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What To Do If You Are a Victim of a Keto Scam: Steps to Getting Your Money Back from Shark Tank Keto Pills

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  Published on July 22nd, 2020
  Reading time: 4 minutes
  Last modified February 4th, 2023
keto scam

While we have released several articles and videos addressing the “Shark Tank” keto pill scam, we still receive hundreds of comments and DMs from individuals who were not lucky enough to see our information before they bought the pills and are now wondering what they can do.  People are losing hundreds of dollars with this scam and if you are reading this article right now, chances are, you are one of them.  Below are some steps you can take.

First off, don’t feel bad. You are one of the thousands (if not more) who have been a victim of this scam.  This company built fake credibility by lying and saying they were the first keto diet pills on Shark Tank, creating fake ads with celebrities who never endorsed their products, and flooding social media with grandiose before and after photos of people who have never taken their product.  

Some of the scams offer a BOGO deal in which you get a “great deal” with 2 bottles of pills while others allow a “FREE” trial that inevitably ends up charging you 2-4 weeks later. When we recently called their customer support they said that there is a “small clause” that informs people that this is a monthly subscription until they cancel it.  In reality, there is no transparency and again, if you are reading this article, chances are you have already realized this situation sounds exactly like the one you are in. You’ve probably charged anywhere from $89 to $399 and have no idea what to do. 

So, What Should You Do If You Were A Victim Of This Keto Scam?

There are a few steps you should take if you were a victim of this keto scam. 

Step 1: Call their customer support and ask them to cancel all charges immediately and ask for a refund.  Chances are they will do everything possible to avoid giving you a refund and make you pay to ship, etc to send them back the bottle. 

Step 2: Regardless of the outcome of Step #1, call your bank or credit card company IMMEDIATELY and tell them it was a fraudulent charge.  

Step 3: Cancel your credit card and ask your credit card company to send you a new card.  

Step 4: Continue to monitor your bank or credit card statements. We have received hundreds of anecdotes from victims of this scam explaining they were charges hundreds of dollars repeatedly. Monitor activity closely to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Step 5: Report the company to the better business bureau. You can fill out a complaint here (https://www.bbb.org/consumer-complaints/file-a-complaint/get-started).  As explained in our first two articles (Keto Scam on Shark Tank and Instagram and Shark Tank Keto Diet Pills Scam) this company keeps changing its name and product names. Every time you refresh the page these keto diet pills have a new name and it just helps perpetuate the scam. We must keep reporting every single new name they come up with. A few examples of names we have seen include:

  • Ultra Rapid Max Keto
  • Purefit Keto
  • Keto Burn and Keto Burn Xtreme
  • Ultra Fast Keto Boost
  • Keto Advance
  • Keto Slim Rx
  • Keto Pure
  • Keto Boost Slim
  • Keto Ultra
  • Ultra Keto Slim
  • Keto Advanced Weight Loss Pills
  • Keto Max Burn

Step 6: Spread the word! Share these articles and videos to help educate as many people as possible so they don’t fall for this keto scam as well! If we all work together, we have a better chance of shutting this keto diet pill company down.  Also, report fake Instagram and Facebook pages that are promoting these pills and fake images.  Some of the common Instagram names to look for are:

  • Sarah Nutrition
  • Sarah.Stanford
  • Jessica Reed
  • Variations of the two names with additional “.” and letters

Step 7:  Reach out to us! We are so sorry to hear that you were a victim of this keto scam. We’d love to help you in any way possible not only with this issue but also help you get to your goals by actually doing something effective to initiate ketosis. 

Shoot us an email at yourfriends@ketogenic.com and we will do our best to help answer your questions for you and get you started on the right track.

Additional Resources and More Information

For more detailed information, check out our previous 4 videos and articles in this Shark Tank Keto Pills Scam:

Were You A Victim of This Shark Tank Keto Diet Pill Scam?

Comment below and share your story! If you were scammed by a company that we did not mention, please comment it below so that we can add it to our list and potentially help prevent more people from falling for this keto scam. 

At ketogenic.com, we are committed to supporting, inspiring, and educating people on the benefits of living a ketogenic lifestyle. We do this by bringing together the top researchers, practitioners, and thought-leaders who provide resources, experience, and awareness associated around the Ketogenic diet. Utilizing the latest cutting-edge research along with practical experience, the team at ketogenic.com aims to foster awareness, understanding, and connectedness in helping others optimize their life on a ketogenic diet.


  1. Rachel shaw says:

    Ive already disputed three charges. I will cancel my card.
    Thank you!

    1. Nancy says:

      I can no longer find the Ph# for KetoAdvantage
      KetoBurn Shark Tank
      endorsed Has not been delivered yet Want to cancel and get full refund if a Scam

    2. Karen says:

      I an having loads problems and they keep trying to take my money

    3. Hannah Pauley says:

      Hello!! I was recently looking into the shark tank Keri pills, ended up buying the “one shot keto” bottle and thought I was buying just 2, ended up charging me for five. Is the one shot keto part of the scam as well?

    4. Janis Bennett says:

      Pharma Labs Keto did the same thing. I just noticed today.

    5. Me Bolden says:

      I have been disputing my situation since November 2020 never received my refund now it’s like your number is blocked in there system any help please!!!!

    6. Margaret says:

      Your going to have to SHUT ACCOUNT DOWN AND START A NEW ONE Unfortunately I just got off a bank call I’ve been going through this every other two months this is a headache I hope they shut all of this down. New names they just keep coming I don’t even know how they got my account information wow!!

    7. Monica Jolly says:

      I ordered keto pills from max thrive keto. I have no way to contact them, they don’t even have a website or phone number, the emails from the confirmations to my order are bogus emails. What do I do?

    8. Waterfield Regina says:

      I sent my bottles back unopened saying I would get a refund – it’s been weeks and no refund they got their product back and never refund money I’m out $199

    9. Amy Watts says:

      What’s the customer service number?

    10. Sandra Simpson says:

      I thought I was placing an order for 1 bottle it has come up at 5 bottles costing £198 .00 what should I do

    11. Aimee Aristotelous says:

      Hi Sandra–you may want to contact your credit card company immediately and dispute the order.

    12. Bonnie Croasmun says:

      SCAM SCAM Be Careful. I was charged 199.88 for 5 bottles of KETOF1 and showed up on bank statement. 2-28-2022 Received 3-2-2022 Tried to return before 30 days but no contact. On 3-29-2022 charged my credit card another $199.88. Called and said I did not cancel in 30 days. Why would you need 5 more bottles that last 30 days each. I disputed at my bank and canceled credit card so they will not be able to charge any more. Not received 2nd shipment. but said would give me $70.00 to return them when they come and sending me return ticket. SCAM SCAM. Does not do anything for appetite. 2nd charge at bank shows F1Keto compared to first Ketof1. Bank did not match until showed them both charges. This just causes less trust to order online. Safer with AMAZON and these same pills on AMAZON for less money and return policy as well and no membership cancellation. Just get 1 bottle if determined to try. They do not do anything for your system.

    13. Tina says:

      I cancelled this order immediately after ordering
      They wouldn’t refund anything and they sent me 5 more bottles than ordered and charged me for them. Also sent me a bottle I never even ordered
      This is a big scam and have been on phone numerous times with these idiots /

    14. Tabatha says:

      I actually am really glad that my bank puts a hold on transactions like this. I fell victim to this scam. I called the company and MADE them cancel my order! I wouldn’t let her talk. Just kept interrupting her and told her absolutely that I need my money back

    15. James Wiley says:

      Yes I was scammed for 193.00 dollars plus the 39.95 and now they have change the number and operation hours

    16. Paula Owens says:

      I do not want this I keep calling this number they will not answer

    17. Jackie says:

      My Mom is heading injured senior, she has been scammed by 2 companies Top One Keto and Power Keto. I don’t know what to do, I have tried to find numbers to contact Top One and they are being nasty. The other one I cannot find a number for, I reached out to what I thought was correct and they are saying no. She asked for return label and to cancel they never sent one and now they are playing past 30 days and refusing to give money back. We have the bank stopping anymore payments and got new bank card but bank is saying they can’t get money back bc didn’t return. She lives on disability and senior so not much at all, these 2 places took almost entire check. She has bad habit of scrolling, clicking on things and just giving her account information. She isn’t capable to comprehend she can’t do that, no matter how many times me or bank tell her. I called Attorney General and they are useless in help, no surprise sadly. Can you offer any assistance? Thank you, Jackie jne1973@yahoo.com

    18. Roman says:

      I called and canceled my keto within the 14 days they give you and I actually thank goodness which bank accounts and close my card and so when now they keep calling me and asking for $89 which they said the first two free bottles were free and after that I would get charged but I never got any more bottles for the monthly subscription so they’re still trying to charge me without me even getting anything so I told them I’m not paying it because I already called and canceled and they said we don’t have a recording of it I’m like well that’s not my fault then cancel it now too because I don’t have any of your products anyway so and then she tried to scare me by saying well because of that we’re going to send you more on Monday and you’re going to have to pay for it and I’m like no I won’t I’ll just say I’ll just send it return to sender because you don’t have nothing what are you going to send me a bill with no product that’s been sent back to you so they’re harassing me that they’re going to send me the keto diet either way and try to charge me by billing me for every box they send me which I said already I’ve already called and canceled within the time you guys giving me and it’s not my fault you guys keep changing companies that you guys can’t keep your records straight and plus my card account is closed so I never got anything else so the two free bottles you guys sent me and I paid for the shipping for you guys got the money for that I never got anything else for your little subscription that I already told you I did not want within the 14 day period when I first got your free trial so they just keep trying to say well we’re going to continue sending them to you then and I’m like you’re just going to get a return to sender and you’re not going to be able to charge me and I told him that I can sue them for harassment next time I’m also going to add I’m calling the BBB and they just kept pushing saying well we’re just going to send it to you anyway I’m like do what you want but I already told you since you and then they said it’s recorded line anyway I’m like well they can hear and record a line that I’ve called and canceled in the right time in minimum time you give you after you receive your free trial bottles and they said we don’t have that on record I’m like well that’s not my fault that you guys can’t keep records and they’re trying to ask me then when did you call I’m like I don’t keep records for that I just know that I never received any more of your monthly subscriptions but you’re still trying to charge me for him and so I canceled and right now since I still don’t have any of your monthly subscriptions then cancel it now too then so either way I don’t know you anything because I didn’t receive anything else except the two free bottles but they kept trying to make me say I owe $89 which I said I am not paying because I didn’t receive any of your monthly subscription and I canceled it way before that

    19. Nicole Wickware says:

      Hello my wife was scammed also and she has not gotten her money back I also filed a complaint with the BBB and they said they couldn’t help us because the business was not found or something like that saying the entity can not be found so they closed our complaint! So any help we can receive would be greatly appreciated we are on fixed income and my spouse not knowing got scammed because she seen the Keto lose weight pills and watched shark tank and was excited to start a weight lose progress. Unfortunately we lost a lot of money and need help getting it back please

    20. Faye Pittman says:

      I just got a shipment of 5 bottles of GoKeto “The World’s Greatest Diet Gummies”. They called me and said I would need what they call “Keto Burn”. Take one gummie in the day and Keto Burn before I go to bed. Is this another scam.

    21. Bonnie Gudino says:

      I’m not alone on this. I never heard of this product nor did I ever order it. I’m on disability and live on a small disability check. I don’t know how they got my information. I called my bank and reported it. I don’t have a computer so I have a hard time keeping up with what is coming out of my account. I looked into it and they said that it showed that I received the product and that I was lieing and trying to scam them. So by the time I realized what was happening my bills weren’t getting paid because of the money that they kept taking. 3 were 199.88 each and 1 for either 199.88 or 59.88. The bank said that they couldn’t get my money back because it was a debit transaction. So I canceled my credit card and the bank knows that they are a scam company. The customer service representative told me that they could only give me a refund if I return the unopened package. Which I kept telling them that I didn’t have the stuff. They were sending it to my old address that I haven’t lived there for 8 months now. After 2 post offices and customer service representative and friends and neighbors I found the missing packages. I’m trying to mail it back but the only address I can find is the fulfillment center posts box 7000 Smyrna Tennessee 37167. I don’t dare open the packaging because they won’t except it. Does anyone have any advice on how to go about getting my money back? I live in a small farming town and don’t have computer’s to help me figure this out. Thank you
      Bonnie Gudino

    22. Bonnie Gudino says:

      I’m not alone on this. I never heard of this product nor did I ever order it. I’m on disability and live on a small disability check. I don’t know how they got my information. I called my bank and reported it. I don’t have a computer so I have a hard time keeping up with what is coming out of my account. I looked into it and they said that it showed that I received the product and that I was lieing and trying to scam them. So by the time I realized what was happening my bills weren’t getting paid because of the money that they kept taking. 3 were 199.88 each and 1 for either 199.88 or 59.88. The bank said that they couldn’t get my money back because it was a debit transaction. So I canceled my credit card and the bank knows that they are a scam company. The customer service representative told me that they could only give me a refund if I return the unopened package. Which I kept telling them that I didn’t have the stuff. They were sending it to my old address that I haven’t lived there for 8 months now. After 2 post offices and customer service representative and friends and neighbors I found the missing packages. I’m trying to mail it back but the only address I can find is the fulfillment center posts box 7000 Smyrna Tennessee 37167. I don’t dare open the packaging because they won’t except it. Does anyone have any advice on how to go about getting my money back? I live in a small farming town and don’t have computer’s to help me figure this out. Thank you

    23. Diana says:

      This is crazy. Can we start a law suit! I missed paying bills over this

    24. Diana says:

      Adding keto f1

    25. Sydney says:

      How do you call them? I cancelled my card through my bank but I can’t find an email or a phone number for the company.

