keto bacon recipe

Need I say more than bacon, bacon, bacon? Bacon lovers hold onto your hats and try a new keto bacon recipe that surely won’t disappoint!


1.   Bacon and Eggs for Brunch!

Boost your brunch with bacon and eggs! It doesn’t have to be breakfast or brunch; these tasty keto bacon and egg recipes work just about anytime:

2.   Bacon-Wrapped Goodies!

Everything’s better when it’s wrapped in bacon. Keto dieters rejoice; bacon-wrapped keto goodies are in town:


3.   Bacon, Burgers, and Sausages!

Bacon, burgers, and sausages just work together. Keto carnivores will enjoy these appetizing recipes featuring bacon:

4.   Bacon and ‘Potato’ Veggie Hash!

Bacon and potatoes are a meal fit for a king, but carb-heavy potatoes are off-limits on keto. Try this delicious 25-minute keto ‘potatoes’ and bacon recipe using radishes, garlic, and other ingredients to give you much of the traditional flavors and textures you’re missing from classic taters and bacon! You might also like this 25-minute brussels sprout and bacon hash recipe with crushed red pepper, yellow onion, green pepper, and other tasty flavors.

keto potatoes and bacon

5.   Bacon Beer Jam

Bacon beer jam is exactly what you’d think it is: a bacon and beer-flavored jam or paste! If you have 35-minutes and 7 simple ingredients, you can impress your friends and guests with this unique keto bacon beer jam.

keto bacon beer jam

6.   Bacon for Dessert!

Yes, you can have bacon for dessert! If you desire a bacon-rich sweet treat without getting thrown out of ketosis, try one of these impressive, aromatic bacon dessert recipes:


What’s Your Favorite Keto Bacon Recipe?

Do you eat bacon on keto? Share your favorite keto recipes starring bacon! Follow us on social media for more satisfying keto recipes and ideas!

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