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Keto Peanut Butter CookiesBy Camilla HenriksenGoing keto doesn't mean that you have to give up your favorite sweet treats! Indulge in these delicious keto peanut butter cookies in less than an hour! They only take a few ingredients and are really simple to make. Plus, the whole family will enjoy them!
Swedish Keto Chocolate BallsBy Camilla HenriksenWhen you're craving a chocolatey treat, but don't have time to cook up a fancy dessert or go to the store and buy something new, what should you do? Try making these quick and easy keto chocolate balls! They are small chocolate and coconut packed fat bombs with only 1g of net carbs but all of the flavor of a chocolate coconut candy bar!
Cinnamon Bun Cake with Caramel SauceBy Camilla HenriksenWho doesn't love the taste of soft, warm cinnamon cake topped with thick and rich caramel sauce? Normally, a cinnamon bun cake would be packed full of sugar, but this keto cake recipe only has 3g of net carbs per serving!
Keto Chocolate Fudge Tosca BitesBy Camilla HenriksenTraditional chocolate fudge is delicious, but it's packed full of sugar. This Swedish twist on the classic recipe is low in carbs but high in flavor. These keto chocolate fudge tosca bites melt together smoothy and rich chocolate with nutty coconut for the perfect keto dessert.
Almond Butter CupsBy Camilla HenriksenWhether you have a peanut sensitivity/allergy or are just looking to try something new, try swapping peanut butter in traditional peanut butter cups for these tasty almond butter cups! They are packed full of chocolatey, nutty flavor, but with fewer carbs!
Keto Raspberry Coconut Tosca CakeBy Camilla HenriksenTosca cake or Toscakaka is a Swedish cake is a soft, fluffy cake with a crispy, nutty topping. This Tosca cake combines the flavors of coconut and raspberry for a delicious treat! It's keto-friendly and a fun dessert year-round!
The Ultimate Easy Keto Bread RecipeBy Camilla HenriksenOne of the hardest parts about going keto is having to give up bread. Not only is bread delicious, but it's the backbone of so many other foods. That means no more grilled cheese sandwiches, PB&J's, or avocado toast! But, have no fear, you don't have to give up bread completely! This easy keto bread recipe is the ultimate low-carb alternative to your favorite carb-filled bread!
Keto Raspberry CheesecakeBy Camilla HenriksenWho doesn't love cheesecake? It's a classic keto dessert because it's naturally packed full of healthy fats and easy to make sugar-free. But, can you make cheesecake better? The answer is yes, definitely! Fruit is typically kept to a minimum on keto, so if you find that you're craving the sweet juicy flavor of fruit, try this raspberry keto cheesecake! It packs the sweet creaminess of cheesecake, with that added punch of berries! Don't like raspberries? Try replacing the raspberries in this keto raspberry cheesecake recipe with strawberries, blueberries, or blackberries.
Keto Vegetable PieBy Camilla HenriksenEating your veggies doesn't have to be boring! Spice up your boring broccoli side dishes with this keto vegetable pie recipe! It's low-carb, tastes amazing, and is a great way to get in those micronutrients!
Low-Carb Apple Cake with Apple Pie CrumbleBy Camilla HenriksenMissing apples or apple pie on the keto diet? This low carb apple cake embodies all of the delicious, warm, cinnamon-y flavor of apple pie in a light low-carb cake!
Keto Fudge Snickers BarsBy Camilla HenriksenThis is not your average keto dessert. Who needs boring cookies or cake when you can have a keto fudge snickers bar? If you have difficulty adhering to keto or find yourself craving sweets, this is the perfect keto treat. Try making this recipe and storing them as single servings in reusable bags. Then, next time you are craving a chocolatey treat or want to break your diet, just reach for one of these yummy keto fudge snickers bars.
Keto Peanut Butter Mousse with Chocolate and CaramelBy Camilla HenriksenIf you are looking for a delicious keto dessert then look no further. This whipped peanut butter mousse is creamy and delicious. It is topped with a thick, gooey caramel sauce and scrumptious chocolate ganache.
Cheesy Keto Cauliflower Au GratinBy Camilla HenriksenNo need to settle for boring veggie side dishes anymore! This keto cauliflower au gratin is the perfect high-fat, low carb side dish. It's packed with veggies, cheese, and salami. What more could you want in a keto side dish?
Keto Bacon Chocolate DonutsBy Camilla HenriksenDonuts are a staple sweet breakfast treat but, normally limited on the ketogenic diet due to their high carb content. Luckily, not only are these chocolate donuts keto, but they also have bacon and what's better than chocolate donuts? Bacon chocolate donuts!
Keto Cookie Dough Snickers BarBy Camilla HenriksenWhen you think about snickers bars, keto or low-carb is probably not something that comes to mind. It may seem impossible to make a caramel chocolate bar keto but, it has been done. Not only is this recipe for a keto snickers bar, @swedishketo took this recipe one step further and created a cookie dough keto snickers bar. Not only does it feature caramel, nuts, and chocolate (like a traditional snickers bar) but, it also has a cookie dough layer that makes this candy bar even better.
Keto Mushroom Pasta with Halloumi and ZucchiniBy Camilla HenriksenNormally pasta is excluded on the ketogenic diet but, Italian food lovers can rejoice knowing this keto pasta recipe is both low-carb, vegetarian, and delicious! Zoodles, or zucchini noodles, are a staple in low-carb cooking but, can often get boring. This zucchini pasta is smothered in cheese, mushrooms, and seasonings to step it up a notch. If you are looking for a vegan keto pasta dish, simply swap out the dairy ingredients with their vegan, plant-based alternatives. If you want to increase the protein content of this meal, try topping this keto mushroom pasta with chicken, beef, seafood, or tofu (if vegetarian).
Keto French ToastBy Camilla HenriksenBeing on the ketogenic diet doesn't mean you can't enough your favorite breakfast or brunch treats. French toast is a staple but, normally filled with way more sugar than allowed on keto. Lucky for you, @swedishketo made this amazing keto french toast recipe that you can enjoy for breakfast, brunch, or any time of day!
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