    26. greg stevens says:

      this is for every victim, what we should do is initiate a class action law suit against this company,
      simply put, how many of you would join this class action, this company mails its pills out of las vegas, nv, in order to do that, they must be registered not only in las vegas, but nevada as well.

    27. Carole Drisdell says:

      I was a victim of the keto scam. Thank you for the suggested steps. I cancelled my credit card, got a refund, + reported to Better Business Bureau. I am so appreciative for your help! Thank you. You saved me $378.00!

    28. Bailey says:

      Anyone heard of fire feel keto and now claiming they are keto company.
      I placed an order in July of 2019 and got additional charges in august 2019. I cancelled everything and thought I was done with this. Last week I received a call from keto company-Kim Lopez, and demanded I give my credit card number over the phone to her. I didn’t but she keeps calling me from multiple un traceable numbers. She left a message now stating she was going to charge me for the pending 20 charges/orders cuz my cancellation never was processed in 2019. She stated these charges would total to $6000.00. I don’t know what to do. I’m Afraid to give my card information but I’m afraid if being sued/billed $6000.00. HELP!!

    29. Wendy Kennedy says:

      I have called since the 1st shipment arrived telling them to cancel immediately I’ve since received 2 more shipments and my credit card continues to be charged. I have called and called and now the number I originally called is no longer a working number and just rings!

    30. Julie says:

      This no. Is trying to tell me I owe $220 for 2 bootle and my back order is waiting to ship. Their no. 1-888-593-4481
      If your card has been replaced or your purchase is over a year old, don’t let them use their scare tactic and tell you it will affect your credit rating. They still try to get my credit card but they are a scam! If you challenge you saying you have an outstanding balance and the company will send you to them whom they state are their billing company. This is pshing!!! Agh!!!

    31. lisa howard says:

      has anyone had a problem with via-keto apple gummies?

    32. Marizaan says:

      I was scamed to deducted R3763.41 now they don’t answer their mails. Canceled my card I want my money back

    33. Linzey Chaffin says:

      I bought this junk which didn’t work in Nov. $198.78 and January they charged me another $198.78 for an order I didn’t order,called my credit card company and they cancelled it.
      Linzey Chaffin

    34. Louie Garcia says:

      Divine labs took 259 plus 99. We were shipped the 99$ purchase. Now they refuse to send the product for 259 saying we must coordinate with our bank. No product no refund no dice.

    35. NOT HAPPY About the LIES of KETO ? says:

      I’ve had to cancel 2 cards because they were linked by Venmo and I’ve lost over $500. I called about 10 mins after I placed my order bc I changed my mind. Something didn’t feel right. well that was an understatement. They charged me 4 times and I only received one bottle I jumped thru all the hoops to do the “return” process and I’m still dealing with this f*cked up company. I’ve lost my mind dealing with these A-holes. I pray that karma bites them in the ass and curses be to all their families….

    36. Kim buonato says:

      I was scammed by Go-Keto Gummies. They r still advertising but the customer service number is a talent agency in California. I canceled my card. I hope I get my $400 back?

    37. Bill says:

      You should all watch your credit card statement for a $12.49 charge from Challenge Body Mind.They are scammers and either got my credit card number from KETO +ACV or they’re working together. Once the $12.49 transaction is approved, they start selling your card number on the Back Market. I’ve cancelled my credit card and filed a complaint.

    38. Dramaqween says:

      I sent boxes back over a year ago. They told me three different times that they would refund me my $400. I never was compensated for that amount or any amount whatsoever. I told them not to send me any more boxes over a year ago and they kept charging me. So I changed my credit to a new one. I stopped receiving boxes until a few weeks ago and they sent me another box. now suddenly my credit card pops up as blacklisted and I am unable to even charge my amazon account. I called Transunion and Experian and they both said that they couldn’t see any blockage of my card. I cant even use my credit card to buy food at the market!!! I want to start a class action lawsuit against them because there has been so many people especially seniors that have been ripped off by these crooks!!!

    39. Helen says:

      I purchased this product once but got charged my credit card three times after the initial purchase.
      I only realized yesterday that I was charged when my credit card sent me a fraud alert, so I canceled my credit card.
      Then I received an email today from EZ-Burn Keto say they are sending my information to fraud department if I do not authorize them to take my money within 3 hours. When I tried to reply to that email, the email address was not deliverable.
      I had to google the name to find a customer service number to speak to an agent. I was surprised to hear that I was signed up for continuous subscription. I have never signed up for any subscription. I clearly declined any subscription.
      The guy refused to refund me back the charges USD $199 x 3.
      He asked me to mail the pills back when I receive them, so they will give me a refund.
      Can someone send them to jail? Customers can file a class lawsuit against them.

  2. Wallace Robinson says:

    I fell victim to this company July 30. On their website I ordered 2 bottles of pills that was going to cost about $58.00. When I placed the order, they congratulated me for ordering and it would be sent right away. I looked for a window showing my receipt or confirmation of what I ordered and for how much. Didn’t find one. Next day, July 31, charges pending to my account $301.00 (CDN.). I phoned the company but calls could not be taken as it was too busy but they directed me to a customer service site for them which I felt was totally not representing any particular company. The person was courteous but in no way could anything be done about this “mistake”. Could not be undone. I called the bank. They could not cancel charges pending. It had to go on the account, then they would look at it. I hold the banks responsible as I am sure they have a pattern of scam charges that are disputed every month. I was going to cancel the credit card, but pending charges would still go on the account. I will contact them Aug. 4 to follow up on this scam. I thought by refusing delivery. My thinking is that if I accept delivery it will be construed as a legitimate purchase whereas it is not what I ordered.

    1. Reg Lauzon says:

      Those people are vultures. They know every trick on how to screw people.

    2. Sandra says:

      This is exactly what happened to me something needs to be done

    3. sally S johnston says:

      I had the very same experience with MAX KETO. I ordered free vitamins. They sent me five for 198. I called and they wouldn’t cancel. They said send the pills back. I did and I never got a refund. They actually sent me more pills. SO I am now out nearly 400 dollars. HOw do you get in touch with these criminals? I can’t find a phone number.

  3. Kim Pelchat says:

    I just received a package deal of buy two get two and I was shocked when my charge came of my bank of $260.00 ! Called the people and asked why it cost that amount when the ad said buy 2 for $45 ea. Get 2 free ? They gave me this big story and I fell for it ! The name on the bottle is Keto Diet, Keto Max 800 Premium Weight Loss ! Is this a scam product ? I’ll keep an eye on my bank and I’ll let them know about this because the money came out in June 27th. And It didn’t get here till yesterday august 5th ! I did speak to someone at this company and noticed I was being charged for a VIP credit and told them I don’t want that and they said there will be no other charges and take me off the VIP … when I thought I was being scammed I did sent them a email and told them I spoke with my bank and they won’t allow any charges to come out from their company HCH…how do I get the real keto product ? Thank for ur time and I hope I here from u soon and I hope this too isn’t a scam ?

    1. Tracey caine says:

      I just fell for a similar scam orders from Instagram on a whim thinking one bottle !! Saw my charge of $307 ! called finally got through went on with same crap of get one order three for less blah blah then he said he would rebate me half the price to my email never happened I started looking at reviews of the pills three weeks later even though haven’t received yet , and saw scam about it I checked my bank statement online again and I was charged that same day agin for $260 !!!! I just called my bank company about it
      Have to speak to special department tomorrow (it’s Sunday ) she gave me two numbers to try and call for the company that charged me of course just goes to failed call .. so mad

    2. Blu says:

      Is keto gt one of these scams? I was just charged 199 again and didn’t purchase these pills again. Please help my account is negative because of this!

  4. Mary Tisdale says:

    What can you do if you have no company name only a address. The phone number doesn’t even work anymore. Have no way of contacting them. Nothing’s working. I was ripped. $226.oo.

    1. Shawn says:

      I was also duped by this scam. They make it difficult to contact them. Does anyone have a good number for them?

  5. VICKIE OAKLEY says:

    Hi! I ordered these weight loss pills also. I have Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 3, and the doctor has encouraged me to lose much needed weight. I gained more weight since being homebound because of the virus. I am usually a little more active. The pills arrived, and so did my bank statements. I had 5 charges. The following is the name, phone# and the amount charged on my bank statement. I didn’t see any of these on your list. Homirew*Homiretrim* 8885109382 4.97, CHS Serenity Health 8336430501 1.99, CHS Radiant Health 5226600656 34.95, CHS LOTUS Health F 8556693157 99.49, CHS Serenity Health 8336430501 9.99. On Aug 20, I called the numbers and got 2 male representatives to answer. Some numbers were no good or no answer. One male did not speak very plain English and we could not communicate very well, and there was no one else to speak with. The second male was easy to speak with and seemed very helpful. He looked at all the accounts, and cancelled the accounts so no more money would be withdrawn from my bank account. On August 24th, 2020, $45.88 was withdrew by GetMusicalSlim 8004905016. I have called them. She told me, that this was a separate account and that this one was not cancelled. I had emails confirming the cancellations, but she said those were not her company numbers. I did cancel this one, got another email, but she would not refund my money.

    1. Desmyn Owens says:

      I reported to my bank as fraudulent. Got the money back. And now here it is 6 months later and my bank said the company provided proof that I agreed to the outrageous amount so there is nothing they can do smh. Ridiculous.

    2. Connie willinson says:

      I ordered two bottles and was charged for 5 I called and was told they would let me have the 4 bottles for 130 and she would credit my account 70 dollars two weeks later and no refund in my account terrible how people can steal from other had to cancel my debit card just to make sure they don’t take any more out of my account

    3. angry says:

      I attempted to order 1 bottle next thing I knew there were 6 and I was charged 244.00 I called immediately to let them know this was wrong and to cancel it I was disconnected. I called a total of 11 times and sent 9 emails letting them know they did not have authorization to charge my card, and that this was a fraudulent charge and to cancel it immediately. They continued to give me the 90 day or 60 day refund policy, one person said 30 day, I told them that it had literally been 2 minutes no way this order should be processed and sent and it needs to be canceled. She referred me to the “financial department” which is a fraud. then I was referred to the “help” email which is also a fraud. they continued to claim there is a return policy you have to use them and if you can prove they did not work for you then return them. I said again, cancel this order right now and do not charge my card. They charged my card 3 days later. I am still arguing with them and I did report it to my credit union

  6. VICKIE OAKLEY says:

    I ordered the Keto diet pills too. I was charged 6 times on my banking account, all in different names. I was able to contact 2 of the phone numbers and have 2 emails sent to me confirming a cancellation, however in August, the 6th charge showed up. This was under a sixth name and number. The female told me that the other confirmation numbers were not their numbers and this was for one of the other Keto Super Fast. I told her I wanted the money back, she denied the request. Her company name was GetMusicalSlim 8004905016. The others and their phone numbers CHS Serinity Health 8336430501, CHS LOTUS Health F 8556693157, CHS Radiant Health 8556600656, CHS Serenity Health 8336430501, Homirew*Homiretrim 8885109382.


    I, too, fell for the FREE SAMPLE! STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!! I discovered the pending charges today. I locked my credit card and will order a new one. The most they will steal from me is $99.82 plus $99.84. DAMN! I know better!! Now, I have no receipt or company name to call and cancel. My free sample came from a shipping company called: Ship Corner, 2810 E HILLSBOROUGH AVE 11518, TAMPA, FLORIDA 33610
    . The name on my bottles were COMPLETE KETO and COMPLETE DETOX.
    Stupid, STUPID!!!

    1. Tat says:

      This is the one that got me. It’s been a long time but I think I managed to dig up a number if I’m recalling right. First girl hung up on me. I called again and threatened better business bureau if they didn’t refund me. Pretty certain they did. Hope you had success too.

    2. Joleane says:

      They got me and said they will send a e-check, which they have not.

  8. Linda Winroth says:

    I tried to cancel an order ( of what I thought was 1 bottle ) they took out of my debit card for 5 bottles . I am retired & living on a fixed income I can’t afford this . I called them immediately to cancel & get a refund . I was told to wait until package arrives & then call back for mailing label , to get my refund .I would cancel my card to prevent anymore charges but then how would I get my refund back ?

    1. Lorrie says:

      I ordered 4 bottles from this company. I received a call the next day saying I needed to order the “booster” because the Keto does not work as well by itself???? I ordered the booster because I wanted the Keto to work properly. These products caused severe and sharp abdominal pain so I had to stop taking them! I called the company who said I could not return them for 90 days and they would send me an email at the end of the 90 days (credit card companies only give 60 days to dispute a charge, this assures them they will get paid, I guess). I never received the email. I did call them after the 90 day period and was told they would “graciously” allow me to return the product anyway since it was their fault I did not get the email. I give them credit for that anyway. After I returned the product, I waited the appropriate amount of time (7-10 days) and called them. I had to verify how many unopened bottles I was returning!! What is the point in providing a return number and address if the customer has to verify the number of bottles returned!! This is really fishy to me. I hope I get my money back, but at this point, I am doubtful. DON’T ORDER FROM THEM–IT’S A SCAM.

    2. Maureen says:

      Were you able to get a return shipping label?

