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What Is Ketovore—And How Does It Compare to Keto?

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  Published on August 14th, 2023
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  Last modified July 24th, 2023
Ketovore meal stir fry

It’s hard to keep up with all of the variations of keto. These days, people are often following more than just a traditional ketogenic diet. There’s therapeutic keto, paleo, carnivore, Atkins, vegetarian, and other versions of a low-carb, high-fat diet. Ketovore is a term that’s been cropping up in the keto world lately. So, what is ketovore? What are the benefits of ketovore, and how does ketovore compare to a traditional ketogenic diet? Let’s take a look at the ketovore diet.

What Is Ketovore?

Ketovore is a way of eating and an off-shoot of the ketogenic carnivore diet. Ketovores consume mostly animal protein while also incorporating small amounts of dairy, veggies, leafy greens, and a keto treat here and there.

Ketovores are similar to carnivores, but there’s a little more wiggle room, which makes it a more sustainable approach for some people. With ketovore, you can add in minor amounts of low-carbohydrate fruits and veggies from time to time. You can also opt for a wider variety of spices and seasonings, and a small portion of nuts and seeds if that works for you. Lots of people choose to start with ketovore as a gateway to carnivore in order to make the transition a little easier.

Fish for a ketovore meal

Carnivore is more meat-heavy than ketovore and is based exclusively or almost exclusively on animal protein, such as fish, seafood, meat, eggs, bone marrow, dairy, salt, and water. Some carnivores might include a sprinkling of fresh or dried herbs and leafy greens or berries. Plenty of people have achieved their health, fitness, and weight loss goals using a carnivore or a ketovore diet. Our paleolithic ancestors had little to no access to plant foods at certain times due to a scarcity of edible plants growing during some seasons, forcing them to rely on animal foods for sustenance. Carnivore is also considered the ultimate elimination diet and can be helpful for people with undesirable reactions to certain foods.

For some people, a strict carnivore diet takes a lot of the color and fun away from keto, but it may be necessary to achieve specific health and wellness goals. Meat lovers, of course, may enjoy the carnivore diet because they get to fill up on delicious meats of all kinds.

How Does Ketovore Compare to the Ketogenic Diet?

Ketovore is categorized as a type of ketogenic diet because it’s low-carb and high-fat, and you’ll still maintain the beneficial metabolic state of ketosis. Both ways of eating involve using dietary fat as your main fuel source instead of carbs.

Both ketovore and a traditional ketogenic diet include keto-friendly foods that will help you maintain ketosis.

Compared to a traditional ketogenic diet, the macronutrients are slightly different. Ketovore is even lower carb and lower fiber because the focus is on meat and animal protein, which contains little to no carbs and zero fiber. Ketovore is also typically higher in protein because you’re consuming mostly fat and protein from animal products like meat and eggs. Fat and protein keep you fuller for longer, so you may feel even more satiated on ketovore than on traditional keto.

What Does a Ketovore Eat?

Ketovore advocates usually encourage eating healthy, nutrient-dense whole foods as the basis of your diet, such as:

  • Meat (lamb, beef, pork, etc.)
  • Seafood
  • Poultry
  • Eggs
  • Mineral-rich salt (sea salt, Arctic salt, etc.)
  • Water

Healthy fats, including lard, ghee, tallow, and olive oil (focus on animal fats)

Carnivore diet foods

While meat is the main focus of the ketovore way of eating, you might add in other foods like Greek yogurt, low-carb dairy products, nut milk, herbs and spices, berries, and a small amount of low-carb vegetables, such as broccoli and zucchini

Ketovores might enjoy drinks other than water, such as coffee, black tea, and herbal tea. A low-carb sweet treat like a cupcake sweetened with a keto-approved sweetener might occasionally show up at the ketovore table. 

Ketovores and traditional keto dieters avoid many of the same foods, including sugar, grains, legumes, and high-carb fruits and veggies, such as apples and bananas.

Ketovore is flexible, so it can adjust to fit different needs and body types. Experiment to determine what feels best for you right now, and know that it could change over time.

Delicious Ketovore Recipes from Ketogenic.com

Meat is the center point of ketovore, so you’ll want to choose ketovore dishes that are largely centered around protein. 

Check out these appetizing low-carb, ketovore-friendly breakfast and lunch recipes from Ketogenic.com:

Enjoy a ketovore-friendly dinner recipe from Ketogenic.com:

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