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Keto Chocolate Covered Strawberries (Sugar-Free)By TeamKetoWho doesn't love a quick and easy, healthy dessert? This keto chocolate covered strawberries recipe is the perfect combination of chocolate and strawberry flavor, without all of the added sugar or carbs in traditional desserts. The best part is that this keto dessert can be dressed up or dressed down for the occasion! Make these quickly as a midnight snack or with a little extra time, spice them up and decorate by drizzling on white chocolate, or dusting with sugar-free sprinkles, coconut flakes, or unsweetened cocoa powder. They are perfect for Valentine's Day, birthdays, date night or any other holiday or event!
Low Carb Delicious Pork Chop RecipeBy TeamKetoLemon, butter, and thyme are three flavors that melt together and compliment one another extremely well. Combining these seasonings with pork chops is a simple way to make an easy, low-carb, high-protein, keto dinner. Enjoy this low carb delicious pork chop recipe for lunch, dinner, or as a quick and easy keto meal prep! Add a side of cauliflower rice, zucchini noodles, or any other keto side dish for a well-rounded, filling keto meal!
Low Carb Chicken SaladBy TeamKetoWhether you’re keto or just looking to cut back on carbs, this delicious summer chicken salad recipe will be a tasty lunch option for you or the family. Need to bring a dish to a cookout or BBQ, but want to stay keto? This recipe is the perfect solution! Eat this fresh and healthy low carb chicken salad alone or on your favorite keto crackers, keto bread, or in lettuce boats! To add a little extra oomph to the recipe, try adding in chopped bacon, avocado, or eggs! Looking to add a little spice? Try topping with sriracha or adding cayenne pepper to the recipe.
Homemade Sugar-Free Keto KetchupBy TeamKetoMost store-bought kinds of ketchup are loaded with sugar, which makes them strictly prohibited on the ketogenic diet. But, nothing goes better with a bunless burger or side of low-carb rutabaga fries than the tomato-deliciousness of ketchup. So, does that mean you can't enjoy your favorite condiment ever again? No! This keto ketchup recipe is packed with all of the flavor of store-bought ketchup, but with non of the added sugar! Make sure to be selective when picking up the ingredients for this recipe! If you would like it to be the lowest carb count possible, make sure to opt for a tomato paste with no added sugar and fewer carbs (typically around 4-5g per serving). Also, if you do not have powdered erythritol, you can make it by placing granular erythritol in a blender and blending until a powdered consistency is achieved. Using a powdered sweetener over granular will really help with the texture of this keto ketchup.
Philly Cheesesteak Keto Stuffed PeppersBy TeamKetoGoing keto doesn't mean you have to say goodbye to Philly Cheesesteaks-- just the sub part! These Keto Stuffed Peppers pack all of the flavor of a Philly Cheesesteak sub, but without all of the carbs from the bread! These Keto Stuffed Peppers are also perfect for keto meal prep! Cook up a batch (or two) at the beginning of the week, pair with a side of cauliflower rice, and you have a simple, re-heatable, and delicious keto lunch all prepped!
Butter Coffee (Easy Fatty Coffee!)By TeamKetoButter coffee (also called fatty coffee, keto coffee, or bulletproof coffee) is a staple of the ketogenic diet because it is low in carbs, high in fat, and provides a boost of energy and brain fuel! One of the worst parts about dieting might just be having to give up creamer in your coffee, but luckily, you are on the keto diet, which means you get to add butter into your coffee with no problems! Try making this keto coffee simply with butter or swap out one of the tablespoons of butter for coconut oil, MCT oil, or heavy cream.
Simple Keto Cheesecake (Only 9 Ingredients!)By TeamKetoCheesecake is like the quintessential ketogenic diet dessert! Since it is naturally so high in fat and by simply replacing the traditional sugar for a zero-carb alternative, it is also low in carbs! This recipe requires less than 10 ingredients and is the perfect sweetness level to curb those sugar cravings.
