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Easy Cheesy Keto Lunch Recipes You Need to Try!

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  Published on February 10th, 2021
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  Last modified May 13th, 2021
Keto Zucchini Boats

You don’t often hear “hold back on the cheese.” There’s nothing quite like cheese, and it comes in all different shapes, colors, and sizes. From Gouda to cheddar and Brie to Feta, from melty to stringy and cheesy to creamy, it’s clear your lunch deserves so much more; your lunch deserves cheese! Crank up the cheesiness and chow down on these easy cheesy keto lunch recipes:


1.   Sandwiches and Quesadillas

Sandwiches and quesadillas are now on your keto menu! Cheese makes every sandwich better! Enjoy a keto-friendly cheesy sandwich:

2. Stuffed Veggies!

Spruce up your veggies by adding your favorite cheese! You might like keto zucchini boats stuffed with cheese, and spicy ranch or keto stuffed mushroom caps! You might also enjoy Philly cheesesteak keto stuffed peppers — a unique twist on an American classic.

3. Pizza and Pasta!

Walk down memory lane and remember your favorite pizza place without getting kicked out of ketosis. Enjoy a pizza parlor inspired keto-approved dish for a perfect, satiating cheesy lunch!

4. Bruschetta

When you’re craving Italian food, try this keto bruschetta with basil oil for a low-carb Italian style lunch or appetizer. Pair your bruschetta with smoked salmon for more sustenance.

5. Fritters and Chaffles

Chaffles are a simple and easy brunch or lunch idea with only two ingredients necessary: eggs and cheese! In just 12 minutes, you could be tasting delicious keto chaffles! If you like fritters, you don’t have to miss out! Check out these keto corn fritters made with cauliflower, cheese, coconut flour, and other tasty ingredients.

6. Salami Roll-Ups

When you want a quick and easy light lunch, these easy keto salami roll ups will do the trick. Salty pickles, savory salami, and smooth cream cheese form a unique flavor combination you’ll be craving in days to come!

7. Burger Patties and Chicken

Meat and cheese lovers can’t go wrong with a cheesy, meaty keto dish like these feta lamb patties or a classic chicken cordon bleu. If you’re following the carnivore diet or if you just really want to push the boat out, sink your teeth into an ultimate carnivore keto burger: the divine swine and bovine, where pork belly meets ground beef, cheese, bacon, and beyond.

8. Parmesan Asparagus

Green veggies are packed full of nutrients and fiber. The flavors of parmesan and asparagus work well together and make a perfect light lunch or side dish. Pair your cheesy asparagus with roast chicken or seared salmon for a filling lunch!

What’s Your Favorite Cheesy Keto Lunch Recipe?

What’s your favorite type of cheese? Do you prefer Brie, cheddar, Gouda, or parmesan? Share your preferred cheesy keto lunch recipes with the community! Follow us on social media for more recipes and ideas!

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