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On June 17th, 2020 John Hopkins University announced the launch of a breakthrough new clinical research trial on the use of a Keto diet for Intubated Critical Care COVID-19 (KICC-COVID19)

In recent years, research around the interplay between diet, disease, and health outcomes has been rapidly expanding. We’ve seen new research on the use of a keto diet for numerous different conditions. The following are just a few to highlight the vast variety between different diseases and disorders the ketogenic diet may be useful for:


This list is only the tip of the iceberg, so you can get a pretty good idea as to why researchers may want to look into the therapeutic benefits of a ketogenic for illnesses like COVID-19. 


So, What Is This Study Looking At?

This keto research study aims to look at the beneficial use of a ketogenic diet for COVID-19 patients that are currently intubated and in critical care.


Why Do They Think Keto Can Help COVID Patients?

There are several reasons the ketogenic diet may be beneficial for patients in critical care. The researchers in this study believe that patients currently in need of ventilation will benefit from a 4:1 ketogenic diet through the following means: 

  1. Improvement in gas exchange
  2. Reduction in inflammation
  3. Reduction in duration of need for mechanical ventilation


What Will The Researchers Be Looking For?

The primary outcome that the researchers will be looking at is the change in the partial pressure of carbon dioxide (PaCO2). This value will help determine whether or not the ketogenic diet has helped improve gas exchange (which can also be caused by a reduction in inflammation). 


More Details About This Keto Research Trial

Study details: Single-center, open-label, clinical trial (interventional)

Methods: This keto research study will involve feeding 15 intubated COVID-19 patients a 4:1 ketogenic diet within 48 hours of intubation. 

Time-Frame: Estimated to begin on September 1, 2020, estimated study completion date on December 31, 2021


Read More About this keto research trial at:

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