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David Bernal before and after keto

How David Bernal Changed His Life with Keto

Name: David Bernal Age: 55 Starting Weight: 169 Current Weight: 140 How long have you been following a ketogenic diet? 6 years What is your favorite keto meal? Grass-fed steak Why did you start keto? To improve health and fitness. What was the hardest part of keto and how did you overcome it? Carbs were

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James Prescott before and after keto

James Stuck with Keto to Change His Body Composition

Name: James Prescott Age: 52 Starting Weight: 220 Current Weight: 178 How long have you been following a ketogenic diet? 1 year What is your favorite keto meal? Steak and asparagus Why did you start keto? Health and weight What was the hardest part of keto and how did you overcome it? Sugar cravings.

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Jonathan Hawes before and after keto

Keto Helped Jonathan Hawes Get Off Insulin and Lose 120 Pounds

Name: Jonathan Hawes Age: 67 Starting Weight: 368 Current Weight: 244 How long have you been following a ketogenic diet? 1 year What is your favorite keto meal? Pork rind breaded, air-fried tuna cakes with oven-roasted asparagus Why did you start keto? It was recommended to me by a co-worker, when I decided that I needed

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marie keto tips

Mariela Timarchi Transformed Her Life With the Keto Diet

Meet Mariela Timarchi: IG: How long have you been following a ketogenic lifestyle? 4 years  What made you want to start the ketogenic diet? My illness and my doctor’s recommendation  What kind of keto diet do you follow: Carnivore What’s your favorite keto meal or snack: Meat   Mariela

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Natalia wound up losing over 50 pounds on keto

Natalie Lost Over 50 Pounds on Keto

Meet Natalie: IG: @tasteslovely Starting Weight: 255lbs Current Weight: 194 lbs   Natalie on Losing Over 50 Pounds on Keto: This is what happens when you don’t give up. I was SOOO excited when I lost those first 17 pounds! I remember taking these first set of weight loss pictures

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keto_wit_b lost 75 lbs on the keto diet

keto_wit_b Stays Consistent with Keto and Loses 75 lbs!

Meet Brenda Castillo IG: @keto_wit_b Current Weight Loss: -75 lbs   @ keto_wit_b & Her Transformation Story: In 2017, I  was at my heaviest 220 lbs. I felt helpless and depressed. I started to research Keto after being denied for Weight Loss Surgery by my insurance carrier. After some research,

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vicky's keto weight loss transformation story

Vicky’s Keto Weight Loss Transformation

Meet Vicky: IG: @blingsthings_the_keto_rican Starting Weight: 156 lbs. Current Weight: 126 lbs.   Vicky’s Keto Weight Loss Transformation Story: I’ve been into fitness since I was 17 in a high school aerobics PE class. I’d never had an issue with weight until after competing in the NPC in 2013/2014 my

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turnaroundfitness tim transformation

Tim From turnaroundfitness Turns it ALL Around

Meet Tim: IG: @ turnaroundfitness Starting Weight: 243lbs. Current Weight: 173lbs.   Tim’s Keto Transformation Story: Being on Keto has totally changed my life. So much so that I teach other people how to do it by providing amazing content on my Instagram! In the beginning, it was hard but

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blondeandketo transformation story

Shannon aka Blondeandketo Shines with Keto Success!

Meet Shannon: IG: @ blondeandketo Starting Weight: 300 lbs. Current Weight: 180 lbs.   The Keto Transformation Story of @ blondeandketo: I started keto because I own a hair salon and tons of clients talked about it. It wasn’t until one day I saw myself so differently and felt my

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lauren brazee keto transformation

Lauren Brazee & Keto for PCOS

Meet Lauren Brazee: IG: @laurenbrazee Starting Weight: 350 lbs. Current Weight: 278 lbs.   Lauren Brazee’s Keto Transformation Story: I started keto because My OBGYN had repeatedly brought up that it may help me with my PCOS. My husband heard a podcast about Keto and decided he would like to

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sarah grace transformation photo

Bacon, Grace, and Guac…This is Sarah Grace’s Story!

Meet Sarah: IG: Sarah Grace @bacongraceandguac Starting Weight: 235 lbs. Current Weight: 196 lbs.   Sarah Grace’s Keto Transformation Story: I started the ketogenic diet mainly for mental health reasons. I struggle with depression, high anxiety, and I feel like they were consuming my life. After 2 weeks of switching to

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