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What does a pill advertised as Shark Tank’s biggest deal in history and a pill that was developed by a master’s student have in common? They are both keto scams.


Keto Scam on Instagram

After seeing the profile @sarahjohnson.stanford on Instagram (and its many other variations of Sarah and Stanford), we started to fall into the rabbit hole of keto weight loss scams.

This person does not exist. In fact, it says so on the clickable link in her bio. There is a company out there using these Instagram accounts that have STOLEN transformation photos from other pages claiming that these individuals used their pill. There is an elaborate backstory as to how the pill was created, but the real kicker is that these ketogenic diet pills keep changing names.


Different Names, Same Scam

Every time you click on the link you get a different name. Just in a matter of minutes, we got the following names:

  • Purefit Keto
  • Keto Rapid Max Pure
  • Keto Legend
  • Holistic Bliss Keto
  • Keto Supreme
  • Keto Max Burn
  • Keto RX
  • Envy Naturals Keto
  • Shark Tank Keto Diet Pills


What is the Big Issue with these Keto Scam Diet Pills?

None of these so-called keto pills have any ingredients listed. These keto diet scam pills make ludicrous claims like being “scientifically proven to block fat,” but they have no explanation as to how they work.

They rope you in by promising a free bottle of magic keto pills and free shipping but don’t tell you there is an automatic renewing fee. There are numerous complaints online on the Better Business Bureau’s website about getting charged $90+ after trying to cancel the subscription.

Diving deeper into fraudulent keto claims, we came across the Shark Tank keto diet pills that were supposedly the biggest deal ever in the show’s history… The problem is that they were never on Shark Tank. The photos they used from Shark Tank were stolen from different women, and the news reporters’ photos for their website were also stolen.

Our friend, Suzanne Ryan (@ketokarma), had her photos stolen by the company Keto Slim Life ( They claimed she lost 120 pounds on their pill. This was completely false and belittled all of her hard work.


Beyond Losing Money: What is the Bigger Issue?

Losing money is terrible, but what is even worse? Damaging someone’s health.

We don’t know what ingredients are in these pills and they are completely unregulated. Not to mention these pills won’t work. What’s the result of all these potential health risks and no results? People who take these keto scam pills will blame the ketogenic diet and exogenous ketones for not working rather than the shady company.


How Do I Spot a Scam?

Here are a few red flags you should watch out for when buying any product claiming to be keto:

  1. Are the ingredients listed?
  2. Can you find REAL reviews on reputable websites?
  3. If they are on social media, do they tag the original poster of before and after photos?
  4. If it is BHB, is it in a pill? (it is very difficult to fit an efficacious dose of BHB in a pill)
  5. Are they Ketogenic Certified? (Earning the title of Ketogenic Certified means that they have been tested for efficacy and artificial sweeteners.)


My Advice

If you know me, you know I’m all about offense and I’m about to go on all-out offensive front educating stronger than ever about keto as it relates to the diet and even exogenous ketones. Both can and do have an impact on optimizing human potential, but when taken at of context, it brings a negative clout to the entire conversation. I believe this is a conversation worth protecting.

Do me a huge favor and please be cautious when buying any weight loss supplements. Additionally, thoroughly vet out exogenous ketones. It’s important to understand that an effective dose isn’t delivered in a pill and 99.9% of companies are using a racemic mixture so effectively it’s less than 50% as effective as they are even claiming.


How Do I Learn More About this Scam?

If you’d like to learn more about this topic, make sure to check out our in-depth video covering all aspects of this Shark Tank keto diet pill scam.

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  1. how can they continue to advertise with the Shark experts selling it for them? why dont the Shark experts and Mark Cuban demand they stop using their names to sell this fake item?

  2. Ron says:

    OK…I have used the Shark Tank Keto pills for 3 weeks. I have lost no weight, whatsoever. Not only is this an absolute scam but I ordered one bottle and when I checked my bank account, they put me down for 5 bottles. Nearly $300 down the drain. I called the bank and wrote to the company and I was completely ignored. Shark Tank credibility has gone with this….why are they not hunting them down and taking care of this issue. I am a pensioner and that $300 was my food for two weeks and had to eat scraps…maybe thats the ploy…make people eat scraps and maybe they will lose weight !!

    1. Hello Ron,

      Very sorry to hear about the issue with this company! I hope you were able to get the money back into your account.

      Shark Tank does not endorse this product. The keto pill company manipulated images to make it appear that the Shark Tank group was enjoying the product, but the keto pills have never been featured on the show.

