Tim From turnaroundfitness Turns it ALL Around

Meet Tim:

IG: @ turnaroundfitness

Starting Weight: 243lbs.

Current Weight: 173lbs.


Tim’s Keto Transformation Story:

Being on Keto has totally changed my life. So much so that I teach other people how to do it by providing amazing content on my Instagram! In the beginning, it was hard but once you get over that hump, you feel energized, cravings go away, you get clearer skin, weight and fat loss! The Biggest victory I’ve had is that being 42 years old, jeans that I bought when I was in my 20’s no longer fit… they’re too LOOSE! My health goals are to keep going on the keto train because it’s totally sustainable and fits my current, busy lifestyle.


What is the best advice you would give someone looking to transform their life on keto?

The best advice I can give about keto is the fact that if you stick with and do not give up, the rewards are HUGE!


What is your favorite part of being keto?

Health, Energy, and Massive Fat Loss!


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