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How Antonietta Vigliotti Lost 150+ Lbs on Keto—And Saved Her Back

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  Published on September 11th, 2023
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  Last modified September 1st, 2023
Antonietta Vigliotti before and after losing weight on keto

Age: 52

Starting Weight: 332

Current Weight: 180

How long have you been following a ketogenic diet? 8 years

What is your favorite keto meal? Cajun chicken zoodles

Why did you start keto?

To lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.

What was the hardest part of keto and how did you overcome it

Giving up sweets, mainly chocolate. I learned that almonds would help curtail the cravings.

Biggest changes in your day-to-day life?

Increased energy, mental focus, and decreased appetite.

Best tip for newbies?

It does begin in the mind. Remove the triggers from the house and explain to your family and friends that these items are a hindrance to your health and wellness journey. I firmly believe that tracking and planning my meals was instrumental in my success.

If there is one thing that you could tell yourself when first getting started, what would it be and why?

Be patient and practice self-care and mental care also. Shift your thoughts from thinking about what you can’t have to focusing on what you choose to have.

Anything you would like to add about your story? 

I began following a ketogenic diet in 2015 at 332 pounds. Within two years I lost a total of 152 pounds and approximately 67 inches. I have maintained my 152-pound weight loss.

I truly love the keto lifestyle and will never look back. It has been a true lifesaver for me.

At 332 pounds I began my journey to a healthier life. From 236 to 332 pounds I had tried over 5 different trainers and always incorporated a low-fat low-calorie diet, none of which worked.

I reached out to a local trainer, Jill Murphy at Mission Fitness. She not only incorporated a physical workout program but also advocated incorporating the ketogenic diet in my regimen.

Antonietta Vigliotti's transformation after keto

Prior to working out with Jill, I had been on prednisone for the better part of 14 years, up to 60 mg a day, to treat my eczema. I was also using an inhaler up to four times a day and taking 800mg of naproxen daily for my back pain. Within a month of following the ketogenic way of eating I was off the steroids, inhaler and naproxen.

My doctor had mentioned possibly having a back surgery. I knew it was time to lose weight and make a drastic change. So when I say keto has been a lifesaver, I truly believe it.

The journey isn’t always short and sweet, there will be those moments when you think it just isn’t working, but, believe me, it will! Trust the process, be patient and determined, and you will thank yourself more often than not along the way!

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