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Keto HummusBy Max MentzerDon't you just miss the velvety smoothness and texture of a true hummus? Look no further, as this recipe will bring you to tears thinking it's "The Real Deal"! Now, I can't call this hummus only because the literal translation means garbanzo, but the flavor is impeccable to the real thing and it will leave you completely satisfied!
Keto Apple Pie Trifle (Chayote Alternative)By Max MentzerI know I miss everything apple pie during the busy holiday season! Check out this quick and easy Apple Pie Trifle that will leave in awe thinking it's "The Real Deal"! I used chayote squash instead of real apples. Chayote is lower in carbs than jicama and resembles the texture of an apple with out the flavor so it is pretty versatile! Enjoy!