Low Carb Fries (Rutabaga Keto French Fries)By TeamKetoFrench fries are filled with both carbohydrates (from the potatoes) and fat (from the oil) and while fat may be green-lit on keto, carbs definitely are not. Many roots and tubers are full of starch, disqualifying them for keto dieters. So does following the ketogenic diet mean you have to say goodbye to french fries forever? No, there are plenty of vegetable alternatives to potatoes that can be used to make low carb fries. Jicama, turnips, and radishes are all common non-starchy vegetable alternatives used to make keto fries. Rather than using on of these, however, we've found that rutabagas are perfect for making keto french fries. They are naturally low in carbohydrates but don't have the same bitter taste like some other vegetable-based french fries. Rutabaga can make the perfect low carb french fry to satisfy your cravings, without any weird texture or flavor changes! Note: You can cut the rutabaga into whatever shape you'd like, but specifically using a french fry peeler will help. Because a french fry cutter created jagged edges along with the fries, this increases the surface area, allowing more parts to get crispy. If you do not have one of these peelers or attachments, do not worry. You can still cut the rutabaga into fry-like shapes and enjoy your delicious low carb fries all the same!
Low Carb Hot ChocolateBy TeamKetoWhether it's wintertime and you're looking for a sweet drink to warm you up, or you're a non-coffee drinker and are looking for a coffee shop drink any time of the year, hot chocolate is the perfect treat. If you're following the ketogenic diet, you may be asking yourself, can you have hot chocolate on keto? Well, the answer is normally no. Most hot chocolate recipes, pre-made mixes, and coffeeshop specialties are filled with sugar, sweetened chocolate, and whole milk. That doesn't mean you have to completely say goodbye to hot chocolate forever. Instead, try this low carb hot chocolate recipe instead! Note: If you'd like to reduce the calories of this low carb/ keto hot cocoa, simply reduce the amount of heavy cream used and replace it with a 2/3 ratio of water. Please note that the drink will not be as creamy with less heavy cream, but will not taste as watery if you do reduce the amount.
Keto Pizza CrustBy TeamKetoThink you can’t have pizza on keto? Think again. This Keto Pizza Crust has healthy fats to help you maintain ketosis while having a delicious meal.
Keto Turmeric SmoothieBy TeamKetoWhip up this delicious Keto Turmeric Smoothie for a great midday pick-me-up.
Keto Tuna MeltBy TeamKetoA Keto Tuna Melt is the perfect lunch to make for your next keto meal prep. Don't forget to pair it with some keto-friendly bread!
Keto MeatloafBy TeamKetoThis low-carb keto meatloaf recipe is a super simple dinner recipe. All you need is 8 ingredients and an hour to cook!
Keto Pie CrustBy TeamKetoLooking for a pie or tart recipe to make for the upcoming holidays? Try this 4-ingredient Keto Pie Crust recipe to fulfill all your baking needs.
Keto Chocolate MuffinsBy TeamKetoNeed a new muffin recipe that’s low carb? These Keto Chocolate Muffins are sure to satiate your sweet tooth.
Keto Cauliflower PizzaBy TeamKetoThis low-carb keto cauliflower pizza recipe is a super simple dinner recipe. All you need is 10 ingredients and 20 minutes to cook!
Keto Cauliflower BreadBy TeamKetoCauliflower is the new superfood as of late and it’s no secret why. Try this Keto Cauliflower Bread to keep your carb count low and maintain a ketogenic state.
Keto ChiliBy TeamKetoThe seasons are changing and the weather is getting colder. What goes best with a snowy day outside? Why, a big bowl of Keto Chili, of course!
Keto Pretzels (Soft & Delicious!)By TeamKetoYou may be missing your favorite soft-baked pretzels on the ketogenic diet. After, pretzels are basically pure carbs, right? Well, they don't have to be! This simple and delicious keto pretzel recipe is reminiscent of your favorite treat, without all of the added sugar!
Chocolate Toasted Coconut ButterBy TeamKetoNeed something new for your peanut butter and jelly sandwiches? Try this Chocolate Toasted Coconut Butter that’s low-carb and keto-friendly.
Low-Carb Tuna PattiesBy TeamKetoLooking for a new way to get some protein into your ketogenic diet? Try these Low-Carb Tuna Patties.
Keto Chocolate DoughnutsBy TeamKetoThese Keto Chocolate Doughnuts taste just like your favorite carb-filled sweet treats. Indulge without the guilt!
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