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Keto Spicy Mayo with SrirachaBy TeamKetoLooking for an easy keto condiment to spice up your favorite ketogenic dishes? Try this keto spicy sriracha mayo! It is the perfect topping for chicken, shrimp, broccoli, and more!
Easy Keto Rollups (Salami, Pickles, and Cream Cheese)By TeamKetoAre you looking for a quick and easy keto snack, appetizer, or charcuterie board filler? These keto rollups only require 3 ingredients but taste amazing! They are the perfect combination of salty pickels, savory salami, and smooth cream cheese! Enjoy these as whole rolls or up them into bite sized pieces for an easy snack for yourself or your family!
Keto Cheez Its (With Everything But The Bagel Seasoning)By TeamKetoThese aren't your average cheese crisps. These copycat keto cheez its are topped with Everything But The Bagel Seasoning and pack a cheesy punch. This perfect keto snack takes less than 10 minutes to make and only 2 ingredients!
Keto Slushy (0 Calories and Only 3 Ingredients!)By TeamKetoWhether you are craving an icee, something sweet, or just want something to chew on, this keto slushy is the tastiest 0 calorie solution! It is quick and easy to make and you'll never get bored of it because you can easily just customize the flavors! Swap out the water enhancer drops for your favorite flavors. Plus, this is a great solution if you are missing high-carb fruits on keto. Try using pineapple, watermelon, or kiwi drops to replace the fruit flavor you are craving.
Keto Pizza RollsBy TeamKetoThese keto pizza rolls pack all of the flavors of traditional pizza, but without all of the carbs. They are quick and easy to make, require only 4 ingredients, and only take 10 minutes to make!
Keto Walnut Bread with Maple ButterBy TeamKetoTired of boring eggs for breakfast? Spice up your keto breakfast game with this keto walnut bread with maple butter! It is sweet and tasty and reminiscent of banana walnut bread (without all of the carb)!
Keto Mushrooms with Butter Garlic SauceBy TeamKetoLooking for a tasty side dish for one of your favorite keto meals? Look no further than these garlic butter keto mushrooms! They are packed full of salty and savory flavor, but at less than 3g net carbs per serving!
Cinnamon Pumpkin Keto Mug CakeBy TeamKetoIt's almost fall, which means pumpkin pie and cinnamon-spiced everything! If you are looking to indulge in one of autumn favorite flavors, but you're looking to cut back on carbs and time, this keto mug cake is the perfect solution! It takes only a few minutes to make, is only 3.5g of net carbs, and packs full pumpkin pie flavor!
Keto Bacon Egg and Cheese SandwichBy TeamKetoCraving a cheesy, bacon-y breakfast sandwich, but don't want all of the carbs? Then you need to try this Keto Bacon Egg and Cheese Sandwich! It tastes just like the classic breakfast dish but is made from an egg and cheese-based bread, so it has far fewer carbs. Want to add more protein and/or fat to this Keto Bacon Egg and Cheese Sandwich? Try adding a sausage patty or two!
Spaghetti Squash Keto PastaBy TeamKetoPasta is one of the hardest things to give up when starting the ketogenic diet! But, you don't have to give it up completely! This keto pasta recipe is made from spaghetti squash so it tastes delicious, mimics the texture of pasta, but without all of the carbs.
Keto Brown SugarBy TeamKetoKeto baking can be pretty straight forward. Replace flour with low-carb flours like coconut flour or almond flour. Replace sugar with keto-friendly sweeteners like erythritol, allulose, monk fruit, or stevia. But, what do you do when a recipe calls for brown sugar and you can't find a brown-sugar alternative? Try this keto brown sugar recipe! It's super simple to make and tastes just like brown sugar! If you're looking for a stronger maple taste, try adding in drops of maple extract! Tips for buying sugar-free syrup: watch out with syrups that use sorbitol as the sweetener replacement! Sorbitol is a sugar alcohol that can spike blood glucose levels! Opt for brands that use sweeteners like monk fruit instead.
Keto Mojito With Fresh BerriesBy TeamKetoCool down with this refreshing keto mojito with fresh berries! Enjoy it poolside, with dinner, or anytime with no fear of getting kicked out of ketosis!
