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Six Scrumptious Keto Donut Recipes

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  Published on March 2nd, 2021
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  Last modified September 9th, 2022
Making keto donuts

You might think have to go without sweet, soft, doughy donuts while you’re following a ketogenic diet. After all, donuts don’t typically align with health, weight loss, or fitness goals. The good news is you don’t have to with these delicious keto donut recipes:


1.   Chocolate Keto Donut

Chocolate lovers rejoice! Introducing 17-minute keto chocolate donuts with unsweetened cocoa powder and sweetened with vanilla extract and stevia. You might also like these heavenly keto chocolate chip donuts that take less than half an hour to make.

For some people, bacon and chocolate merging is a euphoric experience. Bacon keto chocolate donuts can bring you this experience, keto style!


2.   Powdered and Sugar-Glazed Donuts

Switch up your meat and egg keto breakfast and treat yourself to donuts instead! These 21-minute cakey keto powdered donuts are a low-carb sweet treat packed full of protein and flavor. You might also like these 34-minute keto sugar-glazed donuts using powdered stevia, or confectioners’ swerve. Why not try these 19-minute keto donuts glazed with coconut butter?


3.   Cinnamon, Lemon, and Blueberry

Cinnamon is potent and sweet! Impress guests with your keto culinary prowess and delight in these 30-minute keto cinnamon donuts with lemon blueberry frosting.


4.   Mocha Keto Donuts

Mocha lovers will enjoy these keto mocha donuts. All you need is 25-minutes and instant coffee, almond milk, vanilla extract, stevia, coconut flour, and a few other delicious ingredients. It’s that easy to make this keto mocha donut recipe.


6.   Matcha Frosting!

If you’re a fan of matcha, you’ll be overjoyed with these 30-minute keto early riser donuts with matcha frosting! The unique and flavorsome frosting is comprised of cream cheese, butter or ghee, matcha powder, vanilla extract, and other tasty ingredients.

What are Your Favorite Keto Donut Recipes?

Share your favorite keto donut recipes with other keto dieters. Do you prefer chocolatey donuts or sweet cinnamon? Follow us on social media for more keto recipes and ideas!


Steph Green is a writer, researcher, and singer/songwriter with a passion for all things wellness. In 2016, after four years of struggling with her own health problems and painful autoimmune disease, Steph developed a life-changing and extensive knowledge of keto, nutrition, and natural medicine. She continues on her healing journey and enjoys helping others along the way.

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