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While we have released several articles and videos addressing the “Shark Tank” keto pill scam, we still receive hundreds of comments and DMs from individuals who were not lucky enough to see our information before they bought the pills and are now wondering what they can do.  People are losing hundreds of dollars with this scam and if you are reading this article right now, chances are, you are one of them.  Below are some steps you can take.

First off, don’t feel bad. You are one of the thousands (if not more) who have been a victim of this scam.  This company built fake credibility by lying and saying they were the first keto diet pills on Shark Tank, creating fake ads with celebrities who never endorsed their products, and flooding social media with grandiose before and after photos of people who have never taken their product.  

Some of the scams offer a BOGO deal in which you get a “great deal” with 2 bottles of pills while others allow a “FREE” trial that inevitably ends up charging you 2-4 weeks later. When we recently called their customer support they said that there is a “small clause” that informs people that this is a monthly subscription until they cancel it.  In reality, there is no transparency and again, if you are reading this article, chances are you have already realized this situation sounds exactly like the one you are in. You’ve probably charged anywhere from $89 to $399 and have no idea what to do. 

So, What Should You Do If You Were A Victim Of This Keto Scam?

There are a few steps you should take if you were a victim of this keto scam. 

Step 1: Call their customer support and ask them to cancel all charges immediately and ask for a refund.  Chances are they will do everything possible to avoid giving you a refund and make you pay to ship, etc to send them back the bottle. 

Step 2: Regardless of the outcome of Step #1, call your bank or credit card company IMMEDIATELY and tell them it was a fraudulent charge.  

Step 3: Cancel your credit card and ask your credit card company to send you a new card.  

Step 4: Continue to monitor your bank or credit card statements. We have received hundreds of anecdotes from victims of this scam explaining they were charges hundreds of dollars repeatedly. Monitor activity closely to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Step 5: Report the company to the better business bureau. You can fill out a complaint here (  As explained in our first two articles (Keto Scam on Shark Tank and Instagram and Shark Tank Keto Diet Pills Scam) this company keeps changing its name and product names. Every time you refresh the page these keto diet pills have a new name and it just helps perpetuate the scam. We must keep reporting every single new name they come up with. A few examples of names we have seen include:

  • Ultra Rapid Max Keto
  • Purefit Keto
  • Keto Burn and Keto Burn Xtreme
  • Ultra Fast Keto Boost
  • Keto Advance
  • Keto Slim Rx
  • Keto Pure
  • Keto Boost Slim
  • Keto Ultra
  • Ultra Keto Slim
  • Keto Advanced Weight Loss Pills
  • Keto Max Burn

Step 6: Spread the word! Share these articles and videos to help educate as many people as possible so they don’t fall for this keto scam as well! If we all work together, we have a better chance of shutting this keto diet pill company down.  Also, report fake Instagram and Facebook pages that are promoting these pills and fake images.  Some of the common Instagram names to look for are:

  • Sarah Nutrition
  • Sarah.Stanford
  • Jessica Reed
  • Variations of the two names with additional “.” and letters

Step 7:  Reach out to us! We are so sorry to hear that you were a victim of this keto scam. We’d love to help you in any way possible not only with this issue but also help you get to your goals by actually doing something effective to initiate ketosis. 

Shoot us an email at and we will do our best to help answer your questions for you and get you started on the right track.

Additional Resources and More Information

For more detailed information, check out our previous 4 videos and articles in this Shark Tank Keto Pills Scam:


Were You A Victim of This Shark Tank Keto Diet Pill Scam?

Comment below and share your story! If you were scammed by a company that we did not mention, please comment it below so that we can add it to our list and potentially help prevent more people from falling for this keto scam.

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  1. Rachel shaw says:

    Ive already disputed three charges. I will cancel my card.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi, Rachel. We are sad to hear you were a victim of this scam but happy to know you are taking the right steps to get your money back!

