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When Aldi announced their new 0g net carb keto bread at the beginning of September, the ketogenic community went crazy. After all, one of the biggest complaints against maintaining a ketogenic diet is the unwillingness to give up bread. At only $2.99 a loaf, it’s easy to see how this keto bread went viral.

While we at do not endorse the consumption of this new low-carb Aldi bread on a ketogenic diet, we also understand that progress is better than perfection and this bread is still better than traditional white bread.

If you’ve already jumped on this craze and are looking to expand your keto sandwich game beyond boring PB&Js, check out these 10 sweet, savory, and just plain delicious keto bread recipes.


Sweet Keto Bread Recipes

1.    Nutella Toast

Are you been bored with your current breakfast options? A sweet, chocolatey, dessert toast is the perfect dish to break up the monotony of keto egg-dominated breakfasts. Just top your favorite keto bread with a tablespoon of this delicious keto Nutella chocolate hazelnut spread for a meal so decadent, you won’t believe it’s really keto.

2.    Pumpkin Butter Toast

It’s Fall, y’all and you know what that means! Pumpkin everything. Say no to that sugar-filled Starbucks pumpkin pastry and try this keto pumpkin butter toast instead. Just add a tablespoon of this pumpkin butter to your favorite keto bread for a tasty fall treat.

3.    Macadamia Nut Butter Toast

White chocolate macadamia nut cookies may be scrumptious, but they are also filled with tons of refined sugar. When that craving hits, opt for tasty macadamia nut butter toast instead. Just add a tablespoon to a slice of keto bread and you’re going to go!

4.    French Toast

Avoid the boring breakfast routine by swapping sugar-filled French toast for this keto recipe. This delectable toast is so sweet no one will be able to tell it’s only 3g net carbs.

5.    Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Name a more iconic cereal than Cinnamon Toast Crunch. We’ll wait…

If you’ve been craving this sweet & cinnamony treat, try out our cinnamon toast crunch recipe instead! It’s incredibly easy to make and it only requires 4 ingredients. Want to spice it up a bit? Just sprinkle a bit of pumpkin pie spice or other sweet seasonings on top!


Savory Keto Bread Recipes

6.    Reuben Sandwich

This German-inspired sandwich has a unique taste that is difficult to replicate. Lucky for you, our keto Reuben recipe tastes just like the classic dish with less than half the normal carbs.

7.    Stuffed Hamburgers

Burgers without the bun are a staple of the ketogenic diet, but who needs to remove the bun when you have keto bread? Take your burger game to the next level by making these keto stuffed burgers with slices of your go-to keto bread.

8.    Avocado Toast

Avocado toast is a meal that defines the modern generation. Replace your carb-heavy toast for this recipe to make a breakfast that is anything but basic.

9.    Pumpkin Chili & Grilled Beer Cheese Sandwich

Leaves are falling, the air is cooling, and the smell of pumpkin spice is in the air. If you’re craving a warm grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup, opt for pumpkin chili & a grilled beer cheese sandwich instead. Simply add beer cheese to a slice of keto bread & toast it! Dip it in the pumpkin chili for a warm & refreshing autumn-inspired twist.

10. Cheesy Creamed Kale & Steak Sandwich

This sandwich is chalked full of cheese, bacon, and steak. Need we say more?

Simply add 2 tbsp of keto cheesy creamed kale to 2 toasted pieces of keto bread and top with 3-4 oz of steak slices for the best sandwich you’ve ever had.

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