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Shannon aka Blondeandketo Shines with Keto Success!

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  Published on February 20th, 2020
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  Last modified February 25th, 2020
blondeandketo transformation story

Meet Shannon:

IG: @ blondeandketo

Starting Weight: 300 lbs.

Current Weight: 180 lbs.


The Keto Transformation Story of @ blondeandketo:

I started keto because I own a hair salon and tons of clients talked about it. It wasn’t until one day I saw myself so differently and felt my only option was weight loss surgery. I had my mindset on the procedure because I had just given up. A client and friend of mine happened to share her weight loss before and after pic on social media. I asked what she did and her answer was, “Keto.” I started that very next day and it has changed my life.

Keto has given me so many victories! I have been able to stay committed without falling off which was my biggest problem in the past with other diets. I have regained my confidence and sense of self-worth. I also feel free of the weight that held me back from enjoying activities, being active and most of all shining again. I put myself in the shade and hid behind my weight. With keto, that to me is a victory and a non-scale victory!

Keto can come with hurdles! I think the hardest part is the social aspect. Tailgating, events, gatherings at people’s houses and weddings! It can be hard to try and find things to eat on a whim but more often than not, there is always keto options! Eat the cheese, skip the cracker… etc. It’s definitely doable but can be a challenge. I also can’t stress enough that life is too short and in the right moment, treat yourself. I have 3 times in almost 7 months and one of those times lasting a whole 5 days in Nashville. No regrets! You just get back to it.

Ultimately, I would like to be down 40-50 more pounds. That weight is ideal for my body and where I was when I met my fiancé in 2012. I was confident, healthy and happy! Three very important things to me.


What is the best advice you would give someone looking to transform their life on keto?

Make sure to trust the process and don’t give up. There will be days the scale goes up, there will be stalls, there will be temptations and days you fall off, but remember to get back to it. It’s just like riding a bike. You will thank yourself the next day, a week from then and months out. Track what you eat, stay within your macros, vitamins and stay hydrated! Lastly, find Instagram accounts that motivate you, inspire you to be better, and tasty recipes to keep you on track!


What is your favorite part of being keto?

How enjoyable fueling your body can be. The options are endless and the energy you get from this way of eating is incredible.


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