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12 Great Keto Recipes with Ground Beef

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  Published on March 27th, 2023
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  Last modified March 27th, 2023
Ground beef for keto recipes

From spaghetti and lasagna to burritos and tacos, ground beef offers tremendous versatility and flavor. Ground beef brings plenty of nutrition and can be transformed into some of your favorite dishes. Since meat has essentially zero carbs, it’s an excellent keto-friendly food. Our talented recipe creators here at Ketogenic.com have been hard at work creating tempting keto ground beef recipes for you to enjoy:

1. Meatballs

There’s something wonderful about juicy, savory little meatballs. Get festive with these 30-minute keto cranberry sauce meatballs seasoned with garlic, onion, keto maple syrup, and Italian seasoning. You’ll also love these keto slow-cooker meatballs. Slow-cooking your meatballs provides a tender taste and the convenience of letting your slow cooker do all the work for you. Yes, it takes five hours from start to finish, but it’s well worth the wait, and you can work on your to-do list or just relax in the meantime.

2. Spaghetti and Lasagna

As you walk down memory lane to your favorite Italian restaurant, spaghetti and lasagna dishes don’t have to be a thing of the past. Try this spaghetti squash lasagna bowl recipe, where you fill spaghetti squash halves with a veggie sauce, ground beef, full-fat ricotta cheese, and a sprinkle of parmesan. Or cook up this keto palmini spaghetti that replaces traditional grain-based noodles with palmini noodles made from hearts of palm.

This gluten-free, keto eggplant lasagna recipe should do the trick when lasagna is calling your name. Trimming and slicing eggplants ¼-½ inch thick provides the perfect substitute for traditional lasagna pasta sheets, and you still maintain all of the flavors of a classic lasagna with the Italian seasoning, tomato sauce, cheese, and avocado oil.

3. Meatloaf

Meatloaf isn’t just a musician; meatloaf is also a satiating dish loved around the world, particularly in American cuisine. Starchy fillers like breadcrumbs are often used to make the meatloaf less dense. These aren’t a good option for those on the keto diet, but you can swap the breadcrumbs and fillers with keto-friendly options instead, such as almond flour and veggies.

keto meatloaf father's day keto recipes

Chow down on this low-carb meatloaf and stay on track with your health and fitness goals. Or go big with this keto Philly cheesesteak stuffed meatloaf recipe. The provolone cheese, ground pork and beef, almond flour, cream cheese, and a few other ingredients combine for a luxurious, filling twist on both a classic meatloaf and a Philly cheesesteak.

4. Beef and Cauliflower Skillet

Keep it simple with a 30-minute beef and cauliflower skillet. Cauliflower is a versatile cruciferous vegetable offering a range of nutrients and health benefits. Sautee ground beef, onion, cauliflower, and zucchini together for a straightforward but tasty comfort food that will remind you of dinners growing up.

5. Hamburgers

Sometimes you’re just craving the chance to sink your teeth into a meaty, juicy burger. Why not kick it up a notch and stuff your hamburgers with delicious veggie and cheesy fillings? You’ll love this gourmet stuffed keto hamburger recipe that fills hamburgers with a creamy, cheesy spinach dip filling. 

Carnivores are perfectly content with a burger or two, but this ultimate carnivore keto burger created by Cody Zulfer takes things to the next level with the addition of sliced pork belly, bacon, cheese, and eggs!

Bring home all the flavors of a Big Mac without all of the carbs and additives with this cheeseburger salad in a jar recipe by Rhonda Plata. Impress your friends with this unique, fun recipe. Double the recipe, meal prep, and store your cheeseburger salads in the fridge so they’re ready for lunch this week. 

6.   Tex-Mex Breakfast Casserole

Tex-mex breakfast casserole

When you want more than bacon and eggs or a bowl of keto cereal in the morning, just imagine feasting on this gluten-free, keto Tex-Mex breakfast casserole. You’ll need 40 minutes and 9 ingredients. The salsa, cream cheese, paprika, and chili powder give this recipe a real kick! Serve it with berries and keto muffins for a breakfast or brunch feast fit for kings.

7. Seven-Layer Dip

It doesn’t have to be game day for you and your family to enjoy this Mexican-style low-carb seven-layer dip of ground beef, green enchilada sauce, sour cream, avocados, cheese, tomatoes, olives, and green onions. Why have two or three layers when you can have seven?

8. Homemade Chili

A warm bowl of chili can be consoling and satiating. Batch-cook this low-carb homemade keto chili and choose your preferred toppings, from sour cream to sliced jalapenos, shredded cheese, and green onions. Dig into a bowl and enjoy the way the seasoned ground beef is complemented by the sweetness and tanginess of the tomato sauce (sugar-free, of course).

9. Carnivore Beef Stroganoff

People follow a carnivore diet for many reasons, most often to calm inflammation and tackle gut and autoimmune problems. If you’re a keto carnivore right now, you’ll probably be salivating at the thought of this carnivore beef stroganoff recipe. Beef bone broth and heavy cream blend to make a smooth and appetizing sauce.

10. Ground-Beef Stuffed Veggies

Keto stuffed cabbage rolls work for lunch or dinner when you want a sophisticated, gourmet dish with a satisfying, savory taste. You can’t have rice on keto, but you can stuff your cabbage rolls with ground beef, tomatoes, garlic, cauliflower rice, and all the seasonings instead. Or switch out the cabbage for peppers in this keto stuffed peppers recipe from GB Hernandez. Did you know that red peppers are impressively high in vitamin C? Vitamin C is one of the most powerful antioxidants for fighting infection and boosting your immune system.

keto stuffed cabbage

11. Empanadas and Jamaican Patties

Usually, anything with a flour or pastry crust is off-limits on keto, but classic, refined grain-flour-based treats can be recreated using almond flour instead. This means you can still enjoy keto empanadas using a dough made with cream cheese, salt, a large egg, almond flour, and mozzarella cheese. For the filling, you’ll need ground beef, taco seasoning, onions, garlic, cumin, and chili powder. 

Jamaican patties showcase ground beef wrapped in a warm pastry. Treat yourself to these golden brown ambrosial low-carb Jamaican patties with almond flour dough.

12. Tacos and Burritos

Burritos are popular in Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine, but the crispy nachos, starchy beans and rice, and other ingredients won’t work if you want to stay in ketosis. Keto dieters can get creative and find alternatives like cheese shells instead of traditional high-carb corn taco shells. The good news is that plenty of other Mexican cuisine ingredients are keto-approved, including avocado, meat, salad greens, veggies, cheese, and sour cream. Enjoy these Mexican-inspired keto taco and burrito recipes so you don’t have to miss out on your old favorites. Most of these recipes are under 30 minutes. 

Steph Green is a content writer specializing in and passionate about healthcare, wellness, and nutrition. Steph has worked with marketing agencies, written medical books for doctors like ‘Untangling the Web of Dysfunction,’ and her poetry book ‘Words that Might Mean Something.’ In 2016, after four years of struggling with her own health problems and painful autoimmune disease, Steph developed a life-changing and extensive knowledge of keto, nutrition, and natural medicine. She continues on her healing journey and enjoys helping others along the way.

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