  2. Hi my name is Linda and I too fell for this I ordered a product called Ultimate Cleanse back in April 12/20 off my phone when it came to the end of the process it had a do you want to cancel this order and I hit yes and to my surprise it said my order was successful and right then and there I knew I was in trouble.I called my credit card company Capital One on Monday 4/13 morning and was told the charge had not even posted to my account yet and was told I could not do anything about it until it posted to my account. I should have canceled my card right then and there but really did not want to do that as I used that card for online purchases only. Anyway on April 23/20 I called my credit card company closed the account and disputed the charges ( I had not even received the product yet ) and they told me when I did get the package to return it which I did ( got the pills on April 27 mailed them back on April 30 and the company got them on May 7/20) I thought that would be the end of it.Got my card statement for the following month and the charge had been removed and then in June- July I get a bill and the charges had been reinstated I was dumbfounded call the credit card company again and was told they had proof from tracking that I had received the package and told the yes and sent it right back then they proceeded to tell me they had sent a letter that I had needed to send back to them in a certain time frame (a few weeks) to continue with the dispute I told them I had not received any such letter that was on June 27 they told me they would send another letter today is July 29 and still have not got that letter but it gets better cause on July 9 I got the letter from June 9 ( it was already past the date of June 30 that I had to get it back to them). I called the credit card company July 10 to inform them that I had just received it was told to sit down and write the company and explain the situation which I did and sent them all the paperwork I had on this and mailed it certified which they got on July 18 /20 and have not heard anything. In the mean time I got a bill with this charge and late fees are now accruing needless to say I called the company and blew my stack and the only thing that Jay could say (the account specialist ) is you were outside of the time frame to do anything about it and to call the company and deal with them if I wanted any satisfaction . Well yesterday I tried that and called the company that the Capital One company gave me and got a recording saying that they are not taking any calls due to social distancing I had to laugh it’s a joke. So I called the Capital One and ask them what to do now and was told that he Eric would file an appeal. Well I did everything right and I am not gonna back down even if I have to get a lawyer and sue cause now it is affecting my credit score and it’s a matter of principal but I have learned a lesson NEVER order any thing off my phone! And I did try to file a complaint on this company using the info that I had that Capital One had given me with the better business bureau and imagine this they can’t find any business under that name Ultimate Cleanse in the zip code that I had provided can you believe that?

    1. Anna says:

      I was a victim of this too. They charged me $186.20. I cancelled my card, will I still be charged again for every month by these scammers? Do I need to close my account?

      1. Hi, Anna. If you have canceled your card, they will no longer be able to charge you.

  3. Wallace Robinson says:

    I fell victim to this company July 30. On their website I ordered 2 bottles of pills that was going to cost about $58.00. When I placed the order, they congratulated me for ordering and it would be sent right away. I looked for a window showing my receipt or confirmation of what I ordered and for how much. Didn’t find one. Next day, July 31, charges pending to my account $301.00 (CDN.). I phoned the company but calls could not be taken as it was too busy but they directed me to a customer service site for them which I felt was totally not representing any particular company. The person was courteous but in no way could anything be done about this “mistake”. Could not be undone. I called the bank. They could not cancel charges pending. It had to go on the account, then they would look at it. I hold the banks responsible as I am sure they have a pattern of scam charges that are disputed every month. I was going to cancel the credit card, but pending charges would still go on the account. I will contact them Aug. 4 to follow up on this scam. I thought by refusing delivery. My thinking is that if I accept delivery it will be construed as a legitimate purchase whereas it is not what I ordered.

  4. Kim Pelchat says:

    I just received a package deal of buy two get two and I was shocked when my charge came of my bank of $260.00 ! Called the people and asked why it cost that amount when the ad said buy 2 for $45 ea. Get 2 free ? They gave me this big story and I fell for it ! The name on the bottle is Keto Diet, Keto Max 800 Premium Weight Loss ! Is this a scam product ? I’ll keep an eye on my bank and I’ll let them know about this because the money came out in June 27th. And It didn’t get here till yesterday august 5th ! I did speak to someone at this company and noticed I was being charged for a VIP credit and told them I don’t want that and they said there will be no other charges and take me off the VIP … when I thought I was being scammed I did sent them a email and told them I spoke with my bank and they won’t allow any charges to come out from their company HCH…how do I get the real keto product ? Thank for ur time and I hope I here from u soon and I hope this too isn’t a scam ?

    1. Hi, Kim. First off, we are so sorry to hear that you were a victim of this scam. Yes, this product is a scam. Even if you get the product in, it will not do anything. The main ingredient is 800mg of BHB, which is far too little to have any effect. The minimum efficacious dose is about 700% greater than this amount. Additionally, the product is not at all regulated and could contain ingredients that would do more harm than good. We would not recommend taking this product even if you do receive it.

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