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Celebrate the Holidays with 12 Christmas Keto Desserts

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  Published on December 10th, 2019
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  Last modified March 7th, 2022
christmas keto fat bombs

Christmas time and holiday festivities can be difficult for individuals following a ketogenic diet. Watching your friends and family pass around the carb and calorie-filled pies and other satiating desserts can be a hard pill to swallow and will put your willpower to the test.

If you’re worried your taste buds will lead you astray this holiday season, there is still hope! By planning and re-creating some of these delicious Christmas Keto Desserts, you’ll satisfy your sweet tooth while remaining in a ketogenic state without any problem.

12 Christmas Keto Desserts

If you’re looking for some heavenly desserts to bring to the holiday table, try one (or more) of these simple recipes for Christmas Keto desserts:

keto fat bomb

Keto Fat Bombs

These classic keto fat bombs are jam-packed with healthy fats. With only 4 ingredients and no-bake time necessary, these simple and delicious keto fat bombs are a go-to for the holiday season. Click here for the recipe.

Keto Christmas Tree Chocolate Cupcakes

Trying to step up your holiday dessert game? These Keto Christmas Tree Chocolate Cupcakes will be sure to wow the guests at your holiday party while keeping the carb count low with only 5.2 grams of net carbs per cupcake. Click here for the recipe.

Keto Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes

Pumpkin season stays strong well into December, making pumpkin space cupcakes a fast favorite at any party. With a moist texture and only 4 grams of net carbs per serving, these cupcakes are quick, easy and perfect for your next group gathering. Besides, who doesn’t love cupcakes? Click here for the recipe.

Keto Reese’s Cup Fat Bombs

Did someone say peanut butter? These mouth-watering Keto Reese’s Cup Fat Bombs are only 72 calories per serving while packing all the flavors of your favorite holiday candy. Click here for the recipe.

Keto Oreo Cookie Bites

Bring everyone closer together this holiday season by bonding over these delicious Keto Oreo Cookie Bites. With 5.8 grams of fat per serving, these cookie bites will satiate those taste buds while keeping you in a ketogenic state. Click here for the recipe.

Keto Three Musketeers

Wondering how to make your own keto candy bars? Well, you’re in luck with these Keto Three Musketeers Bars. You’ll be sure to wow your family and friends with these high-fat, low-carb homemade candy bars. Click here for the recipe.

Keto White Chocolate Raspberry Bites

How can you resist white chocolate raspberry? These Keto White Chocolate Raspberry Bites pack 11.6 grams of fat per serving. Although the recipe is a bit more advanced, it’s worth it. Click here for the recipe.


Keto Peppermint Chocolate Cheesecake Bites

You are guaranteed to get into the holiday spirit with these Keto Peppermint Chocolate Cheesecake Bites. With only 5 grams of net carbs per square, you can maintain a ketogenic state and feel free to indulge in some chocolate cheesecake goodness. Click here for the recipe.

keto peppermint cheesecake bites

Keto Butterfinger Bites

Everyone’s favorite candy is making the rounds this holiday season in the form of these Keto Butterfinger Bites. I mean, who doesn’t love peanut butter? One ingredient you may not have expected to find in this recipe is pork rinds. Can you guess what they’re used for? Click here for the recipe.

Keto Peppermint Bark

This holiday season we are bringing it back to the classics. I mean, what’s a Christmas Eve dinner without peppermint bark served as a dessert? Put your own twist on this Christmas classic with Keto Peppermint Bark. Click here for the recipe.

Keto Gingerbread Bites

Unlike the gingerbread houses we build for decoration, these Keto Gingerbread Bites are meant to be eaten. This year, this holiday classic is getting quite the spin. Instead of traditional gingerbread man cookies, give these Keto Gingerbread Bites a shot. Click here for the recipe.

Orange Zest Keto Truffles

Need a bit more zing to your holiday treats? These Orange Zest Keto Truffles give you a mouth full of citrus goodness on top of the sweet chocolate flavor. Click here for the recipe.

Helpful Fat Bomb Tips

Fat bombs are a popular keto-friendly snack. Depending on the ingredients, you’ll want to make sure the ingredients are melted and mixed evenly. A few useful tools to have when making fat bombs of any sort include baking tools such as a silicone tray for molds, silicone muffin liners, a  blender or food processor to mix the ingredients well, a food scale for proper measurements and even a frother if you want to get creative.

Whether you’re headed to a holiday event or just looking to have fun in the kitchen, these 12 Christmas Keto Desserts are the perfect way to fulfill your craving for sweets.

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