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Steffi Kieselmann Went From Tired to Energetic on Keto

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  Published on September 9th, 2022
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  Last modified September 13th, 2022

Name: Steffi Kieselmann

Age: 41

Starting Weight: 165

Current Weight: 154

How long have you been following a ketogenic diet? 3 years

What is your favorite keto meal? All the meals with chicken, eggplants, and cheese.

Why did you start keto?

I struggled with intolerances, my stomach was often bloated, I was constantly tired and had little energy. My thought at that time was that carbohydrates could be to blame for all these circumstances.

What was the hardest part of keto and how did you overcome it?

The first 4 weeks were the hardest. In weeks 1 and 2–during the “sugar withdrawal”–I had the feeling that all the energy had been sucked out of my body. I could hardly get up the stairs, my legs were so weak. In addition, I often felt dizzy. No fitness program was possible at all.

In weeks 3 and 4, my physical condition slowly improved and my energy returned. The challenge now was to persevere. When you start with a new way of eating/nutrition, but you don’t know exactly what you are allowed to eat, you tend to fall back into old patterns. But I did avoid eating carbs and it was totally worth it.

Biggest changes in your day-to-day life?

Since I’ve been on a ketogenic diet, I have an incredible amount of energy for everyday life. I jump out of bed in the morning with ease, master the sports program without any problems, I am top fit and concentrated at work and sleep well. The difference is drastic, considering how exhausted I used to be.

Best tip for newbies?

Be patient! It doesn’t happen from one day to the other. Give your body time to adjust. You may get keto when you deprive your body of sugar. Keep going on though! Research in advance, what you can eat and what you can’t eat. Maybe participate in a Keto Challenge, where recipes are provided to get you easily through the first weeks.

Network with other keto-people on social media for mutual motivation. And if you want to quit: Don’t do it! Just remind yourself, that this effort is totally worth it and you’ll feel much better without sugar!

If there is one thing that you could tell yourself when first getting started, what would it be and why?

Relax. Take your time. Be patient. Success does not come from one day to the next. I think many people stop trying too fast, because progress doesn’t happen fast enough. But we have to remember, that our body is not a machine and needs its time to accept changes…

Anything you would like to add about your story? 

I believe that you have to listen to your body 100%. For some people keto is perfect, others incorporate egg fasting, fat fasting, or refeed days every now and then or do carb cycling. I don’t think that there is a common “best solution” that is perfect for everyone. I think you have to try a lot to understand what’s the key to success–or to health–for your very own body.

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