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The documentary film Fat Fiction directed by Jennifer Isenhart shines a bright and harsh spotlight on the demonization of dietary fat. This eye-opening film spans the decades of the shady history of questionable science, manipulated data, and misinformation that pivoted the diet of most of America with a ripple effect worldwide.

What is the Fat Fiction Documentary?

The film features leading health experts, doctors, researchers, and investigative journalists like Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Jason Fung, Dave Asprey, Gary Taubes, and Nina Teicholz that have no qualms about spinning the food pyramid upside down and exonerating those healthy natural fats that taste so delicious! The feature-length documentary film takes you on a journey back to the beginning of the fat and heart disease hypothesis and uncovers how one influential, outspoken man with a vision can change the health and nutrition plan of millions.

During the film, people with various health problems agreed to take part in an experiment. First, for a short time period, they shifted their diet to a high-fat and low-carb plan, and medical professionals measured and monitored certain markers of their health and questioned them on how they felt with this way of eating. Next, the people taking part in this small experiment changed their diet to a low-fat way of eating more in-line with the U.S. dietary guidelines. The results are impressive and reveal the full extent of the impact that nutrition has on your satiety, metabolism, health, and wellness.


What if Everything You’ve Heard About Saturated Fat is Fiction?

Fat Fiction makes you question what you’ve been told about nutrition and the low-fat heart-healthy diet recommendations. The film poses uncomfortable questions: what if everything you’ve heard about saturated fat is fiction? What if the low-fat heart-healthy diet recommendations can be damaging to your health and metabolism? Where did these low-fat recommendations and U.S. dietary guidelines come from in the first place?

So…why did we stop using coconut oil, beef tallow, and lard, and when did we start fearing the cholesterol or fat content of eggs, fish, and steak? When did we swap coconut oil for vegetable oil and why?

If you’d like to know the answer to these questions and you also enjoy the taste of coconut milk, grass-fed butter and steak, full-fat cream, fatty fish like mackerel, and other delights that just so happen to contain that notorious saturated fat, you’re in for a delightful surprise with this documentary.


So, Get Comfortable and Check Out This Riveting Documentary!

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Have You Watched Fat Fiction?

What did you think of this bold and insightful documentary film?

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