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Top 5 Tips for a New Years Resolution for Weight Loss

  Published on December 1st, 2020
  Reading time: 4 minutes
  Last modified April 15th, 2021
new years resolutions

It’s a new year and a new you, right? 2020 was one for the books, but now we are in the mindset to leave that all behind in the rearview mirror and focus on personal growth. Last year was taxing on both your mental and physical health and you may have packed on the quarantine 15 (or more)! Your New Years resolution this year may focus on weight loss and getting control of your health.

If this sounds like you, here are our top tips to succeed and lose weight with a New Years’ resolution.

1. Find Motivation Outside of the Date

New Years resolutions tend to start out strong and fizzle out a few weeks to months into the year. That’s because the excitement of the day has passed and your motivation slowly declines.

So, how can you ensure motivation 6-months into the journey? To be honest, you can’t. Motivation is fleeting and you won’t have it every day– and that’s okay.

Have a goal set in your head. Remember why you are doing what you are. Use that to fuel you every day.

Physically write down your goal somewhere where you will see it frequently. Look at this every time you feel like giving up and use it to inspire your day.

It helps to build healthy habits so you stay in this mindset even when motivation is low. For example, if you are used to going to the gym every day at 6 pm, even on days you don’t feel like it, it’ll be easier to go because your body is used to the routine. The same goes for healthy eating.


2. Have an Accountability Buddy

It also helps to have an accountability partner. On days you feel like binging on your favorite desserts or skipping that workout, call up a friend. Having a partner-in-crime that is experiencing the same struggles can help provide additional motivation. Even if this person isn’t someone on the same journey as you, they can help keep you accountable when you want to give up on your goals.

If you don’t have someone who can join you on this weight loss journey, consider joining Keto Club. Not only does Keto Club provide you with countless resources to help you find success (from meal plans to workout programs, to classes, ebooks, and more), it also provides a private exclusive Facebook with a community of your peers to help answer questions and keep everyone accountable. In this group, we share goals, wins, hurdles, questions about experiences, and more.

3. Prevent Making Past Mistakes

Before taking steps towards your New Years Resolutions, ask yourself “Have I made this resolution before?” If so, physically write (or type) out why you weren’t successful. Make a list of what did work and what didn’t work.

If you hate salads and you fail to diet every time because you give up eating salads for lunch every day a week, don’t plan to eat salads! Find another meal that is healthy that you will actually enjoy and stick to.

Being aware of both wins and shortcomings can help prevent you from making the same mistakes and help drive your successes.


4. Start Small

It’s easy to be eager and go from 0 to 100 in a matter of minutes, but that is not how you will be successful. Rather than dropping your calories by 1,000 and adding in an hour of exercise that you don’t normally do every day, make small changes. Small changes like swapping out a soda for water can take off 200 calories from your daily total– just like that!

If you try to make drastic changes too quickly, you will get burnt out and lose motivation far too fast. Plus, cutting down your calories significantly can put you at risk for decreased leptin (the satiety hormone that tells your body it’s full) and increased ghrelin (the hunger hormone) levels. If you have ever tried a crash diet and felt intense hunger after a few days, this is exactly why.

If you feel lost on where or how to start, consider joining Keto Club and sign up for a free coaching call with a Keto Coach. This coach can help walk you through the process of starting off on the right foot and maintaining success throughout your journey,


5. Focus on the positive!

Finding success in anything always starts with a positive mindset. If you have a negative outlook then you will be manifesting negativity in your life. Starting off on the right mindset in 2021 can make all of the difference and help propel you towards making the steps you need, to change your life for the better.

Start this journey off right by tuning in for the 2021 Positive Perspective conference. This free event will feature top speakers from around the world to help you get into a positive mindset and start 2021 off right!

Learn how to shift your perspective and live your BEST life on Saturday, January 16th at 12:00 AM EST. Featured speakers include Dr. Ryan Lowery (@ryanplowery), Dr. Jacob Wilson (@theMusclePhD), Scott D. Henry (@scottdhenry31), Logan Delgado (@GoodyBeats), Brian Underwood (@BrianUndy), Suzanne Ryan (@KetoKarma). Shawn Wells, Jaime Seeman (@DrFitandFabulous), Drew Manning (@FittoFattoFit), Danny Vega (@DannyVega.MS), Chef Michael Silverstein (@ChefMichael.Keto), Mayra Wendolyne (@low.carb.love), Kiana Williams (@Keto_Ki), and Jimmi Moore (@livinlowcarbman).


Do You Have a New Years Resolution That Focuses on Weight Loss?

How do you plan to achieve those goals? How will it be different from your attempts before? Comment below and let us know! Also, make sure to follow us on social media for more tips, tricks, weight-loss transformations, and meal plan inspiration!

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