Keto Breakfast Wraps With Pico De GalloBy TeamKetoSpice up your breakfast game with these keto breakfast wraps! They are stuffed full of eggs, Pico De Gallo, and delicious spices! Want to increase your protein intake? Add some bacon, ham, or sausage!
Coconut Keto Chocolate Chip MuffinsBy TeamKetoTreat yourself to the delectable taste of coconut and rich chocolate with these keto chocolate chip muffins! They pack all of the flavors of an Almond Joy or Mounds candy bar within the fluffy texture of a muffin. The best part? They are only 3.8 carbs each!
Keto Sprinkles (Sugar-Free Sprinkles)By TeamKetoMaking keto cake and cupcakes involve simple swaps and are becoming easier-and-easier to find in store. But, if you want to decorate your cake, cookies, or cupcakes with sprinkles, the most common option is made with pure sugar. These keto sprinkles are the perfect alternative to traditional sugar sprinkles. They are simple to make, require few ingredients, and look just like regular sprinkles!
Keto Green Beans Roasted with Red Peppers and Brown ButterBy TeamKetoLooking for a tasty, buttery, delicious keto-friendly side dish for your favorite ketogenic meal? These keto green beans with roasted red peppers and brown butter are perfect alongside of hamburgers, steak, pork chops, and more!
3-Ingredient Keto Chocolate MousseBy TeamKetoCraving something sweet and chocolatey on keto, but don't want to go to the store to buy ingredients? This simple, 3-ingredient keto chocolate mousse is your savior! It is quick and easy to make and won't require you to dirty up the kitchen in order to have a delicious chocolate dessert in minutes!
Keto Frittata MuffinsBy TeamKetoThese keto frittata muffins are quick and easy to make, packed full of flavor, and are the perfect breakfast meal prep! Enjoy warm eggs filled with bacon, cheese, peppers, and onions.
Breakfast Keto Lasagna With Ham and BaconBy TeamKetoSay no to boring scrambled eggs for breakfast on the keto diet. Spice it up a notch with savory tomatoes, ham, bacon, and eggs all in a breakfast lasagna form. The best part is that this breakfast keto lasagna is also perfect for busy people! It takes only 20 minutes of prep time, throw it in the oven, and forget about it until it's done! Cut it up and store it for easy breakfast meal prep.
Keto Pink Drink (Copycat Starbucks Drink)By TeamKetoThe keto pink drink has become a Starbucks staple for many ketogenic dieters. Fewer people are making trips to their favorite coffee shops nowadays, creating a need for people to make their favorite tea & heavy cream drink at home. This Starbucks copycat keto pink drink recipe tastes just like the drink you know and love, but you control exactly how much heavy cream and sweetener is used to prevent hidden carbs!
Keto Buffalo Chicken DipBy TeamKetoWhether you're looking for a keto-friendly dip for a birthday party, cookout, Superbowl party, or just a normal afternoon, this keto buffalo chicken dip is a perfect option! It is full of smokey bacon flavor, paired with spicy buffalo wing sauce. Enjoy this keto buffalo chicken dip with your favorite low-carb chips, pork rinds, celery and more!
Brownie Keto Mug CakeBy TeamKetoOne of the best parts about the ketogenic diet is the fact that there are tons of keto-friendly alternatives for all of your favorite recipes. Swapping out sugar-filled cake and brownies for keto-friendly alternatives is simple, but they are still desserts that need to be baked. When your running low on time or energy and just want a quick, keto-friendly dessert, this keto mug cake recipe is the perfect option! It is quick, simple, and packed full of delicious brownie flavor!
Keto Powdered DonutsBy TeamKetoTired of eggs and meat for breakfast on the ketogenic diet? Switch it up and satisfy your sweet tooth with these cakey keto powdered donuts! The packed full of flavor and protein while staying low in the sugar department.
Keto Salmon Over Spinach RisottoBy TeamKetoDon't settle for boring keto dinners when you can have flavor-packed dishes like this keto salmon over spinach risotto. Plus, this recipe is extremely customizable. Don't like salmon? Swap it out for another low-carb, healthy fat-packed fish. You can even skip the spinach risotto as a side and just cook the salmon instead. This is also a simple and delicious keto meal prep option! Since this recipe yields 4 servings, cook up the whole thing and store in storage containers for a quick, on-the-go keto meal!
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