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One Shot Keto is a Scam!

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  Published on February 17th, 2022
  Reading time: 3 minutes
  Last modified July 10th, 2023
one shot keto diet pills

If you have found this article, chances are you are looking at purchasing keto diet pills. Luckily, you did your research before checking out and giving this company your card information! We are here to warn you that One Shot Keto pills are a scam. 

For the past three years, Ketogenic.com has released countless articles, videos, and social media posts to try and inform the world about this scam. These keto diet pills are completely fake. The company will steal your credit card or bank account information and charge you hundreds of dollars. 

Contacting customer service is of no use. After all, this is a scam company. They might promise a refund, but out of the hundreds of people we have spoken with, not a single person has ever received a refund.

So, What Is One Shot Keto?

One Shot Keto is just another fake company name in the list of hundreds that are a part of this scam. Some advertisements claim to have been on Shark Tank (the Sharks have confirmed this is not true) and some claim to help you lose 100+ pounds in a matter of days.

Even if these “miracle” pills were able to magically melt off fat, most victims of this scam never even receive a product. Those who do receive a product are urged not to take them. These pills are completely unregulated and untested. The ingredients will not help with weight loss and will likely do more harm than good. Some individuals have commented on our previous articles about this product stating it gave them heart problems, digestive issues, and led to hospital visits.

What To Do If You Have Been a Victim of the One Shot Keto Pill Scandal

If you didn’t find this article in time and have already been charged hundreds of dollars by this company, we have a few recommendations. First off, save your time and don’t bother trying to call customer service. After hours spent on hold, you may be able to speak with someone who might promise you a refund, but it is a lie. Out of the hundreds of people we have spoken with, none have ever received a refund.

That being said, these are considered fraudulent charges. You never agreed to the amount they are charging. Additionally, most people never receive a product. Because of this, you can report the charges to your bank or credit card company. We recommend doing this ASAP to deactivate your card and also prevent further charges from the company. 

Keto diet pill

More Information About The Keto Pill Scam

We’ve dived deep into this whole scam and have written several articles and filmed several videos to try and help educate as many people as possible. For a deep dive into this whole thing and even an attempt at contacting customer service, check out our article below. 

At ketogenic.com, we are committed to supporting, inspiring, and educating people on the benefits of living a ketogenic lifestyle. We do this by bringing together the top researchers, practitioners, and thought-leaders who provide resources, experience, and awareness associated around the Ketogenic diet. Utilizing the latest cutting-edge research along with practical experience, the team at ketogenic.com aims to foster awareness, understanding, and connectedness in helping others optimize their life on a ketogenic diet.


  1. Lou Helvie says:

    I just now received a call saying I owed money for the One Shot Keto because I failed to cancel after the trial bottle was sent. I did cancel and they are trying to say no email or phone call was recorded of this. Of course, we all know recordings can be deleted. She went on to say this was from May of 2021. I still have the unopened bottle because I saw that it was a scam. She said this would escalate if I did not pay the $89.95 plus other charges and I would be blacklisted internationally, etc. I told her to go ahead…I am not paying for a scam.

  2. Theresa Morrison-Quinata says:

    Is there anyway to get a refund or has a law suit been filed to help? Wondering if I should just throw the bottle away and move on.

  3. Debra Palmer says:

    I received a bottle of one shot keto in the mail today march 27th I did not order these. Iam not on a diet. The packing slip is dated march18-2023

  4. Karen Reiss says:

    I have received 2 bottles of the one shot keto capsules in the mail this past week free of charge. I never ordered this. How do I keep from being charged I also received some skin tag removal that I did not order.

    Please advise me as how to make this stop and make sure I am not charged.

    Thank you,

  5. Jim Lohr says:

    Hi! I just received a bottle of Oneshot Keto in the mail. How or why I don’t know. Certainly didn’t order them. The enclosed invoice said I owed nothing. Seeing as how I know nothing about this supplement, I elected to research on Google. Whereas I came across your warning of scam alert. Disposed of capsules and filed invoice. Now it is time to see what might develop next. Thanks for your informational contribution.

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