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Low Carb Smoothie King: How to Order a Keto Smoothie

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  Published on July 19th, 2021
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  Last modified June 23rd, 2023
Smoothie King does have some lower carb keto options

Why is it that smoothies are seen as a “health food”? After all, most are loaded with added sugar. The average smoothie has 400-500 calories and 20-40g of sugar! Is it even possible to order low-carb at places like Smoothie King? Yes! Here’s a quick guide to how to stay keto at Smoothie King!

What to Avoid At Smoothie King

The most obvious drinks to avoid at Smoothie King include anything with pineapple, mango, orange, or banana. These fruits are high in carbs and even without the added sugar, can kick you out of ketosis.

Avoid The Hulk line at Smoothie King. All of these smoothies have ice cream added and contain around 60-100g of sugar!

Low-Carb Options at Smoothie King

Smoothie King offers 3 different Keto Champ drink options in the flavors berry, chocolate, and coffee.

The Keto Champ Berry smoothie is made from blueberries, raspberries, protein powder, almond butter, almond milk, and cocoa. A 20 oz (the small) has 430 calories, 31g fat, 19g total carbs, 8g of fiber, and 23g of protein. This is a relatively high net carb amount for one meal, totally in at 11g of net carbs. The 32 oz serving has 17g of net carbs, and the 40 oz has 22g. [1]

The Keto Champ Chocolate smoothie is made from almond milk, almond butter, protein powder, cocoa, and stevia. The small (20 oz) serving has 430 calories, 31g fat, 18g total carbs, 5g of fiber, and 25g of protein. The Keto Champ Chocolate smoothie has 13g of net carbs for a small, 19g for a medium, and 27g for a large. [1]

The Keto Champ Coffee smoothie is made from cold brew, almond milk, protein powder, almond butter, and cocoa. The small size contains 420 calories, 31g of fat, 14g total carbs, 5g of fiber, and 24g of protein. The Keto Champ Coffee smoothie has 9g of net carbs for a size small, 15g for a medium, and 19g for a large. [1]

Overall Thoughts on Eating Low-Carb at Smoothie King

It is going to be pretty difficult to stay keto at a place like Smoothie King. The majority of their menu is loaded full of added sugar. The three Keto Champ smoothies are reasonable options but are on the higher-carb side. The smallest ones contain 9-11g of net carbs. Since the average ketogenic dieter consumes less than 20g of carbs a day, this will definitely take up the majority of your carbs for the day. Keep that in mind when visiting smoothie king while following a ketogenic diet!

Try Making Your Own Smoothie At Home!

Craving a smoothie but don’t want to go in-store? Try making a keto smoothie recipe at home! Here are some simple ones to try:

Do You Order Keto or Low-Carb at Smoothie King?

Comment below and share your go-to order with the community!

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All nutrition information from the Smoothie King Website

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