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Keto Starbucks: How to Order Off the Food Menu

  Published on October 25th, 2021
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  Last modified October 25th, 2021
Keto Starbucks

If you follow a ketogenic nutrition plan and you’re a coffee or tea drinker, you have probably searched for the best keto drink options at Starbucks. In fact, the popularity of the topic may lead you to assume that beverages are your only options at the coffee establishment. If you’re looking for breakfast on-the-go or just a quick snack to go along with your morning pick-me-up, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find there are more than 10 keto foods you can order at Starbucks.

Just as you would with any restaurant or take-out establishment, you may have to modify your order to make sure your keto macros fall into place. Since all food options at Starbucks are pre-packaged, this means you may have to alter the dish yourself, but that can be done with little effort.

Of course, there are other alternatives that can be eaten, as is. While some of these items do not have ideal ketogenic macronutrients, these options are still adequate in terms of allowing you to remain in ketosis.

Egg Bites

The bacon and Gruyere egg bites are your best bet with 20 grams of fat and nine grams of carbohydrates. The other egg bite options have a bit less fat with 11 grams of carbohydrates.

While those carb amounts err on the side of slightly high for the keto nutrition plan, it is still possible to stay within your daily macros.

keto starbucks

Breakfast Sandwiches

All Starbucks breakfast sandwiches have between 30 and 40 grams of carbohydrates, but if you take away the outer bread, the carbohydrates will be drastically reduced.

A word of caution—the eggs are made with modified corn starch and milk, while the meats can have added sugar, so assume you are still acquiring (roughly) 10 grams of carbohydrates even though the bread-less modification makes the sandwich appear to have only egg, meat, and cheese.

Lunch Sandwiches

Just like with the breakfast sandwiches, the lunch options can be modified by removing the bread. Keep in mind, this may sound messily impossible, however, you can simply ask for a plate and utensils to make your own knife and fork platter.

keto starbucks

Trays and Boxes

The Creminelli snack tray has prosciutto and sliced Mozzarella, however, some locations include crispy breadsticks in the package so just omit those.

You’ll find an array of other snack boxes which include a variety of items which include keto and non-keto foods—the keto-friendly additions are hard-boiled eggs, cheese, avocado dip, and nuts. Unfortunately, the nut butters found at Starbucks tend to use added sweeteners but check the label just in case your location uses the sugar-free versions. Obvious non-keto items such as apples, dried fruits, and crackers are best to be avoided.

Salads and Bowls

The types of salads found at Starbucks locations vary significantly so it’s a good rule of thumb to check the nutrition labels. For example, with 27 grams of fat and 11 grams of net carbohydrates, the grilled chicken and cauliflower tabbouleh salad is suitable for the keto nutrition plan.

On the other hand, the chicken and quinoa protein bowl with black beans and greens (with 33 grams of net carbohydrates) could derail your keto nutrition plan.

Other Snacks

The following snacks are keto-approved and can be added to any of the above-mentioned Starbucks meals:

·      Squirrel brand classic almonds

·      Rhythm Super Foods kale chips

·      Cheddar moon cheese

·      Babybel mini cheese snack

·      String cheese

·      Guacamole dip.

The beef jerky found at Starbucks has five grams of sugar per serving so it may (or may not) fall into place with your personal keto macros.

keto starbucks

The next time you pop into Starbucks for your keto Frappuccino, you can also grab a bite to eat to get you through your morning. If you don’t see one of your keto-approved favorites above, see the Starbucks food menu for a complete list of offerings. Now that you’re on the ketogenic protocol, you may be surprised to discover the amounts of carbohydrates and sugar in your past go-to items. 

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