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Is Pumpkin Keto?

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  Published on June 7th, 2023
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  Last modified May 11th, 2023
Keto pumpkins

Pumpkins get most attention during fall and around Halloween and Thanksgiving, but these winter squash are eaten and loved all year round and all around the globe. If you’ve taken the leap and are following a ketogenic diet, you may be unsure whether you can still eat your favorite pumpkin recipes while staying in ketosis. Can you really enjoy a slice or two of pumpkin pie or a pumpkin spice latte on keto? Let’s look at the carbs in pumpkin and see if pumpkin is keto-friendly!

What Is Pumpkin?

While they are a type of winter squash, pumpkins are also botanical berries and are categorized as fruits. You can cook with almost all parts of the pumpkin, from the skin to the seeds and even the flowers.

You can boil, steam, or roast pumpkin, and this delicious fruit is often used in purees, pies, soups, drinks, and baked goods. Canned pumpkin puree may be made from more than one type of pumpkin, resulting in a unique flavor profile. 

Pumpkin seeds (pepitas) are a popular keto-approved snack high in fatty acids, amino acids, and vitamins. They’re also known to ward off parasites, which is good news for your digestive health. For example, researchers have found pumpkin seed extracts lowered the number of parasite eggs and adult parasites in animal models. [1] [2]

Is Pumpkin Keto?

The short answer is yes, pumpkin is keto-approved. It’s high in fiber, lower in carbs, and welcome on your table! One cup (245 grams) of pumpkin provides the following: 

  • 45 calories
  • 0.2 grams of total fat
  • 1.8 grams of protein
  • 6.9 grams of net carbs [3]
Keto roasted pumpkin

You can easily enjoy pumpkin on a keto diet with 6.9 grams of net carbs in an entire cup. An average serving size of pumpkin will have lower net carbs and be even more keto-friendly. Some keto dieters might enjoy the whole cup depending on their personal metabolism and tolerance, diet type, and goals. Pumpkin is high in nutrients and gives you plenty of potassium and vitamins A and C.

One ounce of roasted pumpkin seeds provides 2.4 grams of net carbs; raw pumpkin seeds may have an even lower net carb count. Sprinkle these seeds on your keto salads, Greek yogurt, or keto granola. [4]

One can of pumpkin puree has 8 grams of net carbs, so you can absolutely indulge in a pumpkin pie or make other baked goods featuring pumpkin, as long as keto-approved sweetener is used. [5]

Keto Pumpkin Recipes

Now you know pumpkin is keto, you can get cooking these tempting recipes from the recipe creators here at Ketogenic.com. From pumpkin energy bites and soups to pumpkin mousse, fudge, and even chili, you’ll surely find a satisfying keto pumpkin recipe.

Pumpkin desserts and energy balls:

Pumpkin drinks:

Pumpkin main and side dishes:

Steph Green is a content writer specializing in and passionate about healthcare, wellness, and nutrition. Steph has worked with marketing agencies, written medical books for doctors like ‘Untangling the Web of Dysfunction,’ and her poetry book ‘Words that Might Mean Something.’ In 2016, after four years of struggling with her own health problems and painful autoimmune disease, Steph developed a life-changing and extensive knowledge of keto, nutrition, and natural medicine. She continues on her healing journey and enjoys helping others along the way.



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