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Staying Keto With Non-Keto Family: Tips and Tricks

  Published on April 17th, 2020
  Reading time: 2 minutes
  Last modified April 19th, 2021

Following the ketogenic diet can be tough for carb-lovers. Dramatically reducing your carb intake can really challenge you. When you are surrounded by family, friends, or any kind of community, it can make sticking to your diet a little bit easier. The opposite is also true. It can be extremely difficult to find success on the keto diet with a non-keto family. Here are some tips to stay on track in a keto-resistant household.

Tips to Staying Keto With a Non-Keto Family

1) Swap Regular Pasta for Vegetable Pasta

Pasta is a staple in so many recipes. Most kids and families love foods like spaghetti, mac n cheese, and fettuccine alfredo, so what should you do when your non-keto family wants one of these dishes, but you don’t want to indulge? Simply swap out the carb-heavy pasta for veggie pasta. You can make your own pasta by spiralizing zucchini, or picking up pre-packed vegetable pasta from the grocery store.

2) Swap Sugar for a Keto-Friendly Sweetener

Next time you want to make a sweet treat, skip the sugar and try one of these keto-friendly sweeteners instead:

3) Swap Traditional Flour for Keto-Friendly Flours

All-purpose flour is highly-processed and packed full of carbohydrates. Next time you plan to cook up a recipe that calls for flour, reach for a keto-friendly flour alternative. The following are examples of low-carb flours you can replace traditional flour with:

4) Have Delicious Keto Recipes Readily Available

If you are trying to stay keto in a non-keto household, having delicious recipes in your back pocket can be extremely helpful. Here are some of our favorite keto recipes that the whole family will enjoy and no one will suspect they are keto:


non-keto household

How Do You Stay Keto in a Non-Keto Household?

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