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keto_wit_b lost 75 lbs on the keto diet

keto_wit_b Stays Consistent with Keto and Loses 75 lbs!

Meet Brenda Castillo IG: @keto_wit_b Current Weight Loss: -75 lbs   @ keto_wit_b & Her Transformation Story: In 2017, I  was at my heaviest 220 lbs. I felt helpless and depressed. I started to research Keto after being denied for Weight Loss Surgery by my insurance carrier. After some research,

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vicky's keto weight loss transformation story

Vicky’s Keto Weight Loss Transformation

Meet Vicky: IG: @blingsthings_the_keto_rican Starting Weight: 156 lbs. Current Weight: 126 lbs.   Vicky’s Keto Weight Loss Transformation Story: I’ve been into fitness since I was 17 in a high school aerobics PE class. I’d never had an issue with weight until after competing in the NPC in 2013/2014 my

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turnaroundfitness tim transformation

Tim From turnaroundfitness Turns it ALL Around

Meet Tim: IG: @ turnaroundfitness Starting Weight: 243lbs. Current Weight: 173lbs.   Tim’s Keto Transformation Story: Being on Keto has totally changed my life. So much so that I teach other people how to do it by providing amazing content on my Instagram! In the beginning, it was hard but

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blondeandketo transformation story

Shannon aka Blondeandketo Shines with Keto Success!

Meet Shannon: IG: @ blondeandketo Starting Weight: 300 lbs. Current Weight: 180 lbs.   The Keto Transformation Story of @ blondeandketo: I started keto because I own a hair salon and tons of clients talked about it. It wasn’t until one day I saw myself so differently and felt my

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lauren brazee keto transformation

Lauren Brazee & Keto for PCOS

Meet Lauren Brazee: IG: @laurenbrazee Starting Weight: 350 lbs. Current Weight: 278 lbs.   Lauren Brazee’s Keto Transformation Story: I started keto because My OBGYN had repeatedly brought up that it may help me with my PCOS. My husband heard a podcast about Keto and decided he would like to

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sarah grace transformation photo

Bacon, Grace, and Guac…This is Sarah Grace’s Story!

Meet Sarah: IG: Sarah Grace @bacongraceandguac Starting Weight: 235 lbs. Current Weight: 196 lbs.   Sarah Grace’s Keto Transformation Story: I started the ketogenic diet mainly for mental health reasons. I struggle with depression, high anxiety, and I feel like they were consuming my life. After 2 weeks of switching to

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stephanies 100 pound weight loss transformation

Stephanie’s Over 100 Pound Weight Loss Transformation

Meet Stephanie: IG: @stefalupogus Starting Weight: 327 lbs. Current Weight: 178 lbs. Stephanie’s 100 Pound Weight Loss Transformation Story: I have had great success with health by following a ketogenic diet, coupled with both intermittent and extended fasting over the past year. In addition to eating healthy keto and fasting, I’ve also incorporated

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ketosony and her weight loss transformation on keto

@ ketosony Heals Her Body and Feels Amazing!

Meet Sonia (aka ketosony ): IG: @ketosony Weight Loss: – 75 lbs @ Ketosony & Her Transformation Story: I was tired of feeling sick and tired. I was unhealthy and unhappy. My biggest Non-Scale Victories are that I feel like a whole different person. I’m in a completely different mental space,

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preeth (@ superpks) and her keto weight loss transformation

Preeth (@ superpks) Shares her Story to Give Back!

Meet Preeth (@ superpks) : IG: @ superpks Starting Weight: 200 lbs. Current Weight: 134 lbs. Preeth’s Keto Transformation Story: I started the keto diet after seeing so many success stories on Instagram. I had lost 30 lbs for my wedding in 2015 and gained most of it back in 2016. I wanted

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Dale's keto weight loss story

Dale’s 335lb Keto Weight Loss Story

Meet Dale: IG: @prsplayer24 Starting Weight: 500 lbs. Current Weight: 165 lbs.   Dale’s Keto Weight Loss Story: I chose to start the keto diet for weight loss. It didn’t take long for me to realize it was something that I could turn into a lifestyle, especially after massive losses in the first

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dee stricker keto transformation

Dee Stricker Loses Weight and Controls Her Life Again!

Meet Dee Stricker: IG: Dinah @deestricker  Starting Weight: 170 lbs. Current Weight: 136 lbs. How long have you been following a ketogenic lifestyle? 3.5 years Dee Stricker’s Keto Transformation Story: I’ve been a fitness coach for almost 10 years now and played hockey for 23 years. I’ve had many ups and downs over the

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Deanna Transformation

Deanna Loses A Lot with Keto!

Deanna IG: @heartstringsketo Age: 44 Starting Weight: 223 lbs Current Weight: 153 lbs How long have you been following a ketogenic lifestyle? 21 Months Favorite Foods Meal: Cauliflower Mac N Cheese with Bacon Snack: Cream Cheese with Pepperoni Deanna’s Story: “After having 4 kids and putting on lots of weight,

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