      Unfortunately, there’s no magic keto pill out there. If you ever have questions about a ketogenic product, don’t hesitate to ask us.

      Hope all is well!

      1. Pat Pellegrino says:

        My husband ordered a bottle of real keto. For 495 next thing you know we’re getting a shipment every two weeks for $199.99 and $80 and $99.95. It was definitely a scam I called them up they said send it back we’ll give you your money back. We put it on a charge I canceled the charge but it still went through. I don’t know what to do I can’t get ahold of any of these companies they say because of Corona they don’t answer the phone. what bothers me is that I sent them that product back and never got my credit. There’s also another company trendy mass muscle. Their bill was almost $300. Should I call better business bureau because I sent them all their pills back and I didn’t get my money back I talked to a lady at trendy mass muscle and she said I’m sorry we can’t help you We already have the money. But I told you already have the product back are you going to sell it again and charge somebody else. She closed the phone on me so I need help with this one

        1. Hi, Pat! We are so sorry to hear that this happened to you and definitely encourage you to reach out to the BBB to report this company.

        2. Angie Rasier says:

          Hi David! Honestly, I’m a little nervous after reading your article as to what the ketogenic pills I brought for very cheap on sarah jonson’s Instagram account you mentioned might do to my body. I got a two week bottle for 6 dollars, which was sketchy but I was looking for a quick fix at the time. My bottles DO however have an ingredients list!! I have a lot of questions… including my most important one, what kind of damage could these pills do if I take them? The supplements go by the name “natural boost keto” and the main ingredient is hydroxycitcric acid. Is this dangerous? Could there be more than what they say in the ingredients list? Thank you so much. -Angie

          1. Hi, Angie. While these pills may list ingredients, there is absolutely no regulation that ensures that is what is actually in the product. We have received comments of individuals having heart and liver problems after taking these pills. We would recommend immediately stopping taking them. Hydroxycitric acid is not dangerous, but again, the company can list whatever they want in the ingredient section and there is no guarantee that is what is in the product, and what other (potentially dangerous) ingredients are in there, but not listed.

    2. Bob says:

      I had the same thing happen to me, Wanted one bottle for $30 and they took £300 out of my account and sent 5 different products – 4 I’d never asked for. Sent them all back for a NO QUIBBLE guaranteed refund and now, SIX weeks later I am still chasing the for it but just getting computer generated platitudes

      1. Hi, Bob. Thanks for sharing your experience. It’s awful what this company is going to people. We recommend getting in contact with your bank or credit card company and reporting the charges as fraud.

      2. Keith Siebel says:

        I answered an ad that said try it for 5.99. Then after I gave my card info I got an email saying 197.00 not 5.99 . I keep calling and they just hang up on me after I say what happened. (833) 635-0511 is the number. Some how Steve is the guy that answeres every time. I reported fraud to my bank already. What else can I do?

        1. Hi, Keith. We’re sorry to hear that that happened to you. You took the right step by reporting the charge as a fraud. The best thing you can do now is to help share your story and report this company to the BBB so that more people will not fall for this scam.

    3. Yes they are not honest. They are very bad scam people and I think I must contact The States Attorneys Office tomorrow. They need the state’s to prosecute them.

  3. terri coppock says:

    how do you stop them from charging your account

    1. Hello Terri,

      The best thing to do is to contact your credit card provider, inform them of the charge, and have the card number changed.

      Hope all is well!

  4. I found out the site was a scam because when you use your credit card, after entering your info and choosing how many bottles you want it then says thank you for your purchase. You never get a screen showing how much the total order is so you can hit accept. I checked my account to find $199.00 deducted from my account for 3 freaking bottles.

    1. Hi Rhonda! We are so sorry to hear that you were a victim of this scam, but we appreciate you taking the time to share your story so that others may not fall for it as well.

    2. Keith Siebel says:

      Same thing happened to me,and when I called tge number for the company they said sorry can’t do anything and hung up on me.

  5. I have just been scammed
    by the so called shark tank keto fit. I ordered the buy 3 at $29.95 and get 2 free. My bill came to $159.95 and they added another product I didn’t order and charged me $39.95 The bill was supposed to have been $93 plus the $4.95 shipping. I called immediately to get it corrected. They kept me on hold for 20 minutes, then hung up on me. I called them back, was again on hold. Could not reason with them. I will have to call my bank tomorrow and get a refund of my fraudulent charges. They are very rude, crooked company to deal with. People beware. I looked on the internet and the same pills are $4.95.

