent $200.00…..did I get scammed….does shark tank even have a keto diet pill

        1. Hi, Martha. We are so sorry to hear you got scammed by this company. No, Shark Tank has never had or endorsed a keto pill.

          1. I checked with the better business bureau and they had no complaints….I order Thur Regan health company ….so the keto diet pills I ordered….are they dangerous….are people getting sick from these pills….maybe I should call the news network and see if they can tell everyone about this Thur the news media….I checked and read and checked again until I ran into this website….but then I had already ordered the diet pills ….you would think that it would have showed up on the better business bureau……I will definitely report this to them and see if I can help stop this scam….

          2. Hi, Martha. One big issue is the fact this company changes the name of its product constantly. I have found numerous BBB complaints, but it is for one specific pill name. I am sure eventually that name will get reported as well.

          3. Linda Scott says:

            Join the discussion…Linda Scott. I was scammed. They offered me some weight loss pills for $13shipping free trial.. Then Aprill 29th they took $180.00 out of my debit account. I contacted them by e mail they nver replied. I called them at 8558108652 and talked to a man and he told me they had shipped another order which I did not agree to. He said when I received them to contact them. After about 2 weeks I had not received them so I called them back and I gave them my e mail and first 6 didgits and last four of my debit card. The lady said she could not fine my information. So I dropped my debit card and contacted the Better Business Bureau in St. Louis,Mo. He was very nice and said that he would forward the complaint to the office in Colorado, I hope more will file complaints too..

          4. Hi, Linda. Thank you for sharing your story and we are happy to hear you are registering complaints so that maybe this company will truly get investigated for their scam.

  28. Robert says:

    I just got off the phone with these jokers. I was told to bad cannot refund because I was over 30 days even though the website said a year. Product is worthless customer service even worse.

    1. Hi, Robert. We are sorry to hear that you got scammed by this company. To be honest, we haven’t heard of a single person who was able to get their money back, even within the 30 days.

  29. James says:

    Almost fell for this one. I do research the hell out of everything. Until I found and watched your video. Thanks. With that being said what is a brand to use that will work?

    1. Hi, James. We are glad to hear that we were able to help prevent you from getting scammed! Unfortunately, there is no magic diet pill. There is absolutely no scientific research to back up that idea. Luckily, you don’t need pills to lose weight. Just focus on reducing caloric intake and moving more and you’ll start to lose weight!

  30. Art says:

    The “Shark Tank Keto” got me. Unfortunately I did not find your site early enough. My CC alerted me to the fraudulent charge. I called these people about the fraudulent charges. There was nothing they could do about it. Then they offered to only charge 50%. They refused to provide me the name/ address and phone number for the entity. I called my credit card and #1 had them cancel and re-issue me a new card. #2 filed a claim and reversed the charges – still pending.
    The one time free trial– yeah right
    Don’t fall for it..

    one more downside — junk email. I have blocked 225 unwanted emails in the last two weeks, and they just keep coming. Now going to have to change email address.. These people are horrible..

    1. Hi, Art. We are so sorry to hear that you were scammed by this company. Thank you for sharing your story and continuing to share the message so that more people will not be scammed!

  31. Betty P says:

    I just tried ( before seeing this obviously) but i tried to use my visa debit, it would not accept it , it wanted an actual credit card instead.. so i thought to myself” huh that is strange. So i did NOT put any info in and decided yeah, this is fishy. Thank god! But thank you for this article!! Keep doing what you guys are doing!!👍

    Betty P

    1. Hi, Betty. We are happy to read that you were able to avoid this scam! We hope that you will continue to share your story with others so that together we can help prevent more people from falling for this scam!

  32. Charlotte Scott says:

    Hello. I have been caught in this Keto scam how do I cancel everything.

    1. Hi, Charlotte. We would recommend contacting your bank or credit card company, report the charges, and cancel the cards you used.

  33. Edson Aparecido says:

    Every day i receive emails with great merchandise involving famous people talking about “KetoFit Pro” and I decided to buy one bottle US 59.94. Now every month they send me emails another bottle is coming and they are going to discount in my debt card. But how come if I ordered only one bottle! This situation is repeating in the last 03 months, I have tried many times to cancel but I couldn’t they only send me emails with the following address: – when I reply it return without reaching the sender! What is the solution? Maybe if I empty my debt card they stop it! Thank you very much!

    1. Hi, Edson. This scam company is going to continue to take money from your card. We would recommend canceling the card and reporting the charges to your bank.

    2. Linda Scott says:

      Join the discussion…They got me too.I just had the bank hot card it.I got another debit card and filed a complaint with the BBB.

  34. Stephanie O'Brian says:

    So, is there any shark tank Keto? I was just going to buy this. For this big a deal why hasn’t anyone sent out a warning ? I would think that the sharks would have debunked this. It tarnishes their show. Just curious why this is not front page news.

    1. Hi, Stephanie. No, there are no Shark Tank Keto Pills. All of the sharks have posted numerous warnings on social media debunking this. Both Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner have been very vocal on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram about the fact Shark Tank has never endorsed a keto pill or even featured one on the show.

  35. Denise says:

    I just ordered this product! I’m so upset I didn’t check it out first! If I refuse the product when it comes do you know if they will reimburse me? Any info is appreciated!

    1. Hi, Denise. Unfortunately, they are charging a lot of people without even sending a product so I don’t think denying the package will help any. We would recommend contacting your bank or credit card to dispute charges and cancel that card.

  36. Geoff melucci says:

    I’m so upset I called after 2 weeks wondering where the product was and they said they didn’t know and they would send me out new product three weeks later I’m still waiting for the new product. then I discover I was set up for automatic reorder and I was fuming once again and went this entire thing canceled but I have to wait for the supervisors response. if I don’t get what I want I’m going to the state attorney general and then I’m going to a federal prosecutor.