  9. Nancy Purdom says:

    I, too, fell for the Keto pill scam. I told my daughter what I had ordered and she told me that it was a scam. I called my bank and cancelled my card, they issued me a new one. I tried to cancel the order but allI I get is a busy signal. The name on the bottle is Limitless Keto Trim, phone #8443846457. I ordered 2 bottles for $104.98, I rec’d one bottle today, tried to call again and cancel the balance, there again nothing but busy.

    1. Jo Roy says:

      I just found out that my retired/ disabled veteran husband opened an email and ordered this product without my knowledge. Unfortunately they hit his debit card 4 times for a total of $625.37 over a 2 week period of time. I’ve canceled the card and although I’m going to try, I’m sure we will never see that money again.

    2. Anne says:

      I was charged again after ordering 2 bottles which turned into 5! I thought well I’ll be losing weight… now i know why I have lost None! The pills don’t do anything! I finally stopped taking them. This is SUCH A LAME SCAM and they should be thrown in jail!! Finding comfort I’m not the only one but that’s sad. Really what does the BBB do against them except blacklist the co.? Who can shut these people down?

  10. DONALD RIOUX says:

    After reading a few posts on this site I realise how I too have been scammed by the keto add on facebook endorsed by shark tank. I have locked my credit card and I think I will cancel it just in case the charges continue even if its locked. These scammers low lifes have no respect for human life and they should be charged by law.

    1. Donna Seavy says:

      I placed an order for 3 bottles of keto blast, the price they offered was 29.99. I never received the bottles, but I received my credit card statement today and have a charge on it for 258.77. I will call my bank tomorrow an protest the charge and cancel the card. I can only hope that helps.

  11. Katrina webb says:

    Do you have a ph number for the company that sells the advanced keto pills? Tis

    1. Carla says:

      It is fake I ordered a sample pack all I was to do pay shipping 12.97 get my banking account and they changed me over $200.00. Phone number was a fake number.

  12. Angela Hanna says:

    Hi! My name is Angela Last Febuary I wanted to try Keto I asked for 1 bottle. They sent me 5 bottles and charged my credit card 200.00. I sent it back unopened. They recieved it. They never took it off my card.

    1. Linda says:

      Hi Angela – How did you know where to send the pills back to? And did they stop charging your credit card? I’m in to this so-called company $400.00, they have to be stopped.

  13. Ronald Ingles says:

    It happened to me to and so I called there number and ask how much I was charged and she said$4.95 but I didn’t call back in time so now my Bill is$94.94. I didn’t know this until the fraud department from my bank sent me a text then I put 2 and 2 together I ordered from cs@trydynamizeketo.com but the name that made the charge was Excellent body solutions…. the end, WOW.

  14. Koopa says:

    I fell for the free trial. I looked for the clause about future charges, but didn’t see one. I paid with a $10.00 gift card to ensure they can’t continue charging me…just in case

  15. Saffron says:

    Is the Keto Premiere a scam as well?

  16. Dawn says:

    There is another name to add to the list of keto scam names as I have just been duped out of £169 total when in reality was told it would only be £53 on a BOGOF offer. To add insult to injury I was then charged automatically for a keto cleansing bottle for £50 again not agreed to . No mention of subscriptions when placing the order either but am led to believe by my bank when I spoke to them that they will keep trying to take payments ! I have spoke to my bank who have put a block on any further transactions via their details provided and ordered a replacement card but even then they can still try to take under a different name? Please add Try Keto Health to your list to hopefully advise others not to purchase anything from them in future. !!?? I have emailed the company upon receiving an invoice stating I did not agree and request a cancellation and refund but don’t hold out much hope and once the payment debits I will then raise as a dispute to try to start proceedings to claim back

  17. brittany clement says:


  18. Nataleigh Felder says:

    I bought these ‘Keto you’ pills from a website called tryketoyou.com and they were only 6 dollars so that’s why i picked them. WAS A TOTAL MISTAKE, i only had about .23 cents in my account for like 3 months because i always use cash and as soon as i got my tax return money all off it was charged to ‘keto detox’. I immediately called my bank and had them file it as fraud and had to cancel my card, hopefully i get my money back!!

  19. Nora koeder says:

    There is a couple of people answering to phone for customer service.i was over charged so thug pretender to put my money back on my card after getting all my info.theg took all my money out of my account.going to file a police report tomorrow

  20. Sammie Pawelski says:

    I am a victim as well. I cannot find the customer support to call and get my refund back. I don’t what else to do.

  21. Pam Hellmann says:

    There is no one to call and no one replies to the messages. Said full refund! Out $200.00.!!!

  22. BL Noble says:

    I was so excited. I have been heavy all my life. I’m up to 300 lbs now. I don’t eat any more than any one else. I have to have both knees replaced and the doctor won’t do because I’m too heavy. I have fibromyalgia as well and can barely walk. I thought this was the answer. I took them for over 2 months and NO RESULTS. I really just want to cry. The financial pat has been taken care of. My bank contacted me first. I told they charged me way more than they should have. They returned the charges and closed out my account. SHAME ON THEM, THEY TOOK ADVANTAGE OF PEOPLE THAT REALLY NEEDED THIER HEL0.

  23. Adriana C says:

    They just got me as well ! Thank you! let’s spread the word and help others to do not fell for this awful people ! America was funded in trust . those people are ruining this country ! Sad !!

  24. BOB PLANT says:

    In September 2020 I fell for the ketogenic pill scam receiving 2 pots of pills free, although I only ordered 1, but having to pay for the postage which was about £9. Some 2 weeks later I was billed £90 for each pot but fortunately I had not opened them because they came while I was on holiday so I was able to return them and cancel receiving anymore although I had to pay for postage and Insurance.
    Yesterday I was checking my bank accounts and found that a payment on my credit card of £83.23p to a company called TRYKETOFITEX although it has been several months since I have had any contact with them. I immediately contacted my bank to block this company but I can see they keep changing their name so it looks like I shall have to get a new credit card.

    1. Jessica says:

      I want to start a class action law suit against these people. Would you be willing to join the cause this scam has to be shut down.

  25. E says:

    I was also a victim of the keto scam. I did what others did and called to get a return after seeing an additional $120 charged to my card. They wouldn’t budge and only gave me a 50% return. I really need the rest though. But they won’t give me a 100% refund. What do I do now?

  26. Catherine says:

    I ordered months ago and they still keep charging me even though I only bought for one time only. Do you know the number for their customer service?

  27. Barb says:

    The person on the other end of the phone at Customer Support said he would transfer me to the proper person to get this taken care of – all it did was hang up on me.

    I guess they have really poor customer support here!!!

  28. Cathy says:

    Ordered 1 bottle of Keto $6.89, was very careful not to order any additional promotions. I received an order confirmation email from care@buyidealscience.com for just the one bottle. The security details on the email stated mailed by sendgrid.net . Weeks later I Received 2 bottles in mail. one says Ideal Science Keto Ketosis support blend and the other, which I did not order says Ideal science cleanse Internal detox blend . I went to look up the ingredients online and discovered the scam. Soon after I received cc statement and discovered the additional charges. The one charge I authorized in early April appeared on statement as Novacare keto and listed phone number of merchant at 888-565-2157 LA. Additional charges appeared on my statement for Nova care detox for $6.77 for same as first order and then two additional charges appeared 3 weeks later for 89.77 & 89.89. I cancelled my card immediately as soon as I saw the additional charges and my cc card company told me to contact merchant directly, that they could not dispute yet bc I had authorized one of the four charges. I contacted merchant # listed and spoke with “Oscar” who said he was unable to locate my account with my email, phone or cc info and apologized saying they are having difficulty locating peoples accounts. I called my cc card company back and told them what the “merchant ” told me and they agreed to process a fraud claim.

    1. Deloeis says:

      I ordered 2 bottles got 6 ! Cost $ 260.00 , out of my account . They came with no return address no way to contact them !!

  29. Sarah Johnston says:

    I tried to cancel and get a refund and was told they would cancel but I would only be recieving $66.35 of the $238.00 that they charged me

    1. Jessica says:

      Hi Sarah I want to get a class action lawsuit started. Would you be willing to help

  30. Eileen Hernandez says:

    Pharmalite XS Keto is a fraud. They took $200.00 from my bank account without authorization from me. Please do not give them any information at all. I have already notified my bank not to process the two transactions. E

  31. Angels Barrow says:

    Adding 2 names…keto go and keto 1500

  32. Brenda Barth says:

    I just received Keto and mango cleanse. Free w/$5.99 shipping. It is not the same that was advertised. Also The keto bottle plastic ring was broken, no safety seal and 54 pills in bottle (should be 60). I have never been a victim of a scam, thought this one was okay…..it was on shark tank and they backed them. Afraid of what comes next.

  33. Linda Lorene Osborne says:

    My sister ordered the Keto one shot and ultra boost. She is on a fixed income and these people took out 48.00 the first time and May 15 they took out another 230.00 . These people need to be stopped.

  34. T says:

    Hey Amy I ordered their product and spent around $200 and I immediately after finding out their fake and a scam I asked for them to cancel my order which then they shortly after got back to me and said they canceled the order and said they refunded me back to the bank card I used then sent what looked like a confirmation email that it was sent back and that happened a week ago and still haven’t received anything back. Wondering if anyone else had this happen to them and also if theirs ways I can go about getting the money back

  35. Nico says:

    Just had something like this happen to me about an hour ago. This one was Keto Burn 5x, I was under the impression that I was “only paying shipping” to try this product, and I feel so stupid now. Nowhere was it listed that this was actually a subscription, despite how many times the “supervisor” told me it was on their customer service number. I told them I needed a refund after being charged $93.95 unexpectedly, which she kept refusing telling me it was “in their terms and conditions”. There were none provided, no mention of a subscription, and nowhere did it say that it would be $93.95. There was nothing that said you were agreeing to terms and conditions either. I’m absolutely disgusted that people can act in such a way, I told the person this was from my emergency money and she was completely flat and heartless. Thankfully it was off of my Venmo debit card rather than my actual bank account, which I keep in case of emergencies and if there’s a gift I want to buy for the person who’s on my joint account. I immediately contacted Venmo’s customer support with a screenshot saying it was an unauthorized charge, but their support isn’t open until Monday. I hope it will be able to be resolved! I also disabled the card. Do you have any other tips about what to do? Thanks so much!

    1. James l jones says:

      Hi, this Jim. I’m so tired of this keto scam I cought just scream. I was also scammed as you can see. They get you at point of sale.
      My deal was buy 1.bottle and try it. If you like what it does, they would start their never ending distribution plan. Well I bought 1 bottle. I never contacted them to activate my program, so I thought it was over. While looking over my bank statement, that’s where I found the scam. Not only did they activate the program without my authorization, the invited two other vendors to join on band wagon. It’s to late in the month to get a new card, and as so many others say, the bank can’t do a thing until it clears. By that time the second one is w a waiting as the third one just popped up. You can bet ad soon as my auto pays are clear, I will have a new account. When I try to call, the number is no longer in service, and the email address gets returned. I’m lucky the amounts are small. I’ll write it off as a learning experience, and be done with it.

  36. Dana Kropka says:

    Returned my merchandise on 4/23/21. Have called 13 times won’t return calls or give me other numbers to call. I have $335.00 in refund coming but like I said NO one will help me. Now their saying it’s over 30 days and can’t return products. But I have been trying to reach them for the past 4 weeks. Please help

  37. Vicki Roloff says:

    The phone numbers that I have are now saying they are disconnected, the chat feature doesn’t work, but the website is still up. Are there any updates on this fraudulent company in Las Vegas? Is there a phone number to contact them?

  38. Jil Anderson says:

    I fell for the scam when I called the keto customer service I was told that other distributors also sell keto one shot and now I can’t find a number a person or anyone to help me retrieve my hundred dollars back plus now I have to call the bank and find out what to do !!!

  39. Jonnie Cora says:

    I’ve been trying to call them but I’m not getting anything from them but a deadend

  40. James l jones says:

    Hi, this Jim. I’m so tired of this keto scam I cought just scream. I was also scammed as you can see. They get you at point of sale.
    My deal was buy 1.bottle and try it. If you like what it does, they would start their never ending distribution plan. Well I bought 1 bottle. I never contacted them to activate my program, so I thought it was over. While looking over my bank statement, that’s where I found the scam. Not only did they activate the program without my authorization, the invited two other vendors to join on band wagon. It’s to late in the month to get a new card, and as so many others say, the bank can’t do a thing until it clears. By that time the second one is w a waiting as the third one just popped up. You can bet ad soon as my auto pays are clear, I will have a new account. When I try to call, the number is no longer in service, and the email address gets returned. I’m lucky the amounts are small. I’ll write it off as a learning experience, and be done with it.

  41. Tracey Hoy says:

    I purchased Keto Boost in desperation of an upcoming family wedding. I’ve was on a partial Keto diet for 6 months but put weight back on after stopping it.
    I realised straight after the sale that it contains caffeine which I’m very intolerant to so phoned their ‘customer support’ line who told me their ‘managers’ would give me a refund. No such thing occurred and the product arrived 2 weeks later (to the UK). I would not touch this product now as its obviously a scam. Thanks to your information I’ll contact my bank immediately and block any future payments.
    Probably not even worth trying to send it back. So upsetting!!! Why can’t they be stopped? Even though they’re changing their name, it would be easy to search for the set up of any new similar products!!