    1. Keith Siebel says:

      I saw the ad for 5 dillars and clicked on it and I had the same exact experience you had. They hung up on me 3 times and reported fraud to my bank. Tbis hapo2ened like an hour ago

  6. Sally Thompson says:

    My fault for not checking into this further. I just called 888-673-7725 and spoke to a representative of a “third party customer call center” named Albert. I purchased the product called “Keto Prime” for free with $4.88 shipping and handling, the “Green Coffee” for free with a $5.88 shipping and handling charge. THEN THEY added a “Probiotic” product that I did not order, charging me $34.99. There was nowhere on the site to cancel that product, since I did not order it, and they automatically added it to my order. Allbert insisted I keep the product for the full 14-day trial, give the company my feedback on the product, and at that time, they will agree to cancel. I told him NO, I do not need to use this product for 14 days, I want my subscription canceled right now. After much haggling, he finally agreed to cancel my account and gave me a cancellation #C274127. When the products arrive, I must return them at my expense at $9.95 per item. I have cut up my debit card. I am in the process of making an appointment to see the assistant branch manager at my bank to see what else I need to do to stop them from sending more products and removing more money from my bank account. If I have to, I will close my bank account. I am on a fixed income. I fell for the “Shark Tank” endorsement, the photographs, and the “free” products. As soon as I saw the Probiotic product added to my order, I began calling for assistance. It was my bank that gave me the correct number for customer service. This issue began about two hours ago. I plan to go ahead and charge them with fraud. From now on, IF I ever get another debit card, I will not be so impulsive to buy products online.

  7. My experience was similar, I ordered the product as sample prices, was overcharged and sent a product at a higher price that I did not order. It took a long time to find a phone number and when I did the women said (after much haggling) that they would refund part of the money. I wanted to be done with them so I took the deal. My next credit card bill had two charges from a different company name but similar enough to know they were at it again. I disputed the charges with my credit card company but may have to change my card number if they do not desist. The package I got was mailed from: Foster Organics, Keto Pure Trim, 4732 Mile Stretch Dr Suite 33, Holiday, FL 34692. Foster Organics is a fake website. When I finally got through on the phone they were using the name Health Organics but may have changed again. Will take legal action if possible.

  8. Ashley says:

    Hi, I had the same issue. I actually just threw all the “keto pills” away just in case. I actually received these over a month ago but wanted to save them for when I move in a few days. Not even a couple days after I paid for shipping for this free trial, I was charged around $90 twice! So about $180 stolen from my account. Luckily I used my secure credit card & reported it right away, I already received my money back. While packing I saw the pills again so I looked up the company & found this site. Instantly threw them away after checking this out. I have no idea what’s in these pills. Thanks for this article. Trash companies trying to ruin people lives. What else is new. Never trust Instagram products. Stay happy & healthy. No matter your size, you are beautiful & there is other ways to become healthy & fit!

  9. jules says:

    Hi I have had £173.10 taken from my credit card account, i have rang my bank and reported these. i have tried to cancel and there is no reply. i cannot believe i was stupid enough to be taken in. this ad appeared on my Facebook account. i am just hoping that because i have used my credit card i will be able to get my money back

  10. Julia Mitchell says:

    My name is Julia Mitchell, one of my relitives ordered the Keto 800 pills and right away she asked me 4 my info and I gave it 2 her
    So I contacted Keto 800, they emailed me back and told me to contact them 9-1-20 and I did 4 my $175.00 Refund. You have all your mergendise unharmed on time and all I want is my Refund please.

    1. Hi, Julia. To clarify, we do not sell keto pills. We are not the keto pill company you purchased from. In fact, we have posted 5 articles and videos trying to warn people to stay away from this company and it is in fact a scam. That being said, in the hundreds of people we have spoken with, not a single one actually received a refund. We recommend canceling your card and reporting the charges as fraud.

  11. Shirley Witham says:

    I have been rercieving Keto pills every week or so . From a company called Trend Setter Keto. Because they automatically send it to me, I am no longer able to pay for it.
    PLEASE cancall my delivery ASAP Thanks, Shirley Witham

    1. Hi, Shirley. We are not the Keto Pill company. We are shedding light on this scam but we have nothing to do with them and therefore cannot cancel your order. We would recommend reaching out to your bank or credit card company.

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