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21 Easy and Flavorful Keto Shrimp Recipes

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  Published on July 26th, 2023
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  Last modified July 13th, 2023
Woman cooking keto shrimp recipe

If you’re a seafood enthusiast, you can rejoice that most of your favorite foods are still readily accessible on the keto diet. However, you may still have to get a little creative with the ways you prepare your favorite seafood-based meals to keep them low in carbs. With these great keto shrimp recipes, you can enjoy seafood without worrying about exceeding your daily carb count.

They are organized according to carb count so that you can see which ones fit your carb count for a given day. If you’re ready to dive into some tasty keto shrimp recipes, here are some of our favorites for you to reference at a glance.

Shrimp Recipes With 2 Grams of Net Carbs or Fewer

One of the main reasons people following a keto lifestyle turn to seafood recipes in general is because they tend to be low in net carbs. Indeed, if you’re just making shrimp alone, you are looking at very small amounts of net carbs (less than 1 gram and almost not worth mentioning).

Sheet pan shrimp fajitas

These simple recipes highlight the natural flavor and character of shrimp without sacrificing flavor (and with hardly any carbs): 

Shrimp Recipes With 2-5 Grams Net Carbs

Keto shrimp-stuffed avocado

When your macros allow for it, you can indulge in something that feels just a little more elegant. Some of these shrimp recipes pack in tremendous flavor and are great for impressing a crowd, especially one skeptical about low-carb food.

Many of these keto shrimp recipes also have fairly low calories, which means you can eat a generous portion while still keeping calories and carb counts low. 

If you’re looking for delicious shrimp recipes with five grams of net carbs or fewer, here are some ideas: 

Shrimp Recipes With 6-11 Grams Net Carbs

Of course, some people have a meal where they indulge in a few more carbs. This is frequently true for people doing intermittent fasting, during which they eat just one or two meals a day within a specified time window. For these people, meals can be a little more carb-heavy because they are not eating as many of them.

coconut curry shrimp

Keep in mind that most experts recommend sticking with 20 grams of net carbs or fewer a day. If you make some of these recipes, you may find that you need to significantly pare back in other areas, like snacks or breakfast foods

You will also want to stick with measuring out and eating just one portion of these meals due to the higher carb count. They are so delicious that you will want seconds, but unless you’re practicing one-meal-a-day (OMAD) fasting, you’ll have to save the leftovers for another time. 

See if any of these shrimp recipes catch your attention right away:

Packing in Flavor with Keto Shrimp Recipes 

Keto shrimp recipes can be quite flavorful and offer tremendous health benefits. Shrimp is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids that are ideal for both heart and brain health. [1] And while shrimp is good for your overall health, it is still low in calories so you can get the added benefit of filling up without overdoing it. [2] In other words, you can eat a little more shrimp than you can some other types of foods and still lose weight. 

If you’re looking for creative ways to introduce more shrimp into your diet, these recipes should make it on your list for meal prepping this upcoming week!

Ashley Simpson is a freelance writer dedicated to helping people improve their lives -- in every way possible. She understands that food and diet are necessary components to a healthy lifestyle and experiments with both. When she isn't typing away, she enjoys spending time with her husband and son.



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