  42. jacqueline G. says:

    I too was scammed. Didn’t realize they were charging my account monthly. Really angry. The little insert that is enclosed in the package has no return information only a thank you for your order. if you read the fine print on the back of the container there is a web address (that does not work) cs@trydynamizeketo.com, there is also a phone number 855-971-0019. This one is called Dynamize Keto BHB and the advertisement used Steve Harvey and his wife. I called and cancelled the subscription. Talked with Jody who assured me my subscription is cancelled after trying to get me to agree to half off and then 75% off. I also called my bank and ordered a new card. Will keep a close watch on my account to make sure no additional charges are made.

  43. Sue Hillier says:

    I am also a Victim of this scam. I was buying it as a gift. my boyfriend said he wanted to try it. When I looked it up the Shark Tank team appeared on screen and it directed me to receive a free bottle. I knew it would cost me something. It took my card information right away and did not show me the price until I clicked again. Then showed me 3 offers. It said 1 bottle was $62.50. U.S. Well it charged me $4.99 U.S. shipping and another charge for $129.00 U.S. Total over $157.00 Canadian showing the purchase of 2 bottles. Date. June 14, 2021 The new name Keto Advanced 1500.

  44. Sherrie' says:

    Hi Amy,
    I am currently disputing (through the economic impact payment prepaid card company) charges of $96 & $97 which showed up 2weeks after ordering a “free” bottle of Keto and “free” bottle of Cleanse from Agility Fit (who also claimed to have been on Shark Tank).

    There was nothing in their ad on their site indicating any kind of obligation to continue ordering, a membership, or etc. It was just ‘Pay for shipping and get a free bottle’.

    Well I got the free bottles of Keto and Cleanse which they charged $4.95 & $4.99 as stated. Then they not only charged that $96 & $97 to my card 2 weeks later (I am assuming for the next month’s bottles of Keto & Cleanse) But They Did Not Even Send The Bottles.

    Anyway, I am wondering if you have ever heard of the name they used . . . Agility Fit . . . or the name that showed up on my credit card statement which is . . . Rise Absolute Body Method . . .
    The phone number listed next to their charges is 855-393-0806. But it just goes to some call center that you end up going round and round with and get nowhere.

    Thanks for all your work exposing these scammers. I am on a very low fixed income, live in subsidized housing, and just had the last of 4 surgeries this year… I can’t afford a car, or buying Christmas & birthday gifts anymore, go anywhere or have any fun. I’m so depressed and being laid up, unable to even leave home for weeks at a time while healing from surgery, that I just wanted to lose a little COVID weight and get an energy boost and thought I’d treat myself to something I usually cannot afford by spending $10 for the shipping of these keto pills. I can’t afford to lose $200 from my pandemic payment (I have been so frugal with it, as I am with all of my money, that I still have almost $300 left – $500 if the credit card refunds what Agility Fit stole from me). But I need that to pay the next couple month’s of utility bills. So I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate what you are doing. Thank you and God bless.


  45. Deborah Kleine says:

    Please cancel all orders. And send me a refund. I sent everything back to you on June 19th 2021

  46. Linda George says:

    I am a person who got scammed by this supposed keto advantage and they will note return my money. want to charge me for a return . How do i report this scam? Linda

    1. Sonia Ash says:

      Oh my God how many are there of us. Just wanted to look a bit thinner and look good are the keto pills I have any good or shall I just put them in the bin they cost me £200 and now I to have found money going out of my account to LFC LNSE for nothing have been in touch with my bank and I am going to cancel my card don’t know if I will be refunded. A lesson learnt the hard way

  47. Audrey says:

    Please add Kure Keto/Kure Diet/Kure Cleanse to this list!

  48. Earl G says:

    I have never dieted at all in any way! (I only weigh 135 lbs & am 5’8″) Yet I was charged $55 on June 3rd 2021 by -trialyearroundketo.com. for something. I have never received anything! I certainly did not order diet pills! Thought I’d share that with ya’ll. I stumbled on to your site while trying to find these scammers.

  49. Kave says:

    Hello. Are keto complete pills also scam?

  50. Linda says:

    Today I was charged twice on my credit card for $198.78
    I called the company they offered me an $80 refund I told him no way first of all I did not order it I had to call and cancel my credit card and hopefully it will not go through but I couldn’t get a definite answer on that

  51. Linda says:

    I am a diabetic and I do not take anything unless my doctor prescribed it

  52. Kathleen Courtney says:

    I never even put in an order for these at all and they had charged me $44.98 and didn’t even know what it is but that money was supposed to pay one of my utilities so I need my money back ASAP

  53. Dan says:

    These scammers find suckers who want a quick fix with no work. You don’t have to be a genius to know these weight loss claims are absolutely ABSURD.

  54. wendy Jones says:

    Does tryketo.com exist?
    think may be scanned as did a trial and now they keep arriving.

  55. Frances DeFord says:

    The one I got scammed with is one shot keto for 199.99 plus 39.99 for one bottle plus 5 more bottles. I called customer service on e to try & get the order cancelled & get a refund. The lady I talked to told me that I have to give them my order #. So far I haven’t been able to come up with it. I’m going to call them back & try again, I will reply again as to what they tell me. Thank you.

    1. Katherine says:

      3 days ago my husband ordered optimal max keto, buy one get one free, today they charged our account 200 for one transaction, and 70 for another when he only ordered the one type the others are detox pills supposedly that he never ordered. After talking with customer service they are completely scripted as I talked to 3 people that said you have to buy 5 blah blah blah, I told her I am looking at the ad and reading it to you, she offered 120 back I said absolutely not, I e already contacted my bank and I have to wait until it posts to dispute the charges, this is absolutely crazy, she kept talking over me and repeating herself like she was reading off a piece of paper. Hopefully the bank can help but everyone be carful

  56. Nev Buck says:

    Greetings. I live in Australia. On the 28th May 2021 I received a post on Facebook Stating that Dr. Phil and DR. Oz had over a period of 4 years and 40 Scientists, developed a highly efficient Carbinols Oil and to receive a free sample bottle they tell you to open a particular site. I did this as I have chronic shoulder pain and not have had pain relief in a long time. I have a friend that had cancer and the same oils that were prescribed by her doctor were very effective in her pain management.
    I was taken to this site and ordered one bottle thinking that I would also receive the free sample as well.
    When I checked my bank account statement, I discovered that they had charged my account for $256:44 — I was shocked and contacted them on their “Chat Line” to ask them to cancel the order and refund the amount FRAUDULENTLY CHARGED. — They refused, stating that the order was already processed and it was impossible for them to cancel and refund.
    I immediately contacted my bank and reported the FRAUD and SCAM and they advised me to CANCEL my Credit Card and they would issue me with a new replacement card within 3 to 5 days. Which they did and I received my new card on the 4th day. All occurred within 3 hours of me realizing that I had been subject to FRAUD and a SCAM.

    1. Nev Buck says:

      I discovered that the companies/organizations that were involved were.
      Prime Health Zone.com
      Keto Complete Team
      Beauty Modawi — the ones that deducted the money from my account.
      To confirm all of the aforementioned – Simply conduct a search of
      Dr Phil Dr Oz Caniboil fraud on Utube. You will clearly witness Dr Phil and Dr Oz exposing the FRAUD and SCAM
      Prime Health Zone Fraud. Showing many other people that also have been scammed.
      Kindest regards

  57. Marie steen says:

    Yes, they claimed they come not refund my money because of a technical error. First their refund system was down, then they sent miss information. Then they were fine to send me a check. How can they legally keep doing this? I don’t understand how they get away with it. Oh and also I had to keep the product for 60 days but one have 90 days to return on the satisfaction guarantee. They have their staff trained really well and all of these people are real assholes. So I’m getting a replacement cc from my bank . Also, the first dispute was not authorized by my bank because they were sent the agreement I supposedly signed, which I did not, so my bank said they could not approve it. But now they are, because they tried to call them for me and got the run around too. They sent an email to the refund tcc solutions management group and got a turkey answer. So finally canceling this card and getting a new number etc for everything which is a huge hassle for all my payments setup on Auto pay. SHARK TANK you should refund everyone’s money to them and turn this company over to the authorities

    1. Paula says:

      Thank you so much for putting this info out there. I understand shark tank claims and I hope they will all come out against the company.

  58. lisa andes says:

    I was dumb enough to order the keto one shot pills also. I ordered 1 bottle and was charged for 5 bottles. I
    been trying for almost 2 months to get my money back 198.70. Sent 5 emails ( NO REPLY). Made 5 phone
    calls only to be promised that I would be refunded in1 to 3 days. (NO REFUND).

  59. Mary Seifferlein says:

    I contacted and cancelled my credit card. The card will not credit the $99.84 for charges related to Unlimited health keto. They state UPS delivered the products. This company was not listed on the BBB website when I tried to file a complaint.
    I also receive multiple texts from various Shark tank keto supplements I’ve tried to reply STOP and blocking the numbers.

  60. Danielle Marleau says:

    Purchased these pills for my father in-law. Payment went through and never received my pills… its been over two months now! ill be calling me visa today. You have kept billing me and using my visa with no pills.

    This company is a scam!!!!!!

    Good luck guys! your being reported.

  61. Karen says:

    I an having loads problems and they keep trying to take my money I have cancelled card you can’t get any sense from customer service

  62. Gina atkins says:

    I only wanted to order one trial bottle for 39.99 but instead they charged my card the 39.99 plus 234.00 I want my money back but keep getting the run around I send the package back and havent got my refund yet my family is hungry need food I have no money

  63. Kathy says:

    I just realized that this is a scam. I ordered the one time 14 day trial, just had to pay shipping. I just checked my bank account and was charged two transactions of $96.95 each. I cannot find a phone number to call. And I used my debit card so my bank can’t cancel it. Does anyone have a phone number that works?

  64. sara moore says:

    i got scamed no money back from them or my bank canceled my debit card they took out 91.95 twice

  65. Pat says:

    I purchased Keto GT about a month ago. I bought the buy 3 get 2 free deal. Supposed to be $39.99 but I was charged $199.00. I have taken it for a month now with absolutely no results, no weight loss and no fat loss. I have tried to find a phone number or email address to contact them about a refund (which was supposed to be guaranteed), and can’t find any contact information. Then I found all these websites about a scam. What can we do?

  66. Kathy Bu. says:

    The comment below by Angels names KETO 1500, and that’s the product I purchased. I returned five unused bottles a month ago (after they made me wait 60 days before they would accept it), and have proof of receipt and it was signed for. They finally acknowledged they received it, and after “holding returned product for two weeks due to COVID”, it’s now past time for me to be refunded. I’m now emailing directly with the finance department (I did get a very helpful customer service person), and “management” has said they’re having problems with their refund system and once the error is fixed, I’ll get my card credited. Oh puhleeeeese! I’ve written back a somewhat scathing message, but seriously doubt I’ll get my $175 refunded. It repulses me when these people use public figures in their advertising, such as Sharks and Dr. Oz, and scam people out of thousands of dollars. And they use a URL of tccsuccess.com in their emails, which errors out, so doesn’t even exist. I do know they’re in Las Vegas, so possibly a gang of disgruntled consumers at their door would shake them up. hah

  67. Jeanie Jarvis says:

    Is it possible for you to list the companies that are NOT fake?

  68. Cheryl Ann Grant says:

    Hi Amy,

    I too fell for this craziness! But, what I am now finding out is that apparently the company that sent me the pills appears to NOT EXIST. They said I would receive an email with an order confirmation # – but never did receive such an email. An internet search for the name on the return address provides ZERO results. The charge on my CC states that there is no company information available. What do I do now?

    I do plan on calling the CC company tomorrow to see if they have any additional information on the company that charged my account.
    I also plan on going to the Post Office to see if they can give me any company information as the mailing label was printed by them or provided to the sending company by them.

    As you have so wonderfully recommended I will report the charge as FRAUD, cancel/close my CC account and request a new card.

    Thank you so much for all the information you have provided to those of us who fell for this!

    If you have any suggestions on how to locate a seemingly non-existent company, I would welcome your suggestions.


  69. Colleen Spencer says:

    I can’t believe I was just scammed too by the keto one. Man, this really sucks. I hope my credit card company is going to refund me and I have already cancelled my card. Now tho as a result of just being scammed, I see you offer things like courses and such. I have a question. How in the heck do I possibly sign up and give banking details or whatever again, I feel so stupid already for just being scammed. I would feel extremely more stupid if all in one page I read all about the scams and then at the bottom I order up a course or whatever else. How do I do that?

  70. Nora Winnie says:

    I just ordered the Keto BHB as a free no risk trial last week. I haven’t even tried them yet, and my bank called me and said they are already trying to pull money out of me account for these pills. When I got these in the mail there was no invoice. I got the return address and googled the website. I got a phone number, but it was out of service. I am retired with a fixed income. All I wanted was the free trial. If they worked, I would have continued to buy them, but with no cancel information, I can’t even do that! Can anyone point me into the right direction to get this resolved?

  71. Shelli says:

    I received a winner’s “offer” to pay $6 “shipping only”. I never purchase this way but it appeared legit.
    I’ve now been charged $96.
    I called customer service who stated they could only cancel the membership but were not authorized to refund.
    The lady said said “because the word ‘trial” was used, I should have known I had to call.”
    I asked for a number to call where I could dispute charge/be refunded. She said there is no number. There is only he website: pharmalitexsketo.com that I could use to contact.

    1. Tat says:

      Thanks for trying to help. I don’t know the details of my scam, nor if I actually got reimbursed it was probably early 2020. I’ll look at my records but I’m sitting here looking at the bottles. Someone else mentioned them. Just pay shipping complete keto and complete detox. Top Keto Research w a NM phone number on label. I found the product available on both Amazon and Ebay while trying to do some research tonight. These major corporations need to know too. Again thanks for this post. Probably a bad idea to take them since we know the company is trash. Bummer.

