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Keto Fast Food Options When You’re On-The-Go

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  Published on June 10th, 2021
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  Last modified June 16th, 2023
Choosing a keto fast food option

We all know that fast food isn’t the best option when trying to live the healthiest life possible. But, we also know that perfection is unrealistic and there are going to be times where fast food is the only option. If you run into a situation like this while following the keto diet, you may be wondering what the best fast food options are. Let’s break it down! 

Ingredients to Avoid

The most obvious foods that you should avoid at a fast-food restaurant is bread/buns, french fries, fried foods (like chicken tenders), tortillas, rice, desserts, and sodas. But, there are some sneakier foods with hidden carbs. Avoid dipping sauces like sweet ‘n’ sour sauce, BBQ sauce, and even ketchup.

You may think to reach for a salad since salads are healthy, right? Well, most salads & side salads include croutons and high-carb dressings that can kick you out of ketosis! Pay careful attention to the ingredients and what is added in.

Ingredients to Choose

Opt for grilled/non-breaded meats like chicken breast or burgers (without the bun). Choose mustard and mayonnaise (although some do contain soybean oil) over ketchup. Opt for ranch or blue cheese dressing over Italian or French dressing. Stock up on green veggies (if possible) over high-carb veggies like carrots or corn.

Go-To Orders

The bunless burger is a keto classic for a reason. Simply order a burger with no bun. If you’d like ask for it wrapped in lettuce or ask for lettuce on the side to create your own lettuce bun.

Avoid ketchup, but feel free to add mustard. Pickles, cheese, and bacon can all be added to create a tasty and satisfying on-the-go keto meal.

If you aren’t a fan of beef or you are trying to cut calories, try ordering the same meal as above, only with grilled chicken instead! Grilled chicken will pack even more protein, but is leaner than beef so it’ll have fewer calories.

Naked (non-breaded) wings are another great option! Make sure to order a sauce like buffalo or parmesan garlic and avoid sauces like sweet Thai chili or BBQ. You can enjoy your wings with a side of blue cheese or ranch dressing and celery, but stay away from the carrot sticks!

Fast Food Restaurant-Specific Keto Options

We’ve created several articles on what to order at different fast food restaurants if you are trying to stay in ketosis. Here are the best keto options at each of these common fast food restaurants.

What Are Your Favorite Keto Options When Eating Fast Food?

Do you go for a bunless burger or maybe grilled chicken nuggets? Comment below and share your thoughts with the community!

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