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Keto Apple BHB Gummies: Scam or Real?

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  Published on June 24th, 2022
  Reading time: 3 minutes
  Last modified June 24th, 2022
Scam keto gummies

After years of fighting the keto pill scam, it seems we have another scam rising to the occasion: keto gummies. The question isn’t just “do these work” but instead “are they actually WORSE than the keto pills?” Let’s find out.

The Rise of the Gummy Industry

First, it’s interesting to note that these started becoming popular after the company Goli paid Jennifer Lopez likely a huge sum of money to endorse their gummies–specifically their apple cider vinegar ones. While Apple Cider Vinegar can have some benefits, you won’t find even close to an effective amount in a gummy. However, 99% of people hate the taste of Apple cider vinegar so the thought of having a delicious, sugar-filled gummy with the same benefits sounded amazing. And so, the gummy industry exploded and soon there was a gummy for everything.

Undoubtedly, scammers saw their opportunity and pounced. Every single day I get ads, emails, or even texts with promises that these gummies will do everything from help me lose 30 pounds in 10 days to get 225% more energy from just 1 gummy. They go as far to make illegal claims such as “uplift immune system to fight off general sickness or even provides relief for medical problems such as diabetes.”

Screenshot of keto gummy ad

 I don’t know about you, but that either sounds too good to be true or illegal. Well in this case, it’s both because the gummies don’t work and their claims are completely false. At this point, they aren’t even trying to hide how much of a scam they are.

Keto gummy comparison

Here are two of the exact same product with different packaging. The ingredients are literally the exact same. You want to know why? Because they are all being “white labeled” and whoever is the best marketer wins. In short, white labeling means that somewhere in the world there is a manufacturer or manufacturers who have a bunch of these “Keto” gummies (by the way: these don’t even have BHB or ketones in them and the first ingredient is glucose syrup so there is NOTHING keto about them). This manufacturer reaches out to anyone and everyone and offers to “white label” them as their own brand. 

This essentially means anyone can just slap whatever sticker they want on the product and they will sell it and ship it for you–all someone has to do is market it. So likely there are hundreds if not thousands selling this same junk just with a different label on it. 

Keto Scammers Get on Board with Gummies

Finally, the keto pill scammers took the gummy scam one step further. They took the exact same shitty formula that was already being used and sprinkled in some ketones, likely less than 1 gram in an ENTIRE bottle. There are many out there but the one I came across was called “Gemini Keto”. You’ll see the page is set up almost identically to the Keto Pill Scam (because it’s the same people). They immediately try and get you to sign up for 3 bottles for $119.22. They are so gracious that they give you 2 bottles for free. In essence you are getting a TON of glucose and 5 grams total of BHB between those 5 bottles for nearly $120. If that’s what you wanted, you would get more benefit drinking a coca cola and buying a shitty ketone supplement from Walmart and you’d save a TON of money. To be clear, I don’t recommend that at all but that’s essentially what you are getting. 

Lastly, just like the keto pills, they are automatically enrolling people into subscriptions. They don’t tell you that this is going to happen and these people don’t find out until their card gets hits in 30 days for even more money. After some digging, I found out where they hide it–small text within the Terms and Conditions at the very bottom of the page.

Screenshot of keto gummy

It sickens me to see another scam come to light trying to capitalize off of the keto space. With everything from glucose and apple cider-filled gummies to BHB-sprinkled gummies promising you the world, they are ALL a scam. While there are some gummies out there that are low sugar and suitable to eat on a ketogenic diet, gummies that promise you these amazing benefits are all just a complete scam and can leave you worse off. 

Dr. Ryan P. Lowery is the CEO of ketogenic.com, author of The Ketogenic Bible, President of the Applied Science and Performance Institute and KetoPhD™. His mission  is to spread awareness around the Ketogenic Lifestyle and its’ many benefits beyond body composition. He earned his BS and MS in exercise physiology and exercise and nutrition science from the University of Tampa and completed his doctorate work at Concordia University in Health and Human Performance with a focus on “The Effects of a Well-Formulated Ketogenic Diet and Exogenous Ketone Supplementation on Various Markers of Health and Body Composition in Healthy and Diseased Populations.” Over his career, Ryan has published over 150 papers, abstracts, and book chapters on human performance and sports nutrition and has dedicated his life to educating the masses. In his free time, Ryan enjoys spending time with his best friend, Scoot the Keto Pup, jet skiing, and traveling around the world. The way to his heart is through a good glass of wine and Keto desserts.

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