  72. Roberta says:

    I was scammed out of $89 from them. Does anyone have a customer service number? I have no paperwork or email with ANY info whatsoever. I filled out a form and bam. Got NOTHING but a bottle in the mail, with no info at all. :/

    1. Roberta says:

      by the way, my bank made good on it and they also cancelled my debit card. But I’m STILL angry and would like to talk to someone at that company.

    2. Paul Sharman says:

      Hi Roberta the same thing has happened to me here in England, I was charged 3 payments of £88, thankfully my bank has refunded the money. Like you I though I was getting a free trial and payed £7.95 there was no mention of an ongoing subscription. My bank supposedly put a stop after 2 payments where taken but I was then charged another similar payment. I’ve closed my Account with the bank who admitted that by changing the name slightly when the Keto company request a payment it bypasses the banks security.

  73. Amber says:

    We too were scammed. Tried to order one bottle but got charged for 5. Of course no luck with their customer service. Say we agreed to try for two months then can return.
    I have cancelled my card however MasterCard says I must wait for 15 days before filing a dispute. Has anyone had luck getting MasterCard to refund this? What if I receive a product, does it still count as fraud?

  74. Mark Collins says:

    Me too!
    I ordered the free trial pay S&H $6.95 … via the authorization on 30th August 2021. The charged $96.95 on the 16th September 2021.
    I never received the product. The customer service numbers don’t work .
    I’ve canceled the debit card immediately and filled out the fraudulent claims forms at the bank.
    The bank will not authorize transactions and filed a fraudulent dispute.

    Billed as

    Now whether or not I get to keep my money or not is another thing but I will give the bank this site . I’ve read the terms and conditions complete nonsense.
    I’ve also received 700 e-mails in 10 mins and had to close an e-Mail account.

    Thank you for this and my heart goes out to those that have been heavily effected … write this one up to experience.

  75. Shikitiea Spell says:

    hello Shikitiea Spell , I am a victim of the same scam the phone number they gave me was 833-643-0501. and no your bank does not help you get your money back . how I know is . I just was in court with a racist judge that already that had agreed with bank of amer company before . I could do my zoom meeting with them . the said I that I was a member and I was a regular buyer on a daily basis .So my case was denied for everything .

  76. Ilona Martin says:

    I have just beenThis product is sold as a 60-day program with the price and product being divided into 3 installments. Depending on the selected number of products the price per installment will vary. For 2 bottles, each installment is £119.49. For 3 bottles, each installment is £159.85 and for 5 bottles, each installment is £198.78. The 60 day program begins when the customer signs up, and then the first installment is due 30 days after the initial purchase, and the final installment is due 60 days after the initial purchase. The secondary product is optionally sold as a two bottle add on purchase with the initial order. scammed also £170.00. I did not read the terms and conditions but I just have .

    I had only had the product 11days and got the email to say my trial had ended and they have taken the full amount for the product.
    Thank you I have cancelled my card. I am fighting to get my money back.

  77. cindy squires says:

    I ordered a trial bottle it said for FREE just pay shipping of $ 4.95. I received the pills in a bubble wrap brown bag . In May ,… June and July I was charged $95.00 I called my bank and what showed on my bank statement from JOLLYYOUTHBOLDS Phone # 855-644-2561.So I called and spoke to customer care. The man said I had 15 days to cancel my membership .. I said I joined no membership and I only ordered the FREE sample for $4.95. He was very nice and said they have 100% guarantee, and he would remove me and return my money . I informed my bank and the gave him till September 15th to respond to a letter they sent because no money was returned to my account . Make a long story short …They sent my fraud unit a order form I supposedly filled out . I never did but the company refused to return my money and my bank took their word BECAUSE they said I ordered from them it didnt matter . They closed the case. Im 64 living on 800 a month and those **** charged me twice $94 95,in June and July . My only course now is to try and work with the company according to my bank . I wont be using Key Bank for much longer !

  78. Cheryl Wilkins says:

    The bottles (detox & daily) are labeled Pharmalabs Keto. I just had 2 charges for $97 taken from my account. When I called the 855 number, I spoke to Michelle. She refused to cancel the charges, told me her boss does not take calls and there was nothing I could do. I asked about returning them because they had not been opened and they so not take returns. I live on a fixed income and to have almost $200 disappear is devastating. Since I won’t have money for groceries, I am bound to lose weight.

  79. Mel Schnipper says:

    I tried the product and it did absolutely nothing for me. I called them for a full refund and they told me they could only give me back $40. I lost $30 in this transaction!

  80. Melissa Perrault says:

    I have been having the same issue as many of you…I ordered the buy 3 get 2 free Keto 1500 under the assumption that the cost would be less than $40 (as was indicated on the website). Once I put in my credit card information, I got a text confirmation saying that the cost was $198. Of course, I immediately called Customer Service and they told me that they couldn’t issue a refund because the request goes directly to the shipping centre and has already been processed – even though I called them immediately after ordering and there had been no transactions on my card yet…I also got the same run-around spiel about how the Terms and Conditions only allow them to issue refunds after 60 days of trial. This is extremely misleading since I was only agreeing to pay the $40…They refused to provide me with a refund so thanks to the tips here, I immediately cancelled my credit card and informed my credit card company that the charge was fraudulent. Hopefully this will be the end of it…!

  81. Meagan says:

    I am currently waiting to get my money back, I have cancelled my card that was used. Once it clears my bank will refund the money… But right as I was on the phone with my bank I got a text message they were trying to get another 90 bucks from my bank. But I transferred my money before they could take anymore money. I am Soo pissed right. No where did it say it was a trial and I’d be charged automatically… And of course there is no way to cancel the trial if that is the case. My family and I currently live in a hotel because our home was sold out from under us while we were renting it. And it took my room money and Halloween costumes money for my two little ones. My husband and I already live paycheck to paycheck

  82. Karen Bridges says:

    My mother is 67 , they offered 1 bottle for only shipping cost of $4.95 to try it .Well my mom’s credit card was charged $295.00 , they sent 5 bottles .. Our whole family has tried since last year to get mom’s full refund reimbursement , have not got any response AT ..This is an out rage to take advantage of a senior citizen like that , and not ever respond to offer her money back or anything ..She lives on a very low income as it is .It made me angry at my mom for even wanting to order 1 bottle ..And then charging her almost $300.00 dollars , sending 5 bottles?? I’m wondering if she will ever be reimbursed ??

  83. Waterfield Regina says:

    Got me too. I sent all the unopened bottles back and no refund

  84. Kathy says:

    100% this just happened to me. Exactly what happened to me. Exactly. Called my bank…cancelled card BUT cancelling doesn’t stop the “pending” transaction. So Cancelled card. They are doing a dispute. There is no way they are going get anywhere! These buttheads are a step ahead of the law!!

  85. S,Wine says:

    I’m a victim also. Your story is almost exactly as mine.

  86. Libby says:

    I ordered the keto pills online it was suppose to be buy on bottle get a bottle free. For 59.95. I was charge 119.00 plus another 49.95 for bottle of keto strong I didn’t order. I contacted customer support who said they will not cancel the order. But that I could return the bottles for a full refund. I just received and email that states I will not be getting a full refund that I have to pay for shipping and I was signed up for a subscription that can not be canceled! I now have to wait until I’m off work to contact my bank about fraudulent charges!!!

  87. Michele Evans says:

    I had one bottle Kure Keto delivered on the just pay for postage. I cancelled the credit card with the order because I was not aware it was a subscription service. Now several months later I have just had a call saying I need to pay them over $47 because if not they will send me more pills and escalate the charges. They request a new credit card number over the phone which I refused to give . They said they would ruin my credit score if I did not pay .I told them to email me a safe link or a remittance slip in the post . They were very aggressive when I refused to pay. Apparently I will be getting more pills but they do not have any credit card to charge it too . A complete scam

    1. Ang says:

      Same exact thing just happened to me. I asked for a safe link too and they said they do not have a website which I told them seemed very shady. He “assured” me giving him my credit card number was “completely safe” but I refused. They told me they will be reporting me to the credit bureaus within a week. I told them I never received anything I did not pay for. What a nightmare!

  88. Elizabeth says:

    Gonna wanna add kure keto to that list, got a call from them today but never any charges, canceled my card before they could charge me anything, so we’ll see how this goes

  89. Erika S says:

    Hi All, My dad is caught up in all of this. He’s been sent Pharmalite XS Mango Cleanse and Pharmalite XS Keto Advanced Weight Loss. He gets these month after month and has no recollection of ordering these. He’s a pretty sharp guy, but has lapses in his memory. I’ve had to dispute thousands of dollars in charges on his credit cards from ordering this kind of stuff. He spent months in the hospital last year and he cannot take any of these sorts of things. I wish this would stop.

  90. sophia says:

    Add KURE KETO to the list! I placed a one-time order in April 2021 . I honestly took the pills for a few days and then threw them out. Fast forward to today – I just received a call where they are calling me so i can cancel my subscription ….unheard off ..who calls so other can cancel their subscription. so they said i had to pay $94 and then they will cancel it and i will not be charged nor will i receive any pills. the funny part is i have not been charged since nor have i received any additional pills . It looks like they way this scam works is that they try to get that final $94 payment from you so you can cancel. I pulled my email confirmation from april and no mention of a monthly subscription . their excuse was that it was only included in the website. I told them they are scammers and hung up. I immediately reported my cc lost.

    1. Michelle N says:

      I ordered from KURE KETO also in May. I had cancelled my card shortly after fearing it was a scam. Now they are calling me over and over saying they are going to report me the credit bureau for not paying. They never sent me additional pills, just the first trial batch. I had no information on how to send them back so I threw them out.

  91. Steve says:

    Yeah….I fell for it as well. Will not buy anything from my phone again. I got the second charge on my card and canceled the card. The website the card company sent me to was bogus but the phone number was valid. I did get an email with the return instructions and sent the product back immediately. We will see how that turns out. I do think it is despicable how they are even manipulating google to only show ad results when you look up keto pill scam!

    1. Sherry Jones says:

      I have return Everything unopened as they requested. I just got an email stating I would get a refund but much less than what I was charged. And I have been dealing with this since November of 2021. This month there was another charge that posted to my account. I have contacted my bank and I am disputing all charges and have canceled my card.

  92. PrincessDi says:

    Hi, Amy, Thanks for all your help! Here’s one you’ve never heard before. Yesterday, my very slim, tennis-playing daughter (63 years old) brought me over 3 bottles of Keto Trim Fast and 2 bottles of Keto Trim Fast Detox in a plastic shipping bag from POB 33634, Las Vegas, Nevada 89133, 844-499-1115. She would never need nor order anything like this but thought that I may have. I’ve spent all morning on the phone and laptop researching this mystery. I called all my banks as well as looking on line and I’ve not been charged. I do not do banking on my Apple phone, only on my computer. However, my daughter has many credit cards and does banking on her phone. Recently, she has had to cancel all her cards except for one because of bogus charges and is waiting the 15 days for them to arrive. I called the above phone number and, after waiting on hold for a half hour, with some delightful music, a recording finally said nobody was available. I can only advise my daughter to call all of her credit card banks; however, we don’t even know how much was charged.

  93. Inell Moore says:

    I was charged 239.41 and had never heard of this co.less long ordering anything.My credit card provider pick up the scam right away and order was denied.

    1. Marianne Danilak says:

      This company is the BIGGEST scam in the world. I only put in for one time order but that didn’t happen. You can call till you’re blue in the face. Maybe we should file a class action lawsuit.
      I have sent back orders no credit…No wonder why they are hiding out in Vegas

  94. MIchelle N says:

    I fell for this, but cancelled my card before they were able to charge me the full amount. I didn’t want anything to do with them, so I thew out the pills instead of trying to return them. Now I’m getting phone calls about oweing them money and getting reported to the credit bureau.

  95. Lynelle Neves says:

    I just purchased the free trial for Keto Pro ex.. is this a scam?

  96. Cindy says:

    Be careful of keto complete company is 360 nutrition. The website says one price for Australian residence only buy 2 bottles get one free at $43 but when u click through u get charged in us $ plus vat and for 3 bottles. Trying to cancel straight away they tell u the order is already being processed the best they can do is refund 50% . After talking on live chat and sending emails that is the best they can do which is still costing me more than it should have. Atleast I have seen some money go back in my acc. I will be watching though now I have read all of ur situation’s. Haven’t got the product yet though.

  97. D W says:

    I could not process with the order for 38.99 instead I was charged 237.99. I have been looking on how to contact then to cancel order and get my full refund. I ask contacted my bank.
    Does anyone knows how to reach their customer service email or contact as I am in UK

  98. Lisa Reece says:

    try this number 1-833-639-0221 (Keto)they have been jerking me around for over half a year. They do not charge me anymore et I have contacted toe BBB, this company is a total jerk et a real scam. they keep making up excuses etc.

  99. Angela says:

    Hi, I recently ordered a free bottle of Keto & a free bottle of Forskolin from Nature’s Pure and only paid shipping costs of $6.98 & $6.95 for each bottle, which I received them yesterday 2-4-22. However, they were shipped together so I’m not sure why I was charged separate shipping charges. That led me to start researching when I came across this page of scams on Keto pills. I can’t find any information on how to contact them. I looked back over my screen shots I took from purchasing the product and at the top of my page what appeared to be a website of getnaturespure.com was there. However, when searching that wasn’t an accurate website for them. I then checked my emails they sent me of the invoice but it only showed from customer care. There was no name or phone number included on the invoice either. I did reply back to their email explaining I wanted to cancel any subscription with them and for them not to bill my card with any new charges. Can you tell me if they are part of the scam? If so, should I go ahead and contact my bank or wait to see if new charges are billed first? I am on a very limited income so I can’t afford any high, unnecessary charges on my card. Therefore, I’m trying to stay ahead of the game.
    Thanks for your assistance in this matter.

