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Keto Fruit Recipes You Need To Try!

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  Published on December 23rd, 2020
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  Last modified April 30th, 2021
keto fruit recipes

Berries are keto-friendly, fruity, and flavorful! Berries are vibrant and juicy little flavor-bursts that enhance lots of keto desserts and dishes. Here are some of the most popular keto recipes featuring berries:


1.   Muffins!

You can’t go wrong with muffins! If you love muffins and berries, you’ll love these berry muffin recipes:


2.   Cakes!

It doesn’t have to be a birthday or special occasion for you to indulge in a cake, but it does have to be keto if you’re following a ketogenic diet! When you’re desiring a berrylicious cake, choose from one of these keto fruit cake recipes:

3.   Drinks and Daiquiris

If you think delights like strawberry daiquiri aren’t anywhere on the keto menu, you’re mistaken. Check out this keto strawberry daiquiri recipe that’s perfect for lounging by the pool, a sophisticated dinner, or outdoor BBQing! You can use liquid stevia or another keto sweetener like monk fruit or erythritol. You might also like these blackberry margarita popsicles or this keto mojito with fresh berries!


4.   Jams and Jellies

These sweet jams and jellies are welcome on your keto breakfast table! Red wine keto strawberry jelly is the ultimate combo of fruity and sweet! Spread on a low-carb bread or just sneak a spoonful or two straight from the jar when no-one’s looking!

This 30-minute low-carb strawberry jam goes great with any keto bread! Diced strawberries, lemon juice, and monk fruit sweetener make a tasty jam!

5.   Pancakes, Danishes, and Turnovers!

Puffy pastry and cakey pancakes aren’t typically on a ketogenic diet. These berry-filled appetizing keto recipes are throwing that old notion out the window! Bring on the devilish danishes, tempting turnovers, and perfect pancakes:

6.   Sundaes and Mousse!

Sundaes aren’t just for Sundays. Whenever you want a berry dessert, try this 15-minute no-churn keto strawberry sundae. Who doesn’t love ice-cream? Go to town with your favorite toppings like finely chopped Brazil nuts, unsweetened dark chocolate chips, and a small handful of fresh strawberries!

You might also enjoy devouring this 10-minute keto strawberry mousse made with heavy whipping cream, powdered stevia, natural red food coloring, and strawberry extract. You could even blend in a few frozen berries for more natural berry flavor!



7.   Acai Bowl!

Acai berries are all the rage these days! Enjoy this 3-minute keto acai bowl with coconut cream, 100% acai pulp, and more! Sprinkle your favorite toppings to complete your acai bowl. Do you prefer nuts, coconut flakes, or unsweetened dark chocolate shavings?



8.   Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Chocolate-covered strawberries are a romantic statement, a gratifying experience, and so much more. This simple dessert works for any occasion but it doesn’t provide the excess carbs and sugar in most commercial treats. Delight in these 25-minute keto chocolate-covered strawberries.



9.   Berry Bark

Berry bark is back on your keto plate with this low-carb recipe. No-sugar-added yogurt meets coconut manna, strawberries, vanilla extract, keto sweetener, and keto granola to make an irresistible frozen berry yogurt bark. When you want something sweet with a hint of tartness, you’ll be ecstatic with these keto white chocolate raspberry bites. Lose yourself in the magical merging of white chocolate and raspberry!


What’s Your Favorite Keto Fruit Dish?

Do you eat berries on keto? Share your favorite berrylicious keto recipes with other keto dieters! Follow us on social media for more delectable keto dessert recipes and ideas!

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