  100. Jacqueline Fowler says:

    Hi, I just received two emails today stating I ordered two bottles Keto Prime and five bottle Keto Detox. Which of course I didn’t order them. When I called the company they stated I ordered them yesterday (2Feb2022). I asked for the last four digits of my credit card and when they gave me the digits, I have not such card. However, the name and address are correct. I was told the only way I would receive a refund (??) is to return/refuse the box. How is this possible. I don’t want this to be reported and harm my credit.
    This is such a joke.


  101. Marlina Rivers says:

    I sent 5 bottles of Keto 1500 back for a refund two and a half months ago and I still have not received a refund. They keep on telling me to email Keto support. They did not work at all. I gained weight. I want my money back

  102. Barb says:

    Think I’ve just goofed, too.
    Thought was ordering 3 bottles of pills and 1 free, w free P&H.
    Invoice processed in US DOLLARS not AUD!! Advert said nothing about being in US Dollars = much more expensive!! And they said I ordered FIVE bottles w 2 free!!!
    Will deal w bank in morning, and cancel this credit card!!!
    WHY are these scams allowed on our phones in Australia?
    Why is Federal Govt FAILING to protect us?

  103. Barb says:

    Think I’ve just goofed, too.
    But not a trial order.
    I ordered 3 bottles of pills and 1 free, w free P&H.
    They said it was 5 bottles and 2 free.
    Invoice processed in US DOLLARS not AUD!! Advert said nothing about being in US Dollars!
    Will contact bank in morning, and cancel this credit card.
    WHY are these scams allowed on our phones in Australia?
    Why is Federal Govt FAILING to protect us?

  104. Jean Brunning says:

    I am another idiot that tried to order Keto pills. The co. Stated that the pills were $39.00, and if I ordered 3 bottles I would get another two bottles free with free shipping. At the time I checked as much as I could but could find no indication that this company was either in the USA or UK. Because of the free shipping I assumed the co was in Australia, therefore there would be no extra cost for any difference in currency. I checked my Visa account and found I had been charged two amounts. The first amount was $122.70, the second amount was $198.10 a total of $340.80. No invoice was sent to me no address where the co. Is located and no phone number that I can contact. I have cancelled my cc and am hoping my bank will be able to help me recover the money. The only information I did see was Globe supplement with the number 1-888-3976208 against both charges. Like several other people I too am an aged pensioner aged 84. You’d think I would know better but there you as the saying goes “There’s no fool like an old fool.

  105. Lindsay says:

    I did not order anything, and yet some company called keto trim fast a month ago hacked my PayPal debit card number and placed an order in my name, even sent me a package in the mail. I wrote on the package return to sender and sent it back unopened. It felt like it had bottles of supplements in it. But I did not open it. I told PayPal these charges were fraudulent, one of the charges was for a subscription it was $50, the other was for three bottles of some keto supplement. That was $160. PayPal has sided with them!!! because they have a tracking number that shows that they delivered a product. A product that I never ordered! Now I am trying to file a complaint with the better Business bureau, but I can’t find that company anymore. Keto trim fast is not a company that’s listed in the better Business bureau database. What should I do? Is there any chance I will get my money back? I am an essential healthcare worker, and a single mom of six kids. I cannot believe they are taking my money.

  106. jennifer proctor says:

    Just seen my bank statement pending $300 i immediately cancelled my card, hopefully by pending means it was cancelled in time

  107. Pamela Stolp says:

    Twinkle Star .
    Why doesn’t someone start a class action lawsuit against all Keto Pill companies? I would like to see these scammers be brought to justice and made to pay for all their scams! You can add DIA to the false Keto and you can’t find any phone, address, any kind of return info because the company did not send any e-mail confirmation or any papers included with the product. Is anyone else familiar with DIA?


    1. Lincy Coradin says:

      Hi there. We have tried to start a class action against them. The problem is they open hundreds of LLCs/companies and when one gets shut down they just run it under another one. The problem is that by the time a class action would officially settle, the company would be shut down and then opened up in another name so they wouldnt have any money to pay people back. It’s so sad and such a shame but we’re trying our best by getting the messaging out there.

  108. nikki says:

    I am in South Africa and I cannot believe I fell for this. I only ordered ONE bottle and unticked every other option that said get more for less or subscribe, and these bastards have now scammed me out of R1099. Does anybody have a contact in South Africa? I have already reported it to my bank. I. AM. FUMING!!!!!

  109. Lisa Shaw says:

    I have a comment waiting to be approved but I just wanted to mention I’ve spent over $800 to trying stuff that just didn’t work with the second product I tried.
    Yup can you say pissed, angry, irrate and so on? Now I’m passed all that anger and am just a very sad😭 and disappointed fat Lisa!

  110. Andrea says:

    Same as all above. Saw ad. Ordered. Charged 260. Instead of advertising price. Called and emailed. Email bounced back. Rep told me to just send product back. Which I did. Called again, now Aiden is claiming I sent it back incorrectly and will only refund 1/2!
    I already called my bank to dispute. I got an email from Lean Keto saying they canceled my order, but will cancel my card just in case.
    I really wished I had done a little better research before I ordered.

  111. Myrt says:

    Well I guess I’m one of you guys and I fell for the scam. I ordered it and I had no way of canceling it. Told me if I ordered three bottles I would get two free then they charged me $198.70, then $4.99. They are going by pos purchase merchant purchase terminal. I think I ordered it on the 20th which was Sunday and I couldn’t get a hold of anybody to cancel it. So on 3-21-22 I get a call from a guy named Jericho and he was asking me about my order said they had shipped it out that day I would get a card I’m the fill it out and get $50 back his telephone number is +1-833-639-0221. I tried calling it today cuz of as today I still have not got my order. When you call it it says to go to customer support links.com and talk to a representative try that too when I called the number they said they were not open yet and I called their number around 9:30 and they open up at 9:00. Just wanted to let you know what name they’re going by and I will try to do my best on turning them in.

  112. Stephanie Lynn Cecil says:

    I bought into it, but I did call and ask to cancel my membership and have the email with reference number. I didn’t realize it was a scam until I searched it again today and the add stated the sisters rebranded lean start keto to lifestyle keto and when I bought mine it was reversed! I am going to place a call tomorrow and inform I know it’s a scam, they also claim FDA approved. Should sue them for fraudulent advertising. Sigh!

  113. Sam says:

    I was just scammed this weekend I called and tried canceling but they said I couldn’t I got disconnected tried calling the # back and it’s not in service is there anything I can do too get my money back thanks

  114. Wendy Giggins says:

    This has happened to me and I have sent them an email requesting a refund and I want cancellation of any future orders which I did not agree to. I live in Australia and cannot believe that this company or crooks should I say are still operating.
    I had a very bad reaction to the first two capsules and I am so disgusted with this company and you should be reprimanded for the scam you are practicing to just exploit poor people.

  115. Laura Lawson says:

    I fell into the same scam! This company is Lean Start Keto. They charged my card for $259. I have disputed the charges and closed my account. Now I have to send the product back at my own expense.

  116. Christa e says:

    I didn’t even order this TRY SUPER BLEND KETO
    8883524990 $7.50 WAS TOOK 3-16-22

  117. Rebekah says:

    On May 14th 2022 I was on Instagram and saw an ad about Keto Prime. And it caught my attention because currently I am working on losing weigh and getting better health wise. I clicked on the website they had and saw their offers. And I wanted a full plan for what I would order so I know I would be good and continue having the motivation on top of my already motivations. And I saw A deal they offered about buying 5 bottles and getting 2 for free and it honestly seemed like a good deal it showed a decent price they were gonna charge me considering how many I had ordered. So I put all my personal information in like my name and obviously my address, and my credit information, and it said that it would be delivered within 2-5 days. And afterwards at 1:41pm I got 2 separate emails not even a minute apart and it said order confirmation and they looked legit so I starred/bookmarked them and left it at that. Next time I get 2 emails is on May 17th, 2022 and its about the shipping and it showed me my order number then my name, address. And again I have ordered online before so I didn’t think much of it and left it at that, and a few more days go by and I’m thinking rationally that maybe because of the weather or another reason that there might be a delay as to explain why so many days went by. It is now May 25, 2022 and my daughter went onto our email and she was looking into the emails I had gotten about the Keto Prime bottle’s that I ordered. And I was shocked with what she told me. She is on her laptop, and she showed me the 1st email i had gotten had charged me for 5 bottles, and the amount which was $198.78. And I thought since I had ordered 5 that was a reasonable cost, then she showed me the 2nd 1st email I had gotten and they charged me for the other 2 bottles $49.68 and I should’ve gotten those for free. But when I did the math total they charged me $248.46 which is ridiculous!!! and my daughter showed me the next and last 2 emails I had gotten (on the 17th) and showed me the tracking number and when she went to track them it showed that they were in the exact same place they were in on the 16th which is in supposedly Tampa, Florida. my daughter went through my phone into my history on the day I ordered it to see the website, and surprise not surprise it wasn’t even a real website it’s totally fake, compared to other n most websites for company’s and businesses and other online ordering platforms. I am beyond mad and upset being taken advantage of. I need my money back immediately and I don’t know what to do at all, there is no phone number to call them at all, and the email they had used was a automatic email. What do I do??? I can’t wait any longer I am scared they are going to keep adding charges to my card and drain me and my 2 kids. I have a son that has special needs so when it comes to money I’m always on top of things, so to be taken advantage of like this I’m beyond mad and angry but I don’t even know what to do to try to fix things. I WANT AND NEED TO CANCEL THE ORDER AND GET MY FULL REFUND BACK!!! Please help!

  118. Thomas Brown says:

    Ripoff. I ordered 5 bottles a mounts ago( they don’t work ) To my knowledge I never agreed to any program for future bottles. 5 bottles should last approximately 2 + mounts, yet I was charged for another 5 bottles 28 days later? Even if I wanted to continue these scam pills they should not of charged 28 days later. SCAMMERS

  119. Anita Herron says:

    I ordered the Keto Express diet supplement only after reading endorsement and testimony from Shark Tank and Oprah Winfrey, so I thought. All of this was part of their scam. Additional shipment was sent and charged my credit card. I phoned the customer support and informed them I did not reorder the product. Returned product for full refund, at the cost of shipping and handling by me. Received confirmation of order received. Have been phoning them for 4 months to receive my refund of $199.88, to no avail. They claim to be submitting request to their billing department each time to issue my refund. I have reported them to the BBB.

  120. Rachael says:

    Hi, is ketosium XS part of the scam as well??

  121. Mary Jo Van Kammen says:

    I am receiving these pills and now getting a second mailing. I do not want these as my health requires me to be on a special program. Please stop and do not charge me for any of these. I would like a refund!! PLEASE STOP !!!! Refund! I am serious as this is fraud and will get help if you don’t. I have connections to police and their field workers.

  122. sunnyhoffnung says:

    Appreciate the recommendation. Let me try it out.

  123. Kathleen says:

    I fell int this scam! just off the phone with my credit card company, hopefully they will be able to credit my account. called this GGDC FULFILL SERVICE and they were so very ignorant and rude. when i asked for a supervisor i was told they do not speak n the phone. SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE ABOUT THESE PEOPLE AT 96.95 THEY CHARGE THEY ARE GETTING RICH QUICK AND IT IS ILLEGAL. THEY SHOULD ALL BE IN JAIL. CAN’T THEY BE INVESTIGATED. SHOULD BE ON 20/20 NEWS.

  124. latanyaeverhart says:

    Greetings from Florida! I’m bored at work so I decided to check out your blog on my iphone during lunch break. I enjoy the information you provide here and can’t wait to take a look when I get home. I’m shocked at how fast your blog loaded on my phone .. I’m not even using WIFI, just 3G .. Anyways, good blog!

    1. Lincy Coradin says:

      Hey! thank you 🙂

  125. Carah says:

    Is Ketolife.fit also one of these scams? I ordered one bottle & was charged for another without knowing. The product did turn up but I didnt agree to the purchase & each time my credit card was charged with a sightly different name.

  126. Phyllis Towne says:

    Ordered online 1 bottle and second to be free. Got a message from my Visa card company about a charge of $119.88 . My first credit card thru Mastercard was declined because I have a block on charges over $25 unless they contact me. I put the charge of $59.99 on my Ida and it went thru as $119.88 and because the guy misunderstood me, had already confirmed it. They said it may take up to 90 days to get this taken care of. Never will I order online. Scammers

  127. Chester says:

    Fell for the buy 3 get 2 free from “Viaketo gummies” , charge was meant to be $120, end of checkout process showed a charge of $199 was then sent a receipt for an amount of $219. Immediately sent an email which took 12 hours to bounce back to me which raised my concerns. On checking credit card statement they have actually charged a payment of $325. On the phone disputing charge and cancelling card as I type. Can’t believe I got duped, went to so many sites trying to verify the product and there are plenty of well designed secondary sites supporting this site and their scam. Order comes up as “360nutrients.net” Don’t be embarrassed people share your warning with friends and on the socials so others don’t fall for the same scam.

  128. Diane says:

    A year ago, I fell for this. Shocked by a subscription charge that arrived after I cancelled, notified my bank it was fraudulant, cancelled my card and now, a year later, they are calling me 2 or more times a day saying that I owe them a years fees for subscriptions that had been declined by my credit card. I’m not falling for them again. Told them I cancelled over a year ago, don’t want their product, and they are not getting another fuxxing cent from me…. calls xome in from different numbers each time and each time I block the number they try call me from.

  129. Raj says:

    Anyone experience issues with a company called LivPure keto? They’re number is not reachable and they claim I need to pay them for a recurring order that I never placed. I changed my credit card so not worried about that. They said they would go to the credit bureau. SCAM!

  130. sunnyhoffnung says:

    Excellent web site. A lot of helpful info here. I’m sending it to some pals ans also sharing in delicious. And certainly, thank you to your effort!

    1. Lincy Coradin says:

      Thank you!

  131. sunnyhoffnung says:

    Thanks for sharing such a good opinion, article is nice, thats why i have read it entirely

  132. Rose Dennison says:

    I did not order the 199.00 order plus special was 39.00 and was charge 59.00,I called and it said mountain time call and I call central time,do I need to call them later,I called my credit card company and I have to wait 6 days to get results.i am not happy ,I figure since it was Reba it be ok but I guess I was fooled..

  133. Jayne says:

    Okay, so you can’t file a class action against these sham companies for fraud, why not file one against the platform that allows these ads to be shown to people? If Facebook or tictoc or whoever can shut down someone for having a controversial opinion, why can’t they shut down these ads that are STEALING money from people? Probably because the platform gets a kickback for every click on the ad. In my opinion they are just as responsible as the crooks taking money from innocent consumers.

  134. Karen says:

    I feel to this scam as well. Cancelled card. But, my new card said that it would pull over my reoccurring payments for my convenience. (?). So, be careful of that as well.

  135. Karen says:

    Has a class action lawsuit been filed against this company/ companies yet? They are so deceitful. Has anyone gotten their money back from returned orders at day 61 within their 90 guarantee return period?

  136. Marsha says:

    So far lost over 500.00 that I didn’t have. When I ordered I thought I was getting them to try for 6.95 didn’t know i had to cancel in 2 weeks. But I cancelled in 3 weeks and 2 m0nths went buy and got a 119.00 charge called them and they didn’t see a cancelation gave them conformation number I was given and they couldn’t find it so I csncelled again a ND had to get a new debit card what a scam beware

  137. Rebecca says:

    I am usually so careful when it comes to ordering stuff online but I fell for this one, i just want to cancel the order but don’t know how!
    Is the F1 keto +acv gummies a part of this? I can’t find any contact information to cancel my order. I tried calling my credit card first and they can’t do anything until charge is posted which is frustrating.

  138. Roman says:

    So after arguing with her that I canceled in time and my card is closed so you can charge me for anything and that’s why you guys haven’t send me your little monthly subscription because I canceled but you guys are still trying to charge me $89 and they said they’re going to send me a package and I told him I’ll just send it back and it was just back and forth with the same thing saying you owe us $89 and I said for what I don’t have any of your products except the two free ones you send me as long as I pay the shipping and handling which I did but after that I called and canceled within the time frame that you guys give which is 10 to 14 days and that’s what I did and they’re trying to say that I never called and canceled which I totally did because I even told him that my card is going to be closed down because I’m switching accounts so they even knew that so that’s why nothing was going on I wasn’t getting charged for anything and all the sudden just out of nowhere they started calling saying you owe us $89 and I said for what I don’t have any of your products your little small little writings that I saw when I receive my product saying if I don’t cancel it’ll be a monthly subscription I noticed that right away so that’s why I canceled because on your commercials before you guys started doing this whole keto diet pills you guys made it look like try to do Free bottles and you can cancel it and never said anything about a monthly subscription but in small letters I read it below so that’s why I canceled and now you guys say they say I never canceled we’re just total BS but my card was closed so they can’t charge me in any way and if they charge me with a bill for something product that I don’t even have because they never send me my monthly products like they said they were going to which means there’s nothing they can do because I already paid for the two free bottles and the shipping and handling for it and right after I canceled and close my card account and now they are just trying to call and harass saying that I own and I told him I cancel and they keep saying it’s not on our record I’m like that’s not my fault you guys can’t keep records because you guys keep changing companies when after raising my voice a little bit I told him nope I’m not paying you and that’s it and she got really upset and said well I’m starting Monday we’re going to send you keto pills then and you’ll owe us for that I’m like no I won’t because I’ll return it to send her so I’ll still have none of your products for me to pay for and so she had nothing else to say so I hung up and honestly I have not received any more phone calls for at least 3 days

  139. Mary Ann Browder says:

    TOTAL SCAM!!!!!!!!!!! Fell into a scam thinking I was getting a fancy blender for free from Wal-Mart. They charged my debit card $89.95 and I had no way of knowing who to contact until a month later. I checked my bank statement and they had NOT refunded me. I called today and representative said they had attempted to process the refund but it did not go through. Yeah right??? After 20 minutes she finally goes to supervisor 5 minutes later comes back and says she can only refund me 50%. DO WHAT???!!! I said no I want to speak to a supervisor. Well you know all of the were busy. I said you give me that money immediately and I will have my attorney come after the remainder and more!!!

  140. Bill says:

    LifeStyle Keto & LifeStyle DeTox are the two names I was scammed with. What a joke. Restocking fee of about $45 and the balance of $213 has still not been received. They gave me some transaction ID numbers claiming they’ve already issued a refund and it’s now up to my bank, but USAA has NO RECORD of the refund. I suspect they never will receive it. What a joke. Don’t look at advertisements that are too good to be true on your phone after you’ve had a drink or two. I guess I have to lose weight the old fashioned way…diet and exercise.

  141. Sheila says:

    I was just scammed as well August 14 2020 By Keto F-1
    Claiming that Oprah Winfrey was the endorser order 1 get one free and was charged 199.00 I plan to dispute the charges🙏🏿

    1. Sheila says:

      Correction on the date August 14th 2022

  142. Pauline A Plante says:

    I’m spent 250.00 on keto while I was waiting for the product I had a heart attack. I called them to cancel and said they couldn’t and they where terrible to talk to I had a hard time to get my problem to them. Was on the phone for about 30 min and didn’t get anywhere. I got mad took the pills unopened in its original package sent it back with a letter saying I can’t use them. Now they are telling me I can’t get my 250.00 back cause I didn’t send it back right. I’m trying to get in touch with better business bureau. I need my money.

  143. DALE Alan REEVES says:

    I am automatically recieving 2 bottles of keto pills every two months and being charged over $129.00 i did not ask for this to happen can you please help me ???

  144. Karen says:

    Is GoKeto Gummies part of the scam?

  145. Joanne Straub says:

    I thought I was safe from these type of scams, not so! I ordered “keto burn gummies” on impulse, should’ve been around 39 bucks. The charge of $258.77 was a shock. Their customer service number is a voice-mail, left my info and calling the bank as soon as they open. Wish I’d seen this.

    Their current number is 833-912-2040 for anyone still trying to contact them.
    The name has already changed 11 days after my order.

    The current scam charge shows up under HEALTH1 op*09 Sandusky Ohio for anyone trying to figure out what the charge under this is for.

  146. Lois Kollmeyer. says:

    This is in relation to a product called My Keto Pro Fit. I ordered it in April. Canceled the product in April and am still being charged for product even though I am not getting the product. I’ve tried Google to search for this company. I can only get other company contact info that are NOT My Keto Pro Fit. Emailed an address that looks like it might include My Keto Pro Fit. They were quick to tell me that they were Perfect Keto and not My Keto Pro Fit. What a farce! I will NEVER order anything related to Keto agian! I have contested the charges with my bank. I don’t expect much.

  147. Anna Davenport says:

    I started an order n it never completed n I was charged three times too 79.99, 199.99, 199.99 by Go Keto Gummies

  148. Vernetta Parker says:

    I need someone to call me a mistake was made when i put my order in for the gummies. I wanted to start over. But did not no how HELP no responded back

  149. Joshua Campton says:

    Sorry to say to this but I did purchase these products by mistake but my mum said to me scams are dangerous. I am victim of these people from the products that I have purchased & I didn’t checkout
    I looked at the comments on this page.

  150. James Cornel says:

    I was ripped off by a company that charged me for things i never ordered there name was 6pack Keto and it changed to True Fast Keto ACV Gummies. They charged me a rediculous amount that i never approved.They billed me for things i never ordered and i never recieved anything from them, they will charge your credit card if you order anything, for things you never agree to also there customer service will lie to you and even send a email telling you they are canceling all your orders and they still bill you, when you call back there answer is “oops our mistake we should of never told you we can give your money back” and then hang up on you over and over stay clear of these thieves.

  151. Lacey says:

    So we was scammed without even purchasing any product. The business name is Keto flow. Charged us $530, somehow got our credit card number? And tried to make it look legit with a email address tracking and shipping. The day the charges came out we told the bank immediately and got a new credit card. Still really concerning though because I have no idea how they got our email, half of our address, and credit card number. Anyways fast forward to today and we actually got a product in the mail? They guessed at our address but they had just enough of a “correct” address that it shipped here. My mind is blown. Our bank has already given us money back as they are investigating but in my opinion it makes us look like the bad guy because there is emails for tracking and shipping that neither of us has ever signed up for trying to make it look like a legitimate transaction.
    Long story short, these fake businesses are getting clever and signing you up for the products themselves.

  152. Lisa Moore says:

    I have called to cancel his order in August, and now they have charged me again in Sept. $96.95 x 2. there is no one in charge that you can speak with, no one there speaks so that you can understand them, they are very rude and talk over the top everything you are asking them with gibberish. They direct you to a website that does not exist, and they block your number from one of their servers. If you *67 to hide your number they b;ock that on all their extensions. Do NOT buy from them Deluxebrilliancemegaac (855)231-6138 DELUXEBRILLIANCEQUICKF (885)213-6137 so far it is a different telephone number and company name every month. Do not dall for the scam!

  153. M SHAW says:

    i don’t know if I am a victim of fradulent KETO gummies or not
    I placed an order for Ophra’s and accidently ordered twice?

  154. HelpIDontWannaBeScammed says:

    Curious to know if Vital Lean Keto is also a scam, they keep calling me under different names, even using local numbers. Ordered from them a while back for the whole 2 bottles one price schick & they are calling me now saying I have an outstanding balance which is not true cause I called months back to cancel cause they were charging to my card each month, any info on them would help,thanks

  155. Jennifer wilcox says:

    I got scammed. What do I do?

  156. Kat says:

    Ketosium XS Keto is the latest name. Yep, they got me. Just tried the “free sample- pay only shipping & handling August 27th and now got charged for 2 more bottles today, Oct. 3rd. Gonna cancel my card tomorrow… Thank you for this info. I was trying to find the # to call and cancel, but now I see there is No Canceling! What a scam! I am sharing a post on my FB page too. Let’s SHUT THEM DOWN!

  157. Melissa Harris says:

    I got scammed and bought these pills probably 2 years ago. I cancelled the subscription that I never signed up for and that was it. Jump to now, and I have been getting phone call after phone call stating I own them money for product I received. And the credit card on file has expired…..so they are trying to continue to scam. So beware!

  158. Amanda Youngs says:

    I ordered the Keto F1 back in July and I spoke with one of the managers and she gave me her word that only one month product would be taken out of my account and if I liked it and saw results I would keep ordering the product and the next month they took $199 out of my account without my consent and I returned the product back the day I received it because it was a mistake and I have called them and one gentlemen told me that I could not get a refund until September so I called them back and they just kept giving me a website to go to which is false information so thank you Keto business for stealing my money and not helping me in return. Christmas is around the corner and hopefully you all can sleep at night knowing that you robbed an incident person.

  159. Carl Johnson says:

    Like everyone else on this cite, I was scammed with the Keto Blast gummies. When I attempted to order a sample of the gummies, the cite automatically lists you as purchasing five bottles. I canceled this order and tried again , thinking I would get to sample the gummies. When the order arrived received five bottles and was charged$199.00. A month latter I checked my account and found I was charged again $199.00 . Attempting to contact the company was useless. The order forms give no information about the company or anyone you could contact. This cite at least alerted me to the extent of the scam and the need to cancel my credit card to stop the unwanted withdrawals from my account.

  160. Tracy says:

    Saw 3 charges in my bank statement for something I didn’t order and had no clue what for. Canceled my card. Then few days later package arrived at my mail box. It was their product. Called the bank and because I received the order it is up to me to get a refund. Called the number. They tried to sell it to me at a discounted price. I am like no I want my money back. Take your product back. They did tell me the email address on file. Which is not mine and I do not know who that person is. I was told they would refund me 1/2 now and the rest when they received the returned product. Currently my account is showing 0.00 refund pending. WTF I didn’t order this and now I am probably out close to $300.

  161. YStop says:

    I’ve been scammed and feel pretty stupid here in Melbourne Australia by ViaKeto apple gummies – is this company on your scam list as well? I can’t even get through to the customer support people

  162. Deb Barringer says:

    I was scammed by ImpactKeto. Will be calling customer service first thing Monday morning and my bank right afterwards.

  163. CINDY says:

    The Only Person who is capable of helping you to recover your money from scam brokers as i was helped of recent in recovering my lost fund is HACKING PROFESSIONAL Financial Recovery Services. Most of these Binary option companies are scam, so therefore they have weak Database security, and their vulnerabilities can be exploited easily with the Help of Special Recovery Tools, Root Recovery Tools and Technical Infiltration Strategies. All they need do is to infiltrate into the Company’s Database, Extract your Files and Documents, Decrypt your Transaction Details, and recover your stolen funds. He has a trained team of seasoned professionals under various skill sets when it comes to Database Infiltration and recovery of assets lost to Binary Options, ICO Scams, and Online Bitcoin Brokers. You can reach him via zattrecoveryexpect7 @gmail com

  164. Karl Schmidt says:

    Keto1 – TOTAL SCAM. I got RMA numbers and they said they refunded to my DEBIT card (I know, bad choice on my part). My bank can’t do anything about debit charges – none of them can – and Keto1 wants me to have my bank call them with a “transaction number” they gave me (and wait 20 minutes on hold) in order to straighten it out. I guess I’m out the $144.07 they owe me.

  165. jkohlerscammed says:

    I am embarrassed to say that I fell for this twice. The first time was several years ago. Because I did not cancel, they kept sending me bottles of Keto “vitamins”. I thought I could send them back unopened and get a refund. This scam cost me over $600. This time I read the fine print carefully about canceling. Thought I was purchasing $49 worth of gummies; they sent me five bottles and charged me $199 PLUS the $49. I tried to cancel within two hours of getting the receipt but the emails go nowhere. Two names were used:
    Lifestylebrands ($198) and Getlifestyleketonow ($49.68). I have filed a dispute with my bank and have received a credit back on my account for the $198. Nowebsite for these companies; no email addresses; phone number is answered but it is a “guaranteed dissatisfaction” with my request for a refund.

  166. Joan Mclean says:

    I too have fallen for this scam. I’ve been trying to get money back from gummy bears of all things that alone should have warned me I’ve just been given names and customer ID numbers but after reading all the comments I don’t think I’ll bother. Just kiss my $453.92 goodbye.

  167. Florence says:

    Scammed by 360° nutrients company…… unfortunately I was late when I went to the bank the following day.

  168. Shady Scam Scamsters Do better says:

    For some reason while I was out of the country I was charged for another order of these Go-Keto gummies which I can’t uses because corn syrup and cane sugar are the base. I am trying to return them all however when I initially called to do so I was told I had to wait 2 months and then call, now that I read more some places it says return within 30 days other places it says return within 14 day. Nobody picks up the phone (424) 208-2437 and nobody answers the chat.

  169. Jeanine Kainer says:

    I too fell for the scam for the Shark Tank Keto Plus in October 2022. I thought that I was getting one trial bottle and received 5 bottles and charged 197.00. I called a number on the mailing label and was told that they would cancel the order and give me a credit plus a confirmation number. Several time I was put on hold so she could get approval from the manager. I did not receive a confirmation number. Well, so far, I received another package in Nov and Dec. and each month I was charged $197.00. When I called the last time, the idiot on the line tried to sell me additional products as he said that he was not in a position to take care of it. I told him what I thought of him and hung up. I am working with the fraud division of my bank and we will see. I knew better and mentally keep beating my self for being so stupid.

  170. Peggy Poss says:

    Two years ago I ordered three times and every time they charged me but every time they sent wrong product. That was $235.00. So stupid me. And because it had Trisha Yearwoods name connected I ordered the Keto Slim. I ORDERED ONE BOTTLE. It was suppose to be $24.99. When I received it there were 6 bottles and they took me for $198.00. I returned the package with bottled unopened. Never got any mo ey back.

  171. Debra Pretorius says:

    The one I fell for is 360 Nutrients. Same thing they took R3800. And then R3015.

  172. Tiffany says:

    Their latest one is “Impact Keto.” Already disputing with credit card company, and getting new card. Hopefully, credit card company will return my money. But, if not, expensive lesson learned.

  173. Tom Kelley says:

    I have been scammed

  174. Dennis Scott says:

    I appreciate reading all the stories but it would be very helpful if everyone would name te product that scammed them. Then anyone would know what to look out for.

  175. Bobette Roberts says:

    I cancelled my account with them and I have had no more charges. My problem is that I sent back 6 bottles of Ultimate Keto Gummies (which I paid for shipping) which never had been opened, not even unwrapped from the mailing wrapper for a refund . They gave me the RMA # and the address to send them back .They asked me to call them back with a tracking # . Which I did. It is now 5 weeks later and three phone calls to them and I still have not received my refund. They told me They would keep $15.00 for a restocking fee and refund me $ 144.00. The $159.00 I paid for the 6 bottles minus the $15.00 leaves me the $144.00 that they owe me and are giving me the run around and won’t pay me. What do I do now. I still have all the info (RMA#, MY cancelation #, the tracking # the address I sent the bottles back to ( which is a P.O. Box#) and times and dates when I called them , and 2 out of 3 names of who I talked to.)

  176. Marcia says:

    Unfortunately I’ve fallen for several of these scams. They all show Oprah or the shark tank people. So they have to be legit…. Right…. Usually there’s a phone number next to the charge in my online banking for any order. But not for the KETO BLAST GUMMY BEARS. I went to my bank and explained what was happening. They couldn’t find a number either. But they did put a flag on my account so they couldn’t do it again. Just checked my account. They changed the name to SprSlm*AJ07 out of Sandusky OH and yes it did happen again. Very determined scammers. I know I’ll never get my money back. And now I have so many bottles of that crap I don’t know what to do with them. There’s never any contact info on anything that comes with the 5 bottles. Not even an address. But I did just file a fraudulent claim with my bank and canceled my card. Hopefully this will stop them once and for all.

  177. Eugene says:

    Where can one contact or mail them for refund

  178. Lawana Corley says:

    Keto+ luxe ACV gummies another name to add to your list they say 30 day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied. I only ordered 1 bottle and received 5 bottles of keto luxe and 3 bottles of de tox I never ordered.But then the charge you extra for the detox product bottles and send youmore bottles than 1 and and also charge you for trying the product when you open to bottle to try, you buy it, cost me $49.68 to try it. What a Scam . When I ask for the company’s name I was going to get with better business bureau she said she/they were a third party and she could not give it to me.

  179. Vincent C Clark says:

    I invested €19,750 with scam broker and I have never gotten my money back, i was so desperately in need of help to recover all the money back to me, fortunately I came across a colleague that introduced me to a binary options trade funds recovery expert kevinmitnickcyber @ GMAIL COM when i contacted him and his group i did not believe that they could get back my money because i have been scammed a lot already and didn’t know what to do, but my spirit told me to give it a try and i did, feel free to contact them via their email addres kevinmitnickcyber @ gmail com  and they will help you to recover all your lost investment that was denied from you by your scam broker.

  180. Randy H. says:

    Is there a physical address for this company? I cannot find one on the internet? I want to contact their legal department. Please advise.

  181. Kate says:

    What is the customer service number? There is no way to reach them!!

  182. Bob says:

    I had similar experience with a different product. I was able to get a refund when I said I’d be filing a report with the BBB. The rep pit me on hold to talk with “supervisir” and cane back offering full refund if I agreed to take no further action. I said sure and refund posted in a mstter of days.

  183. Arthur Meadows says:

    Re: Get Active Start — Keto Gummies
    Distributed by: Slim Candy Brands
    Las Vegas, NV
    888-205-8607 855-811-2539

    This entity advertised for what I thought was a trial for less than $50. That trial was instead $199.99 as charged to my card. Thinking I had simply misread the original ad, I determined to ignore the loss and move on. Another $199.99 charge was added the next month. I wrote the company, offering to return all and requesting a refund. The next month, a charge appeared and I called. A $100 refund/credit was given with assurance that an additional $200 would come the next day. It never came. Customer service now states they can’t give a refund nor accept returns beyond 30 days. The distributor here is no more than a scam artist. I’ve reported this to my bank and cancelled my credit card.

  184. Anna says:

    Losing money on the internet is all too common these days, and I don’t see why anyone should be ashamed to admit it. The frightening thing is that anyone can become a victim, regardless of intelligence. The good news is that there are recovery agencies that can help you get your money back; all you have to do is phone one that is reliable. I went online to look for help after losing money, and I came upon an article about victims’ optimism. You can reach out to them by email (Freddictine at consultant . com). I decided to give them a chance, and I was pleasantly surprised by how professional and dedicated they were to getting all of my money back.

  185. KLDR says:

    I too fell for the “Shark Tank and Celebrity Endorsed” Mach 5 Keto + ACV gummy scam. I was bombarded on my tablet and computer for weeks until I decided to try the free bottle offered. When I ordered on line I was told that I could order two bottles and get one free. The ad was deceiving as it said only $59.99 a bottle. I was charged this for the “Free” bottle too, a total of $159.88. When I received the order I was surprised that they are basically Apple Cider Vinegar in pill form. Took them for about a week and realized they were not effective as advertised and quit. I decided that it was my fault for doing more research and chalked it up as “lesson learned”. BUT that’s not the end of my story . A month later I received another 3 bottles in the mail and my card was charged another $159.88. I did not authorize an automatic shipment. I have looked at the ads and do not see where it even states that. I looked at my receipt and have NO contact information to cancel or call them and the one e-mail address I found does not go through. When I called my bank to try to have the payment stopped I was told that they could not do anything about the unauthorized charge but I could cancel my card to avoid subsequent charges. The huge charge caused other payments to be denied and put me in overdrawn status. I cancelled my card and have spent countless hours calling all my legitimate auto payment accounts to give them new credit card info. I called the number to Mach5 on the bank statement and was on hold for 45 minutes and no one ever came on the line. Don’t fall for it.

  186. wesley anabelle says:

    i was deceived by an online scammer and i lost all my funds but i  was lucky to come across   a recovery expert by the mail   zattrecoverypro1 @ gmail com and i was able to recover all  my lost funds all thanks to him and his team. if you have similar issues you can contact him and thank me later stay blessed

  187. Gill says:

    Thought this was a good idea to buy. Ended up getting charged £198.26.

  188. LHunter says:

    You should add true form keto gummies to this list. It is a total Scam – They dont even send you an invoice for everything they are billing you for then try to make you believe that you checked off certain items. They would not even give me a return address. I filed a dispute with my credit card.

  189. LEHunter says:

    You should add true form keto gummies to this list. It is a total Scam – They dont even send you an invoice for everything they are billing you for then try to make you believe that you checked off certain items. They would not even give me a return address. I filed a dispute with my credit card.

  190. Tracey says:

    They told me
    They were returning my money, but they are putting it back on the same
    Card that was hacked! How do I get my money to my bank?

  191. Frank Freeman says:

    I was scammed. I saw the add for buy the ACV-GMY for three bottles. When I went to check out it offered this Keto-gmy both are Nucnetix products. Next thing I know I have a Charge of over $500. I called my credit card immediately and they refused to remove the charge. I then called the company and they agreed to reduce my charge to $299. I then got a charge for monthly renewal. i called my credit card and told them to remove the charge and then called the company. The charge was removed. I am using the product and it does not help. I do like the taste so eating them becuase they taste good although they are not helping in reducing body fat.

  192. Perplexed says:

    I’ve been scammed by Ketopure from an ad posted on Facebook. Why can’t someone get Facebook to go after these fraudsters and shut them down? It doesn’t make sense to me why the scammers continue to be given opportunities to steal from good people.

  193. Caroline says:

    I have a new Keto Scam name. PREMIUM BLAST KETO+ACV GUMMIES.The bank charge I got was for 99.04 and I didn’t even place a re-order. I managed to contact the company when I was overcharged for my initial order. I got a partial refund. Now that number is not in service. I have contacted my bank not to honor ANY charges with the words Keto or Gummies. I use my debit card for lots of auto payments and I’m going g to see if I can get a new card with the same numbers, but different exp.date/CVC numbers. I doubt I’ll get my money back but I’m going to call EVERY NUMBER I’ve seen posted on this site. Thank you!!

  194. Caroline Key says:

    New scam name:
    Currebt working Customer service number
    1 844 312 1132

  195. Kevin says:

    Yes my name is Kevin minor and I was ripped off by the scam for $200 I had to shut down my bank account and card to keep them from getting any more money out. I’m worried my bank is not going to refund the money from the scam but since there’s so much information on the internet about the Ripoff I think they will believe me when I tell them that they ripped me off

  196. Gordon Richards says:

    I was conned by keto plus. The advertisement said Gold Coast Keto. Recurring subscription which I didn’t know about.

  197. Joshua meadows says:

    What is the customer support line for the ‘these gummy pills

  198. Mrs Joan E Owens says:

    I just received an email saying they were going to take this to the police for fraud and my bank would not put the payment through. I did not, at any time, agree to more than the original supply nor will I pay for any other supply. My bank cancelled this account and I got a new card. They say they sent me more, which is a total lie. To bad so many people are caught up in this scam. I am a senior on a pension and can’t afford any more of this kind of thing. Some one has to stop them. The threat to the police won’t do them a bit of good. I simply am not going to pay or receive any other items or payment from them.

  199. Bryan Medway says:

    Well Ithought that i woulcd never be SCAMED But it happened they are so convincing, I made a mistake when I ordered and found I had spent £516 which was a shock to me, so I phoned the number advertised and was told they would call me back, waited a day with no call back!!! so I then surched out this artical and was shocked . I called the bank fraud line and hopefully have saved my money going into the SCAMERS HANDS, The bank Fraud were very helpfull and cancelled my card, get a new card in 4to5 days!!!! sodont wait get in touch with your Bank should you get this BIG SCAM happen to you!!!

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